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  1. +1. 27-3 at the stage I voted. If that doesn’t speak for its self. Kindest regards, Terrance Murphy, Rapid Loans CEO
  2. Had a chat with Kyle before this was proposed and couldn’t support it enough. Great idea and can benefit the server well. Huge +1
  3. Thanks heaps mate. Great doing business with you.
  4. Enjoy working with you and sorting out a deal. Thanks heaps & look forward to working with you in the future. Stay safe fella.
  5. Great working with you mate, looking forward to speaking with you soon. No problem my friend. Happy to help, enjoy the car.
  6. I do like this idea. EMS are hard to come across lately and a private side business with the same purpose would be great if it would improve the amount of EMS available around. +1/-1 I would like to know a bit more on what you offer more than the average EMS do, as well as the rates you will charge for your services & the staff team. Best of luck though fella. Terrance Murphy. CEO of Rapid Loans.
  7. Thanks heaps mate. Means a lot! Feel free to come have a chat sometime
  8. Thanks heaps legend. Appreciate the support & more. Trying my best! Hope to speak soon. Was great working with you mate. Good to get to know you and your friends. Hope to speak again
  9. Helped these fellas to get off the ground with a Loan not too long ago. Great RP they bring. No troubles with paying the loan back & they were on there way. Hope to work with you lads again soon! Terrance Murphy. Rapid Loans CEO
  10. Hello, hope everyone is doing sell & staying safe. I’m here to give an update on how Rapid Loans is going, as well as our Staff members & more. Lets start off with our Staff positions, after some discussions we have decided to change our roles, these have also been edited above, they follow. Owner/Manger - Terrance Murphy Sales Manager - Richard Jones Salesmen - Hiring Reposession Agent(s) - Hiring Secruity - Hiring Brief description for all roles below. Owner/Manager Final decisions when needed involving our Staff, high finance loans & any Business proposals/deal, Hiring/Firing Staff members, Loans, Assisting Reposession if needed. Assistant Manager Hiring/Firing Staff, Assisting Reposession if ever necessary & Loans. More may come when needed. Sales Manager Managing Salesmen, Loaning to clients, working alongside our Assistant Manager. Salesmen Representing Rapid Loans & Loaning to clients. Reposession Agent. Reposession Agents will follow up any difficult situations with clients if they are overdue. All other Staff members may follow up Clients for overdue payments but once the Reposession stage is reached. Our Reposession agents will take lead. Security. Security will accompany any Staff members meeting up with Clients or Possible Clients to offer loans, collect deposits and reposession claims. Security will also be at all Staff & Business meetings involving other Citizens. Now regarding Rapid Loans as a business, our Cliental has been growing & growing with all payments being paid when due & no repossession procedures needing to be made. In saying that, with our Cliental expanding it is hard to predict which Clients may come our way. We have been extremely successful within the City creating a positive image for ourselves as well as a well sustainable profit. All encounters with clients regarding Finance or Deposits have all been recordered on our Spreadsheet, Contracts & Video Evidence. Happy to keep everyone updated, if anyone has any questions please ask below. Sincerely, Terrance Murphy - Owner/Manger of Rapid Loans.
  11. I would also like to include that I have a fully legitimate contract which is needed to be signed before every Loan is assessed. I have included this below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZdGAYp4BT-RxaNpCb3gCOn7nOraF-keVwwAxS5Ke6yY/view If you have any questions with this, please feel free to ask! Thanks heaps, Terrance.

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