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  1. +1. 27-3 at the stage I voted. If that doesn’t speak for its self. Kindest regards, Terrance Murphy, Rapid Loans CEO
  2. Had a chat with Kyle before this was proposed and couldn’t support it enough. Great idea and can benefit the server well. Huge +1
  3. I was told on the 04/16/2019 that "the dev will do his best to have the stuff in for next restart blips and society accounts" It has been quite awhile now as well from when I was set on trial on 03/10/2019 I noticed another business was applied for, accepted & set up and dealt with a lot quicker than mine, and now isn't even running is a tad frustrating and many other citizens have said the same. I have created staff applications and had Staff members come in for interviews but when I can not employee them when I need, it is tough. All I have had done for me after being accepted was given the role of CEO so I could post in discord. Nothing else at all. I am also requesting a business account. Thanks. I understand this isn't a bug report clearly, but was told by an admin to post it here. If anyone reading this who will deal with the bossmenu/blips feel free to flick me a message with any questions you may have. Thanks heaps fellas, Terrance.
  4. IG Name: Adidon Discord Name (with #xxxx): Sencxs#4410 Title of The Bug: Not receiving a vehicle off a PinkSlip. I traded 80-90k & my R6 bike for an 180sx Upgraded from a citizen known as "Kugs" his steam name. IC name is Dick Bunter. How do we reproduce the bug: Possibly just a bug with the PInk slip system. I tried to store the car. It said the car was not mine but people had told me that just happens when you have just traded. What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) You do not have the vehicle in your garage. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide? I may have been scammed which would eliminate the purpose of a bug but is still against the rules as it was for over 50k & in a neutral zone. I would just like the car transferred to me not a refund. Thanks heaps, Terrance.
  5. Thanks heaps mate. Great doing business with you.
  6. Enjoy working with you and sorting out a deal. Thanks heaps & look forward to working with you in the future. Stay safe fella.
  7. Great working with you mate, looking forward to speaking with you soon. No problem my friend. Happy to help, enjoy the car.
  8. +1 Great guy, well organised along with friendly service & dedication. Would be great to see this go well. Good luck, Terrance Murphy. Rapid Loans CEO
  9. I do like this idea. EMS are hard to come across lately and a private side business with the same purpose would be great if it would improve the amount of EMS available around. +1/-1 I would like to know a bit more on what you offer more than the average EMS do, as well as the rates you will charge for your services & the staff team. Best of luck though fella. Terrance Murphy. CEO of Rapid Loans.
  10. Thanks heaps mate. Means a lot! Feel free to come have a chat sometime
  11. Thanks heaps legend. Appreciate the support & more. Trying my best! Hope to speak soon. Was great working with you mate. Good to get to know you and your friends. Hope to speak again
  12. Personally think this would be a great idea as Baz stated above. It would create a more competitive nature which would lead to more mechanics being on Duty a lot more. I would love to see this go through. +1.

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