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Rilax bliss

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  1. Club Name: Pale Riders MC Club Leader: Riley Bliss 6425814) Club Lead Discord: Rilax bliss#4695 Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules - x President Riley Bliss - x Vice President Dion Williams (𝖝 𝕯𝕰𝕰 𝖝#1913) - x Sgt at Arms Flipper Sano (!_!#1555) - x Treasurer LP Tran (ZΣЯ0FΣΛЯ#8888) - x Hang Around (Ze#5316) - x Hang Around (kumara_Lam#2473) Gang Colours/Uniform: Upload image to imgur.com, copy image, and paste image below. Going left to right 1st Slide is What a hang around and is supposed to wear blue tee shirt with a denim jacket and any hat/helmet/pants/shoes 2nd Slide is What A prospect can wear White Tee shirt with A leather kutte and any hat/helmet/pants/shoes 3rd Slide is A Patch member or any other hierarchy outfit will look like Blue shirt with a leather kutte and any hat/helmet/pants/shoes and can also use any other kutte in the store Gang Backstory: Our gang backstory goes back a long way when Jimmy Wilson would make his own Motorcycle club back in July 17th 2018 Pale Riders MC, A place where all us bike enthusiasts could call home Pale Riders are A international club coming out of multiple different servers/city’s in All of Five M, 6 of us boys got on our bikes with need of wanting to start something new and something fresh and over the past month or two of looking for a different city to settle that's where we found fat duck and after spending multiple weeks in the city we all learned to love it and the people inside of it this community is like nothing we’ve experienced before So us Pale riders have formed our charter “Bathurst” and will be proud residents of fat duck, I have come here with my brother Dion we will be the President and Vice President of this chapter to sharpen all the finest outlaw’s that we have in our MC. We Bleed Blue R.F.F.R PRMC Planned Day to Day Operations: Gun Trades, Drug Trades, Buying and selling motorcycles, Going for Rides motorcycle Do you accept the following condition: In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. Yes We Accept.

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