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  1. We're ready for an interview when your ready
  2. Los Alvos Backstory Los Alvos, originally founded in 1996 from 4 ese’s living on the streets of Tijuana looking to have some fun in an otherwise boring city. Javier Romero, Kyle Manson, Brian Stewart and Gregory Gonzalez all had one thing in common, the life of crime and the desire for something to do. The group of 4 became notorious in Mexico's East Coast for selling illicit drugs, arms dealing, and running underworld gambling rings and illegal street races. In the coming years however, they immigrated illegally to California on the back of Javier's Dad’s tinnie and eventually worked there way up to Los Santos. The Los Alvos aren’t too phased by money, oftentimes giving it away to other people in random acts of kindness to give back to their new found community. The group firmly believes that for too long the city has been starved of recreation and seek to bring life to an otherwise profit focused population. Event’s and associated prizes will be funded covered for out of our own pockets. Recently, the Alvos took advantage of a gap in the market and sought to rent out the entirety of the Vinewood Casino, it is largely thought that any and all funding the gang has secured can be traced back to illegal means, but this fact is yet to be proven. The Homeboys Owner/ Legend - Javier Romero - SenorDiabllo Co-owner - Kyle Manson - Foordy Managing Director of Casino - Gregory Gonzalez - JudyJitzu Events organiser - Brian Stewart - jsw Recruit - Position Available Legal Activities - All community events will involve prizes to winning person(s) Prizefighting Car Shows Demolition Derbies Street Races Circuit Races Drag Races Go-Kart Races (Pending Govt. Approval) Illegal and Underworld Activities Heist Assistance Hostage Delivery Lookout / Diversion Tactics for and heists Hitman Services Income Casino Operation Organised Pharmaceutical Sales Providing services upon request Organisation Weaponry Pump Shotguns Heavy Pistols Knuckle Dusters Switchblades Combat PDW’s Organisation Vehicles Black Bentley with white Underglow Black Kawasaki R6 Black Van with white Underglow Black Limousine Hearse Public Presentation Vehicles and Outfits will primarily be in Black and White, aiming to be easily noticed among a crowd. We will present ourselves as upstanding public figures and role models to other citizens. Formal / Business Attire Casual / Illegal Activity Attire Casual Attire

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