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  1. Unfortunately being a former Emergency Services Director myself, I see that raising a privatised EMS service is anything but resolving the lack of personnel issues. There were many suggestions in the past including training Police Force members to replace the job of LSES and many other things which may ultimately cause the LSES to be redundant, as well as not resolving the root of the very issue itself. If any citizens are looking to resolve the lack of staff issue, they are more than welcomed to apply for the job itself.
  2. The Rise of Motorcycle Crime Rates in Los Santos Recent crime index shows we are just about as (not) safe as Venezuela Author: Phil Goode @Phil_Goode Published: APRIL 7, 2019 12:50AM Image source: Phil Goode - We're back to PDM by the way. Recently I have had the privilege to be employed by the Government after my resignation from the Emergency Services as their Director. My employment in the Department of Commerce allowed me to work with the Car Dealership as their accounting and finance auditor. My work in the car dealership not only involves verifying their balance sheet with invoices, but also had the privilege the work as a Car Dealer myself. During my employment we moved from Premium Deluxe to San Andreas/Decker St and down to Strawberry/Grove and back to Premium Deluxe. Enough about me. Throughout my employment I have had to opportunity to bare witness to all sorts of crime happening around the dealership area, from stealing dealership vehicles, or dealing drugs near Grove, or having a store robbery at the servo next door, to provoking an entire gang at Grove St/Forum Dr to rock up at our Dealership. While the situation has improved recently as we have been allowed back at PDM @ Adam's Apple Blvd, the root of the problem remains unresolved, and infact, it had gotten worse ever since Bike Dealer has merged with us. With the introduction of the merger, we were able to start selling bikes, and pretty damn cheap too. As a consequence to that, we've seen a lot more bike related crimes recently, especially with the use of them to traffick drugs around the State. Little Seoul Station is one of the many stations of the now defunct Los Santos Transit, and is now one of the hotspot for drug trafficking and distribution. Image source: Phil Goode - Little Seoul Station Just this bike is one of the many used in the trafficking of drugs into this station. Some of them would ride their bikes down the staircase into the station, others may simply use the defunct railway tunnels to get in and out, before the cops even arrives. Likewise, similar situations have been happening around Vespucci Beach and Grove Street. So why bikes? Well, first of all our LSPD and even AFP does not even have a dedicated or trained motorcycle division. So if they were to go into pursuit against bikes, they're most likely going to end up failing 9/10 times with bikes sneaking through alleyways or tight spots. Secondly with the use of bikes in and out of the railway tunnels, by the time our PD squeezes their cars through the railway tracks (assuming the tracks don't damage their cars), the bikes are long gone. In general, our police force is currently utterly if not almost completely useless at combating against at least 50% of these drug related incidents or quite simply, anything to do with chasing after motorcycles. As a result, our State crime index is currently sitting at 70.01, just behind the 7th place Brazil. If our Government continues to go down that path with funding our Police department with useless 4 wheeled vehicles instead of 2 wheels to chase after these 2 wheelers, or not funding to put shutters in the defunct railway tunnels, and if our LSPD Commissioner can't come up with a strategy to combat against these types of crimes, I can guarantee we will beat Venezuela to the 1st place by the end of this year. Image source: Phil Goode Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops. The new Legion Square for gathering... Vanilla Unicorn - I heard there are actually women now!
  3. War veteran shot two civilians dead Shooter claims the lack of veterans welfare has taken a toll on our former servicemen, two innocent civilians found dead by gun wounds today as a result of the veteran going rampant. Author: Phil Goode @Phil_Goode Published: JANUARY 22, 2019 7:59PM Image source: Los Santos State Government A war veteran was gunned down by police this afternoon after he was sighted by car park and gas station security footage for fatally killing two civilians. Source claims the man was Harold Sands, a veteran that used to serve with the Australian Army who have served on multiple campaigns across the Pacific. A Government spokesman advised that the man suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after returning from one operation, and was divorced as a result of that. Image source: Twitter The shooter had posted multiple times on his twitter account before and after each shooting, each time announcing his motivation behind the shootings, and had complained about the lack of Government welfare and public support for veterans who have served our country in times of war. The tweets above are evident that our country and the general public are not very supportive of the idea of a US-styled honour for our veterans, one tweet even showed the oppression of our veterans fighting for their welfare and rights. Image source: Twitter As a result, the shooter killed the daughter of Senator Bryce, who has since resigned from the post of Minister of Defence, followed by his former wife. Fortunately, the shooter had then announced his next targets at the Fleeca Bank executives and our quick responding police force had set the scene up for an arrest, although the police had to use lethal force on the shooter as a result of the shooter putting up resistance using a firearm. Image source: Twitter The new Minister of Defence has released a statement rejecting the idea of a US-styled honour for our veterans, although the minister has vowed to improve the veteran welfare including free medical and dental care and other discount packages with many Australian retail businesses. When asked about enforcing a stricter gun control, the Minister responded with "Not something I can comment on at my paygrade". So do we need a stricter gun control? Should we honour our veterans with "Thank you for your service"? And are we doing enough for our veterans? Let us know in the comments below! Promotional Contents Car Dealership - Come down to the car dealership for a tailored experience including test drives! Vanilla Unicorn - Come down and let your right hand take a break for once
  4. Thank you for your feedback. I believe if you had read my CV you would've noted that your concern is already addressed in the CV. I don't intend to operate the business using the same model as the predecessor. There will be an online catalogue, online reservation system and methods of communication to book an appointment tailored to your needs. Besides I do not intend on running this business as a sole trader entity either. There will be other employees available instead of just myself. Hope that addressed your concerns.
  5. Los Santos Emergency Services Director Emergency Services 2019 New Year Report 1. This is possibly the final announcement to be made while I am in this office tenure. I would like to thank every LSES staff or EMS/LSFD (our multiple name changes) for sticking with the department throughout the hard times. 2. I first stepped into this office on Jan 2018, having completed 4 months as a Paramedic. The department strength grew from about 10 staff to currently 95 Paramedics, Firefighters and High Command personnel altogether. While these numbers do not represent the total amount of active staff, it is still a huge accomplishment that we have achieved together. 3. Throughout 2018 we have also acquired the fire station 90 in Sandy Shores, deployed the community services program to give convicted individuals a second chance through serving a probation period for our local community, acquired a brand new fleet of vehicles and re-branded ourselves as the Emergency Services. We have recently also trialed the running of our Fire Services division. The success of this department cannot be credited to myself alone, but a collective effort from each and individual one of us. 4. It is therefore important that I should step down from this position, to pass the department onto our future talents who will continue to improve its services. I introduce Deputy Director Ray Barone, who will take over my position on 10 Feb 19. Ray has been with us for a long period of time, with a perfect track record for his service delivery and work ethics. He will be assisted by Inspector Nick Howard and Commander Robert Viking, together let's achieve even more this year! Kind regards, Phil Goode Director

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