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  1. Forgot server rules section and cant edit: Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation on each of them: Meta-Gaming - Using information gathered outside of the game, or privy to information your character should realistically not know (seeing peoples /me's behind a car/wall) (having access to police procedures on one character then using that knowledge to Void Police tactics) Combat logging - Signing out of the game to avoid roleplay/ punishment Power-Gaming - Using a position of perceived authority or Threatening action to force the outcome of a particular roleplay / situation ( Forcing a drug dealing suspect into searching them by lying to them about the laws and or using stand-over tactics to get the arrest) anything that is 'unfair' outside of roleplay.
  2. Part A - Your Info: Steam Name: TheWhyteBoy Discord Name with #Identifier: TheWhyteBoy#1253 Account ID: 13683 Part B - Application What can you bring to the whitelisted server: Diversity in role-play, I like to create many different characters, and stories for each, and always acting 'in character' with how that person would/should behave. Adaptable to new situations / events Creativity, When i think of events/ stories to create, i always try to create interesting scenarios for all involved. Consistency, I have had alot of time to perfect the accent that i do, to the point where many people ask me if im from america. I can do this, and more. more time, for more charters with this level of depth. What skills should a good roleplayer bring to a whitelisted server: Humbleness, not forcing a situation, believing in the essence of the Show / Story, Not concerned too much with ego or power, knows that its all just for fun. Roleplay is just another form of acting, while playing pretend The server will be a non-actively staffed server, are you willing to record/screenshot gameplay as necessary for the purpose of lodging complaints on the website in accordance with the evidence requirements in the complaint guidelines: (Y/N) Yes How long have you been playing in our community: Nearly 2 years Any additional info about yourself that we should take into consideration: I have a Long history, Most Staff know me, i just came back from a 3 month hiatus from the server, but was very interested when i saw white-listed server.I had to apply, its what ive wanted for so long. and yes, i understand, its white-listed, and i have been in trouble a few times, Mainly for hot headed, or toxic behaviour. i have learnt and would never do anything to be unnecessarily negative or abrasive especially if i had this to look forward to. Plus despite my downsides i have alot to offer, for just straight up roleplay. Setting a scene, a scenario, creating an interesting backstory, or setting up a cool event. I love Creating, and that's what i can bring, Creativity Hometown: (Timezone Purposes) Brisbane Part C - Additional Info Provide 3 current server rules and your interpretation on each of them: Provide a minimum of 1 player or staff reference to support your roleplaying skills: Martibo, Bungle, Red Panda Bears, Maniac, Viper, Auzy (sherrif) Provide a back story for your MAIN character: My Main Character? He is Going to be Tony Delgato, Born in Boston U.S.A, His family is of Italian-american Descent, He has family that are in Law enforcement, and others that are in the 'Family Business' . Tony is only 24, a young wiseguy, cheeky, knows how to find trouble, but its all just for the fun of it for Tony. He's been locked up before on petty drug charges, one instance of assault at a busy Bar in downtown Brooklyn. Concerned that young Tony was Spiralling out of control, his Uncle Hank Sent him to Los Santos, for 'a job opportunity' Being apart of that 'family business' Tony knew exactly what he meant. But with no direction, running low on cash, Tony decided to take the offer and set on his way for Los Santos Part D - History Provide a list of staff interactions you've had, such as your warnings, kicks or bans. About 5+ Temp Bans for Being hot headed, Toxic or just in general immature and aggressive. I really want this, i can assure you, to the best of my possible ability. i am not and will not be like this. Please give careful consideration. Your application will be considered and when a decision is made, you will be notified of the outcome on your application
  3. +1 Vu is a nice idea, but please make it about more than just staring at girls. have more going on, custom tracks from a DJ. make it more of a nightclub. just my opinion.
  4. +1 Introduce a home loan system with an in-house mortgage broker (payment system) Great idea love it, also houses in county ASAP please

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