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  1. Thanks for this mate, means a lot
  2. While playing as a k-9 Police Officer, and attending a drug call, I had an encounter with Infamous MC. While the situation was "hostile" they were restrained in their actions, keeping it at an appropriate level of hostile RP which made it fun and enjoyable, giving everyone an all round laugh. This encounter is just another demonstration of a good gang organisation. They don't over step the line for a power trip, but rather keep it fun and enjoyable, so both parties involved can have fun. Great Work
  3. Gang Name: Zero Tolerance [ZT] Gang Leader: Nexus OG (122465 - NexusOG_#8567) Gang Members: 2IC - Daniel Hallal - 126833 - dannyy#9245 Gang Member - Gunja Grem - 122231 - GunjaGremlin#9567 Gang Member - Asher Thray - 128699 - forbesy#8321 Gang Member - Vacant - Gang Member - Vacant - Gang Colours/Uniform: Gang Backstory: The two brothers to start the gang, Goony and Gunja, grew up in the hard streets of Sydney, Australia, where they lived off housing commission and working as the bottom feeders of the underground drug syndicates that were run throughout. During their time being involved in the scene, they witnessed every sin possible known to man, extending from bashings, trafficking, exploitation, weapons dealing, the list goes on forever. Both of the brothers despised what was going on and how innocent people were being hurt due to their actions and what they syndicates wanted from them, but there was one thing that kept them in the industry. Money. Growing up poor, both of the brothers knew what it was like to struggle, living off the dregs of society and being scum to the earth, but with the amount of money the syndicates were paying them to do their dirty work, they didn't care. On one stormy night, the mob had come to Gunja and Goony, knowing that they would get the job done due to their ruthlessness. The job was simple, break into Mr OG's house, who was a high ranking official in a rival drug syndicate, and execute him and his family. The job sounded easy enough. Goony and Gunja strapped up and headed out, but upon arriving at the house they come across that the door had already been forced open and appeared to be smashed glass everywhere. They began looking through the house, heading up into the master bedroom, they came across a grim discovery, Mr OG had already been murdered including his wife. After discovering this, they thought the job was done, making it the easiest pay check of their life, until they heard a creak in the floor board while walking out. Gunja turned around drawing his pistol, as to where he saw a young boy, who looked to be no older then 15, with tears running down his face as he hid behind the cupboard. Gunja and Goony were contemplating what to do with him, execute him? Take him to the Mob? Their minds ran rampant as they tried to think what to do. This job was like no other, they had never killed a kid before. after some discussion, they decided to take the kid in, they couldn't bring themselves too killing him. Once arriving back at the Mobs hideout, the boss questioned them if they had successfully killed everyone, as to which they knowingly lied. Fast forward a few weeks, the boy was living with Goony and Gunja, as to which they formed an unbreakable bond, as they discovered the boy himself had lived a life full of constant danger and distress, which grew deeper with losing his parents too the mob. This boys name was Nexus. One day while kicking back in the living room there was a knock at there door, which was uncommon as they weren't expecting any visitors and lived in a quite slum estate. Goony got up to answer the door, while gunja was reclined on the couch watching the T.V. Upon opening the door, they were shocked, it was the mob boss himself coming to their estate, they knew something was up. The mob boss invited himself in and took a seat on their couch and began engaging in small talk. After a few moments, there was a change in the atmosphere, everything turned serious. The mob boss leant forward and said "Now boys, do you remember that task I asked of you a few weeks ago? Well someone has come forward to me with some information about you two, showing that you have lied to me and didn't finish the job, is this the case?". Quickly, Goony and Gunja tried to come up with some bullshit reasoning like they usually do, but the hole just grew deeper and deeper. Half way through their reasoning the Mob boss drew his gun and cocked it too Gunja's head. He Shouted " I KNOW YOU LIED TO ME, WHERE IS THE BOY. WHERE IS HE. THIS WILL BE YOUR FINAL BREATHE YOU HEAR ME GUNJA GREMLIN!". The mob boss put his finger on the trigger. BANG. The room echoed of a gun shot. Confused, Gunja looked up not knowing what had just happened, until he looked down the hallway. Standing there was Nexus, with Gonnys .45 Magnum in hand. He had just saved Gunja's life and killed the Mob boss. They knew this was bad news and wouldn't be the last they heard from the Mob. In panic, they fled Sydney, flying to Los Santos, seeking refuge from the Mob, in hopes of a better life. After living in Los Santos for quite some time, they continued their old habits to make a living, even recruiting Nexus as a gang member. They decided to call themselves ZT, also known as Zero Tolerance, where they aspired to become one of the top gangs in Los Santos in hopes to achieve their one goal. To become wealthy. They even went on to recruiting one outsider who they met along the way, being Daniel Hallal. Daniel Hallal wasn't like the others, he was born into wealth and knew nothing but money, however his arrogance lead to his own demise. Flexing his parents money, and refusing to get a job caused anger amongst his hard working family, leading to his parents kicking him out. His life quickly crumbled into nothing. Being too lazy to get a legitimate job, Daniel turned to crime, pushing small amounts of drugs down at the local peer. While there he was confronted by 3 men. Being the ZT boys. Although fearful, Daniel didn't back down, gaining the respect of the members, which lead to them becoming friends and kicking back together. Eventually Daniel was recruited and was considered a brother by the other members, being loyal and down for the cause. Forming the current group ZT. This is the beginning, of Zero Tolerance. Planned Day to Day Operations: - Buying and redistributing drugs - - Weapons distribution - - Hosting events for the people - - Robberies - - Socialising with other gangs and making connections that benefit both parties - "In registering this gang, I understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules." "I understand that running as a gang does not excluded us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing" "I understand that I do NOT own/operate any territory and I cant claim sections of the city as "gang area" "I understand that I am limited to 6 Gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff" "I understand that we are not to operate as a gang unless we have been approved by gang staff" Yes we understand.

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