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  1. Das hot also if you chose to pay me in cash nah nah I’d rather some LSLA doe if that can be arranged
  2. I believe in LSLA there is a lack in vehicles for those who want to push their limits of driving skill, rally racing a perfect mix between some track racing line and drifting. However the vehicles allowing for people to do this are lacking, one of few that could allow this is the Subaru wrx or evo but neither of this cars are particularly fast nor have proper rally modifications available. the two cars I suggest can be sold for the higher prices, 400-500k because of their speed and off-road capabilities, however to most they look terrible, 80s hot-hatches but I think this is a much needed addition to LSLA car 1: Peugeot 205 turbo download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/peugeot-205-turbo-16-rally-2in1-add-on-tuning-livery car 2: Renault 5 turbo download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/renault-5-turbo-rally-2in1-add-on-replace-tuning-livery each of these cars start off as a highly detailed civilian car but through mods they can become dream rally cars I hope you consider this addition to LSLA, I believe that it is a hole that needs to be filled as we already have sports cars, drift cars, track cars, super cars, muscle cars you name it but LSLA lacks in rally type cars and I think it would be a great addition and I hope you can agree too and possibly allow it to be imported Thanks - Jim Richardson
  3. Steam Name: Account ID: 9831 Character Name: Jim Richardson Discord: Phoon?#3516 Title of claim: Crashed game caused unlocked car to be looted Details of claim: return of items lost Video proof of items there and crash
  4. Steam name : Riskyboi Account ID:9831 Character Name: Jim Richardson Discord : Riskyboi#3516 Title : scammed 500k / 1 mill Desc, Maxed out crown vic, went to race for pink slips. Find a mechanic in a VE commodore who wants to race by the name of Blake Andrews, Race due to low price of crown vic, if he wins he gets my maxed WRX, he wins once out of two, then says that if i gave him my WRX now he would buy anycar under 1 mill, so i give the car over, (VERY sketchy deal and i knew that at the time but it was way over 50k and scamming was outlawed a day or two prior) end of discussion , witness him selling my WRX with a new plate 'ice cream', 4 days later in discord : Pretty much you have been tricked into giving away your vehicle to a stranger that you don't know anything about. You don't know his name or what he does for a living. All you know is his vehicle and his voice. You also need to think if he has a cousin that has the same voice. , ( even tho i do know IC name and occupation) Details of clam: 1 million dollars from him, thats what i want. there should be a way. (i cant get my WRX back because its been sold multiple times and that would cause issues tracking down the current owner and just taking their wrx even tho they had nothing to do with it....) getting my maxed WRX back would be good but id rather 1mill from him because that was the deal, its worth more and its from him specifically. No videos but i do have photos of discord convo thats it.