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  1. +1 love this idea of more car shops to be fixed makes it more realistic plus this blokes roleplay has been top of the line of me lately i would love to see him get this
  2. Farewell’s Chicken Review. Is Clucking Bells Chicken Any Good? Farewell with the Clucking Bell farm chicken sign. On July 12th Friday 2019 Clucking Bell invited Gray Farewell to check out there Clucking bell Farm as he is a number 1 fan of chicken to show him how the chicken is made to be the top chicken in the hole world of fast food. Clucking bell farms brought the fresh chicken to the cluckin’ bell fast food restaurants by truck never frozen all over the world. Clucking bell was established in 1817 by an old man called William Bell that sadly passed in 1925 than his son toke over in 1927 called Andrew Bell. The Bell family still keep the chicken company running to this date. This is how the chicken is transported to clucking bell farms for slaughter. Clucking Bell gets the best chickens all around the world that are fat almost the size of watermelons these chickens when they get ready for slaughter they are unable to walk they are not your normal laying the egg chickens. Farewell with the chicken after chicken heads have been removed and feathers plucked. In 2nd room, they remove the heads of chickens and guts and drop them into boiling water to pluck them the water doesn't need to be clean. Workers checking the cuts and how fresh the chicken is. This is where the chicken is placed onto plastic plates that have been cut ready for packaging and to be ticked off by the higher command of workers. Gray Farewell wants to say thank you to the Clucking Bell family for letting me in the Farm to see how the meat is treated thank you. Love chicken always. Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops Vanilla Unicorn - Let your right hand take a break for once
  3. +1 always wanted to own a fuel station that fuel trucks can bring fuel or a 24/7 and truckers can bring the supples to the shop alot of rp there
  4. the old old old days of sgts farewell that will be missed testing offroad tracks for training
  5. i like the idea but copied my red and black so its a 50/50 +1
  6. Fisher Corporation Gang Back story Ever since a year ago when Paul Fisher left the whacker boyz he wasn't to sure what he was going to do with life as he had no money no family than he thought he will start a business so he did by helping gangs to get information on people and sometimes kidnaping and along the way people have joined him. than he thought of calling the gang Fisher Corporation when we run into people that is in need of money we always wire them some to help out. Activities Fisher Corporation will help the locals that are in need of money by donating to them from our own banks or from other donations along the way. Some contacts may need information or someone taken where our contact would like to meet. On the side, we will be selling weed. We will be having street races and car meets all week. Making contacts with other gangs and people. Also, we have a barbecue every Sunday at our house for free. The Crew Boss - Paul Fisher (zeby124) Co-Boss - Huss Haboob (DonkeysFame) Gangster - (Open) Gangster - Jack Butch (SilenceMate) Gangster - Michael Scott (Benji) Gangster - (Open) Gangster - (Open) Prospect - Ronald McDonald (Jack Nugent) Prospect - Ethan Wolf (Golden) Prospect - Max Smith (Nuclear) Prospect - Ripe Tomato (Ripe Tomato) Prospect - (Open) Prospect - (Open) House This house will be our main house to hang out to have meetings and have our Sunday barbecue. Front of the house. The backyard of the house. Clothes And Cars Our cars will have red on them and blacked out. We will mainly be driving fast cars as we love to race. Our clothes will be black and red. Of any type of clothing along it’s red and black.
  7. -1 is sometimes i run into them as a cop one or of the wants to bash my head in +1 love the color yes its my favorite
  8. pursuits are already outta hand when your duty you are very lucky to get a 5 mins break before you gotta go to another robbery or pursuit or you getting shot in the head so its more like turning like civs vs the cops
  9. I +1 about the police stuff been like that ever since i have joined an still is
  10. Sensitive - Personal LOS SANTOS OFFICE - ASA Part 3 - Form 3.0 (16 Jan 19) Applicant First Name(s): Chris Applicant Last Name(s): FareWell Application For: (Choose one or more from below:) 1. Air Operations - Helicopter Licence 2. Air Operations - Fixed Wing Propeller Licence 3. Air Operations - Fixed Wing Jet Licence (Up to 2 Engines) 4. Air Operations - Fixed Wing Jet Licence (Up to 4 Engines) Total Amount Due (USD): 2000 Sponsoring Authority: - Private Airlines - CEO/General Manager shall provide a statement to vouch this application NOTE: Sponsoring authority must at the earliest opportunity notify Department of Justice for cancellations of licences should the licenced individual resign or no longer require a need to exercise the privileges granted by Air Ops licences. Reason for Application: (Intended activities with the requested licence) to become a pilot for airlines for my job Background Check: Are you currently in possession of a valid Driver's Licence? Y Medical Check: Class 1 Aviation Medical completed on: 27/02/19 Completed by: (Name of LSES Paramedic and Callsign) 3E-21 Jeffery Davis If you said yes to the following question, attach details to your application below: Do you have any conviction(s) or finding(s) of guilt which are less than one (1) month old for serious criminal offences, or less than two (2) weeks old for summary offences? N If yes, details: ((OOC Info)) Steam3ID 64Bit HEX: 76561198264266439 Character Number: 1/2/3 (The character that intends on exercising the licence privileges) Number 3 Chris FareWell
  11. +1 good bloke i know he will run airlines as best as he can
  12. +1 his a great bloke i have worked alongs side of him he loves cars hope he gets this spot
  13. i know im on this form as head sales man but i think its a great idea to bring anther car dealer in will bring more rp an alot more +1