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  1. Good Evening, I will respond to this matter assuming it relates to myself despite my name being spelt incorrectly. I briefly recall interacting with the gentlemen however cannot remember specifics, it is however with a heavy heart I inform the Court I have been advised he has since been located deceased. I consider this matter finalised - Any further legal correspondence relating to this matter is to be referred to the Australian Federal Police legal team @Moogle. Warmest Regards, Andrew Deveraux Commissioner, Australian Federal Police.
  2. Welcome back! Alot has changed - I look forward to coming in and drinking then trying to avoid the RBT sites on my way back home.
  3. Interesting proposal. Funding has apparently been sourced from another citizen within LSLA which addresses my main concern regarding this organisation as Government would not be providing large amounts of funding. It has alot of potential. I Imagine it would require some level of staff intervention with respects to the seizure of assets (eg: Staff removing ownership of a vehicle ect) With respects to the LifeInvader office, I personally can't see any issue with the building being used. It was previously used for a Government initiative but has since been retired.

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