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  • Membership Criteria

    Description Donator
    Patreon Tier 1
    Patreon Tier 2
    Fat Duck Family

    Duration of benefits per subscription
    Note: Patreon subscriptions are billed first day of each month, regardless of when you subscribed.

    Lifetime 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month

    Cost to subscribe each tier

    Min. USD $5 USD $7 USD $11 USD $22

    One-time donation for Donator tier or support us on Patreon for Patreon tiers

    Make a Donation Subscribe to Patreon Subscribe to Patreon Subscribe to Patreon

    In order to receive all of your benefits, please refer to this guide.

    Disclaimer: Before donating/subscribing, ensure you have read and understood our policies surrounding donations/subscriptions. 

    In-Game Benefits - (Greyed Out Benefits Are Not Currently Available)

    Priority waitlisting to join the server in the event the server is full
    (1) Queue Priority: Fat Duck Family > Patreon Tier 2 > Patreon Tier 1


    Access to changing number plates for personal vehicles
    Please proceed to the Patreon Lodge (Michael's Mansion) to change number plates.


    Discord Benefits

    Discord role to identify an active subscription.

    Donator Role Patreon T1 Role Patreon T2 Role Fat Duck Family Role

    Dedicated general discussion channel for all Patreons, may receive early development updates from time to time.

      b6WQmkp.png b6WQmkp.png QBQMC67.png

    Access to dedicated Discord channel to discuss development projects or simply to get in touch with our Developers

        b6WQmkp.png QBQMC67.png

    Dedicated channel for our top tier Patreons, with early access to development updates from time to time


    Forum Benefits

    Forum Group/tag to identify an active subscription.
    (2) Donations made after 22 Feb 18 will no longer be eligible for the Donator forum group, they will instead receive a donator tag displayed on forum posts' author pane

    Donator Group/Tag⁽²⁾ Patreon T1 Group Patreon T2 Group Patreon FDF Group

    Dedicated subscription forum section for news, discussions, server suggestions for priority consideration etc.
    (3) Available only to legacy Donators that holds the Donator forum group membership.

    b6WQmkp.png b6WQmkp.png QBQMC67.png

    Early bird notice and first peek at future development updates

      b6WQmkp.png b6WQmkp.png QBQMC67.png

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