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  • Main Project - GTA V FiveM

    Our FiveM community is one of the largest Australian communities that offers a mix of Australian and American styled casual roleplay. You can roleplay as a law abiding citizen living a normal life as a cop, an EMS, a CEO of a business or take up one of the many self-employed careers on offer. You could also take on higher risks for higher returns as a gang leader, drug dealer or be a robber that breaks into people's houses to loot their xxxs condoms, be it for your own use or to sell them at pawn shop.


    Server Features

    • Custom scripts
    • Custom vehicles
    • Server events
    • Custom jobs
    • Active staff
    • Weekly develoment updates
    • Multiple servers!
    • And many more development projects coming soon!
    • Read our Server Guides here

  • Our Side Projects

    Arma 3

    Our Arma 3 Side Project features two persistent campaigns (Liberation of Tanoa & Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific), as well as weekly Zeus operations. All of our Arma 3 servers use custom modpacks available for download via our Arma 3 Discord



    Other Games

    Join our Discord for other mini-projects/game servers that we offer!

    FDG Leadership Team

    A3 Discord

    Farming Simulator 19

    Image result for Farming Simulator 2019
    Join our Discord to either own your own farm or play with your fellow mates on theirs!




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