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    OOC Info In-Game/Steam Username: Jesus SteamID64: 7656119810057771 Discord#9999: Jesus#5706 Full Name: Dave Butler Occupation: Mechanic CEO Applying for CEO: Butler’s Customs BUTLER’S CUSTOMS BUSINESS PLAN: Our business goal is to become the premier Auto Mechanic business in the Los Santos region. Utilising our leading mobile auto mechanics, we will provide amazing services to Los Santos by bringing a whole new, highly trained and experienced staff team accompanied by a new organisational structure in the business that will ensure that Butler’s Custom is as efficient and high performing as possible. If I got the opportunity to become CEO of Butler’s Customs I will make sure that all members of our workforce are trained appropriately to ensure they're able to meet the expectations of the company by implementing a training video that is mandatory to watch for all new employees along with better support and education of acceptable practices and how to excel in their respective roles Our Products and services: Butler’s Customs’ mission is to maximise all our profits from all the repairs, tows and other services we provide whilst ensuring that the citizens of Los Santos always leave with a smile on their face and eager to recommend our services to their friends. Here at Butler’s Customs we are very aware that without the customer, we are nothing so that is why we keep them front of mind in all interactions. We want to compete with other businesses if necessary to ensure that with our new line-up of staff and procedures we will rise to the top and be the best. With the support of the Los Santos Government, Butler’s Customs will endeavour to provide the following services: Repairs and Modifications to Automotive Transmissions Repairs and Modifications to Automotive Brakes Repairs and Modifications to Automotive Engines Cosmetic Body Kit Modifications Interior Modifications Roadside Assistance Roadside Repair Flatbed towing Vehicle Impound Wheel alignments Repair of performance modifications Scheduled servicing My Mission: Butlers Customs is set to provide World class mobile auto repairs along with maintenance, performance enhancing and other auto repair related services that will assist all businesses, clients and non-profit organisations who own any type of vehicle in ensuring that their vehicles are always in good shape. At Butlers Customs we strive to provide a great customer experience every time that is backed by a quality. Business Structure: Butler’s Customs are looking to operate using the below operating model. This we feel will ensure that a professional and reputable experience and drive a culture of pride within our organisation. Business Structure Breakdown: We want to make it clear the account abilities and escalation paths for each organisational role to ensure that the business runs as fluidly as possible. Below is a high level overview of what each role entails. CEO - Chief Operating Officer Increases management, by using effective training and recruitment strategies to hire the best of the best Implements the organisation's mission and future vision Responsible for creating business deals with other businesses and changing prices for the company Evaluate on the business every week with employees to state how we travelled financially for week Speaks to the Board Head Manager Works like a project manager and works direct with all employees Builds company image by collaborating with customers, government, community organisations, and employees; enforcing ethical business practices Ensures the operations of all equipment run smoothly along with materials on the job site aren't being lost Makes sure the business is running smoothly on a day to day basis and reports any reports back to the CEO Operations Manager Operates all calls being received and tells certain mechanics to head out to each call out in a proper way Responsible for creating new financial systems Makes financial reports every week Ensures that all employees are getting paid from each job Ensures that all garages owned by the business are financially stable City / County Manager Ensures their respective shop locations are actively staffed as best as possible and are the person front lining business depending on the current AOP. Will report to the Operations/Head Manager any issues, complaints or suggestions their team discovers and engage in disciplinary action when requested. Master Mechanic Handles wheel alignments Handles brake repair services Repairs trucks Responds to all call outs Repairs all types of vehicles Tows and pick locks all vehicles Installs any upgrades or tuning specific to the client Qualified Mechanic Responds to all call outs Repairs all types of vehicles Tows and pick locks all vehicles Mobile Mechanic Once an Apprentice has proven competency in the day to day operations of Butler’s Customs, they are then tasked with putting their new found skills into practice. This involves handling repairs at the shop but primarily taking out our Butler’s Customs roadside assistance vehicle to help those in need! To succeed as a Mobile Mechanic you must take pride in your interactions with the customer and your response time to repairs must be world class. Apprentice Mechanic The apprentice is our entry level role at Butler’s Customs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. In this role you will receive hands on training in customer interactions, automotive repairs, flatbed vehicle usage and managing finance / invoicing. This role is there to build the solid foundation of which your career with Butler’s Customs will be built. To succeed as an Apprentice Mechanic you must be a fast learner who is eager to jump in and give things a go and not shy away from a challenge. Insurance Policy: Sick and tired of always paying $4000 for repairs? Well, look no more! I will be offering insurance for the citizens of San Andreas. There will be 3 tiers of insurance: - Bronze - Silver - Gold These will have different cost prices and free add on, along with a set amount of vehicles that may be put under the insurance policy. These are our current policies: Gold insurance: $250k Gold insurance covers all cars owned under your name, The perks of having Gold Insurance: -Free 20% armour and turbo to one vehicle for every month you are on our insurance plan. -Free callouts to have your car unlocked, towed, or repaired -Free paint jobs, tints, and wheels to all your vehicles Silver insurance: $100k Silver insurance only covers 3 cars under your name The perks of having Silver Insurance: -Free 20% armour when you sign up to one car of choice -Free callouts to have these three cars unlocked, towed or repaired -Free paint jobs and tints for these three cars Bronze insurance: 50k Bronze insurance will only cover 1 car under your name -Free call outs to have your car unlocked, towed or repaired -Free paint jobs to that car Fleet insurance policies are available for organisations and groups. This will provide a discounted price due to it being a bulk purchase. You can additionally pay in advance multiple months if necessary, or if you feel like 28 days doesn’t suit you are welcome to negotiate a better suiting time frame with a CEO or Manager of the business. Pictured: Myself with the Flamingo’s, one of our current fleet insurance holders. Pictured: Myself and the head of Transport organising a fleet insurance policy, Investment Group: Here at Butler’s Customs, providing a return for our investors is equally as important as providing a well priced, great service for all our customers while adequately providing our employees pay, not only to survive but to enjoy their time off duty. We intend on both generating profits as well as giving back to our community to the best of our ability with the profits generated. We intend on hosting daily events, such as car shows, course races on the airfield, government sanctioned street races if allowed, point-to-point races, and Amazing Race type competitions with the competitors needing to find clues regarding areas and find a certain employee in the area to receive the next clue. Our prizes may consist of free modifications to a value, a sum of cash, or even a vehicle. Pictured: A recent car show I hosted in the carpark of our Carcer Way location. We intend on giving back to our employees in the form of bonuses and weekly performance competitions. Currently we’re trialing an Employee of the Week competition where our employees with the most call outs/repairs/tows completed will receive a large cash bonus for their efforts as there is currently no incentive for our current new employees to continue to put in effort. Employment History: After I dropped out of Los Santos High midway through Year 12, I worked at the Vanilla Unicorn for 7 months as a male stripper. I completed my four year apprenticeship at the Los Santos Institute of Technology, completing all my required work experience hours for said apprenticeship at Han’s Customs. With my qualification in hand, I continued at Han’s Customs for one year. While the business was out for three months, I studied full time to obtain my masters certificate in both light and heavy vehicle mechanical technology. Shortly afterwards, I was contacted by Tony Santono of Pit Viper Auto Repairs to become a manager for his new business. After a couple of years, he was unwell and took personal leave, leaving me in charge until he stepped down. I am currently the Interim CEO of Pit Viper Auto Repairs however if I am elected CEO this business will be re titled as Butler’s Customs. Reason for Application: I have been a Mechanic for many years now and have risen through the ranks to my current position as Acting CEO. This has given me an excellent understanding of the business at all organisational levels from customer facing interactions to how to run a business. I thoroughly have enjoyed my time as CEO and have big plans for the future which I have stated above. Criminal Record: Only a few speeding tickets - I was incredibly impatient while driving, however nowadays I've settled down.
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    Ive been told to RP major car crashes like the car is destroyed or no longer working if a big crash happens, which I love. I reverse PIT a cop car during a chase earlier and they smashed into a rock, then into a car and landed but continued to chase me. I think making vehicles a bit less durable so vehicles crashing in game is more reliable and we as players can 100% know whether we should continue driving the car or not. Just a suggestion to take the guess work out of the RP and create a more immersive experience. Kind of like what NoPixel do with the damage to vehicles.
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    U-GO FAST AUTOMOTIVE - BUSINESS PLAN - The primary issue I see with the mechanics is there isn't incentive to either do your job, improve your knowledge and/or move up the ranks. So our plan is to introduce rewards for people who are actively taking calls, actively responding to requests and just doing an amazing job e.g communicating well with customers, understanding their budget and needs actively providing input into the business and how to make it better and make it grow. Rewards for employees can include and not limited to - Free Repairs - - Free Upgrades - - Vehicle Giveaways on Occasions - - REASON FOR APPLICATION - My time as the Deputy Commissioner of the LSPD is coming to an end and I wish to help a business I had to deal with many times thrive, In my time I have noticed that they are lacking in the numbers and people who are available for call-outs, with my knowledge of managing large amounts of people as well as my "technical" knowledge I hope to fix up the bushiness so I can then pass it along to somebody else who is willing to put the time and effort into looking after it. - INVESTMENT GROUP - What I can offer the Investment Group is a well maintained and well looked after Business that will function properly and be actively managed. - EMPLOYMENT HISTORY - - LSPD [OFFICER 1] - LSPD [OFFICER 2] -LSPD [OFFICER 3] -BCSO [DEPUTY 2] -BCSO [SGT 1] -BCSO [SGT 2] -BCSO [SGT 3] -LSPD [DEPUTY COMMISSIONER] - CRIMINAL RECORD - Nothing AMAZING MECHANICS ALREADY WORKING THERE EXPERIENCED MECHANICS AT WORK FULL CAR RESPRAY PRIMER COLOUR HUGE THANKS TO ALL THE BOYS AT LSC FOR THE PICS - IC INFORMATION - NAME: Harry Callahan OCCUPATION: LSPD Deputy Commissioner APPLYING FOR: CEO of Mechanics - LSC - OOC INFORMATION - NAME: Maniac DISCORD: Maniac#7878
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    Backstory Flamingos originally started back in 1980 from 6 young men born and bred in Vice City. Eddy Mouse, Tidus Pinch, Larry Smith, Paul Hikenberg, Bobby Fushimi and Geert Wilder met and socialised over games of golf at Leaf Links. The group of 6 developed a reputation and brand for fixing games of golf, where they soon became known as the Flamingos due to their habit of wearing salmon pink polo t-shirts when hitting the course. After making millions from fixing games of golf, the Flamingos decided to get into a new sort of business – the club scene. The group purchased and successfully ran the Malibu Club in the heart of Vice City for many years, after developing the club to a high standard, the Flamingos sold the club to the Vercetti family and with the profits moved themselves to Las Santos where they dipped their toes in the porn industry. After partying hard and burning out, the Flamingos have decided to purchase the Galaxy underground nightclub, to return to what they know and love, the club scene. Members Eddy Mouse - Moama Paul Hikenberg - Perfs Tidus Pinch - Iz Dolan Geert Wilders - Sun Bobby Fushimi - DrunkOtter Larry Smith - Pytix Events: Tours around town in clubs limo Racing Car Shows Hide-n-seek Income: Free entry, or VIP entry fee of $5,000 which includes a private booth and unlimited drinks. We also sell consumables (Cocaine/Ecstasy) which will insure they have a good time in our club. Day to day activities Running the Galaxy underground nightclub Hustlin' Visiting various locales; Mechanics, Car Dealer, Legion Square garage Relaxing on the beach down at Santa Monica Boulevard Outfit / Presentation Vehicles are salmon, not negotiable Salmon coloured shirt/torso must be worn at all times Organisation Weapons Silenced SMGs (Not necessary) Golf Club Organisation Vehicles Salmon coloured stretch limo Salmon coloured Windsor Drop
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    Fisher Corporation Gang Back story Ever since a year ago when Paul Fisher left the whacker boyz he wasn't to sure what he was going to do with life as he had no money no family than he thought he will start a business so he did by helping gangs to get information on people and sometimes kidnaping and along the way people have joined him. than he thought of calling the gang Fisher Corporation when we run into people that is in need of money we always wire them some to help out. Activities Fisher Corporation will help the locals that are in need of money by donating to them from our own banks or from other donations along the way. Some contacts may need information or someone taken where our contact would like to meet. On the side, we will be selling weed. We will be having street races and car meets all week. Making contacts with other gangs and people. Also, we have a barbecue every Sunday at our house for free. The Crew Boss - Paul Fisher (zeby124) Co-Boss - Huss Haboob (DonkeysFame) Gangster - (Open) Gangster - Jack Butch (SilenceMate) Gangster - Michael Scott (Benji) Gangster - (Open) Gangster - (Open) Prospect - Ronald McDonald (Jack Nugent) Prospect - Ethan Wolf (Golden) Prospect - Max Smith (Nuclear) Prospect - Ripe Tomato (Ripe Tomato) Prospect - (Open) Prospect - (Open) House This house will be our main house to hang out to have meetings and have our Sunday barbecue. Front of the house. The backyard of the house. Clothes And Cars Our cars will have red on them and blacked out. We will mainly be driving fast cars as we love to race. Our clothes will be black and red. Of any type of clothing along it’s red and black.
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    Los Alvos Backstory Los Alvos, originally founded in 1996 from 4 ese’s living on the streets of Tijuana looking to have some fun in an otherwise boring city. Javier Romero, Kyle Manson, Brian Stewart and Gregory Gonzalez all had one thing in common, the life of crime and the desire for something to do. The group of 4 became notorious in Mexico's East Coast for selling illicit drugs, arms dealing, and running underworld gambling rings and illegal street races. In the coming years however, they immigrated illegally to California on the back of Javier's Dad’s tinnie and eventually worked there way up to Los Santos. The Los Alvos aren’t too phased by money, oftentimes giving it away to other people in random acts of kindness to give back to their new found community. The group firmly believes that for too long the city has been starved of recreation and seek to bring life to an otherwise profit focused population. Event’s and associated prizes will be funded covered for out of our own pockets. Recently, the Alvos took advantage of a gap in the market and sought to rent out the entirety of the Vinewood Casino, it is largely thought that any and all funding the gang has secured can be traced back to illegal means, but this fact is yet to be proven. The Homeboys Owner/ Legend - Javier Romero - SenorDiabllo Co-owner - Kyle Manson - Foordy Managing Director of Casino - Gregory Gonzalez - JudyJitzu Events organiser - Brian Stewart - jsw Recruit - Position Available Legal Activities - All community events will involve prizes to winning person(s) Prizefighting Car Shows Demolition Derbies Street Races Circuit Races Drag Races Go-Kart Races (Pending Govt. Approval) Illegal and Underworld Activities Heist Assistance Hostage Delivery Lookout / Diversion Tactics for and heists Hitman Services Income Casino Operation Organised Pharmaceutical Sales Providing services upon request Organisation Weaponry Pump Shotguns Heavy Pistols Knuckle Dusters Switchblades Combat PDW’s Organisation Vehicles Black Bentley with white Underglow Black Kawasaki R6 Black Van with white Underglow Black Limousine Hearse Public Presentation Vehicles and Outfits will primarily be in Black and White, aiming to be easily noticed among a crowd. We will present ourselves as upstanding public figures and role models to other citizens. Formal / Business Attire Casual / Illegal Activity Attire Casual Attire
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    Introduction Tailor Gang is more of a family rather than a traditional gang, starting as orphans on the street and living out of the slums of the Los Santos aqueduct system. We were taken in and grew up in the care of Aunt Mary, beginning as cotton chippers on her farm and living out of Darnell Bros which was previously an orphanage. Once we started to grow of age however Aunt Mary started her very own tailoring business with the Darnell Bros land and taught us all that she knew. Tailoring has since been a major factor in the early success of all members whilst we have always been looking to expand beyond the factory and the dreams of a humble old lady. Whilst Aunt Mary lives on in our thoughts we promised to take care of her humble farm and factory. Prospects are still Tailoring to this day which helps pay for its future non-for-profit events. In which we offer protection of the area and advice/assistance on getting started. Family members have ventured into other industries such as Real Estate, Mechanics, Lumbering, Pool Washing and Garbage Pickup and some other shady activities which we will not discuss. This led us to buy our very own Building, from which we would like to run our business. Family Members Sum Ting Wong Dazza Whipass Tony Park Tyrone Woods Hang Lowe Andy Vu Frank Wolfgang Jr. Lady Kida Hubert Cumberdale Mohammed Abdul Associates Will Vu Expanded business plan available for Development Team/Community Managers.
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    "LOST Motorcycle Club" General Information Many citizens of Los Santos may already be familiar with the Motorcycle Club the "LOST" from its previous endeavors under the president "Luke Lost", an interesting character who seemed to have been exiled from the city a few years back. As the previous members of LOST MC we wish to bring back the Club but in a different style, Indulging in alternative activities such doing charity rides to make the rare E75 fuel from Paleto bay more widely available to the poor of the city, and Barbeques at our Club house to create a sense of community among fellow motorcycle lovers. As the new and improved LOST MC, we aim to go back to our roots of when the LOST first began. When it was just a couple of mates from the army looking to honor their fallen brothers, while consuming lucrative amounts of drugs and being proper role models to the adolescent of this great city. Members and Ranks President: Pleb Vice President: Bobby Knuckles SGT At Arms: MudcrabWarrior Road Captain: Cetrix Secretary: Snackn Treasurer: Ram G Enforcer: Switch Enforcer: Why Non Lucrative Activities Club House Events e.g. Barbeques, Bike meets, Charity Rides. Stopping Local Bullies. Helping the residents at the rehabilitation center stay drug free. Lucrative Activities Selling Drugs we gotta put food on the table and E75 in our bikes somehow. Club House The Clubhouse is a group of buildings on the north side of Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood next to the Vinewood Race track and Casino Uniforms / Clothing Lost MC uniform will be any pieces of clothing providing a LOST MC Leather Vest or Jacket is Worn Vehicles Members of LOST MC are not limited by any means to the motorcycle they ride providing it isn't a sports or off road orientated motorcycle LOST MC Cars LOST Burrito Gang Van LOST Slam Van
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    OOC Information Username: Reaper SteamID64: 76561198087398623 Discord ID: Reaper#8394 CITIZEN IDENTIFICATION Name: George Deep Current Occupation: Tailor Applying for CEO of Car Dealership FUTURE BUSINESS PLAN: WHY? With the government adding additional funding towards this new project we are able to demonstrate our ability in car sales. Backed by a strong team of independent salesmen all working towards one cause... to sell the best cars this country has to offer. Our surroundings do not define who we are but instead, our actions do. With our promise of selling both affordable cars for your average joe as well as High-End and International Imports for those with wealth, we strive to give the best possible price from our competitors. The current Dealership in the city (whom I will not name due to copyright reasons) has stayed in dominance for too long. And it is our plan to give them a proper run for their money. All of us in the business have had a history in car dealership which is exactly what is necessary to beat the competition and give back to the citizens that have made us who we are. HOW? Our push on competitive pricing is not only reflected in our dealings with other businesses but within us ourselves. Dealers under our brand are encouraged to have fun with each other and compete to gain the top earnings of the week whilst also selling cars at the lowest prices to steal the sales from each other. This creates a much more active environment. We often hear the complaints about how boring and tiresome of a job selling cars can be.. The long hours, Horrible Customers and the Disrespect but we aim to change that... The more the dealer likes you the cheaper price he will sell the car to you its as simple as that on the surface but many things can determine the price. Do you park in a designated area? Do you scratch anyone's car?. Our aim as a company is to improve our worker's conditions while on the job to make it a more active and fun environment. Trading Vehicles, Working with the local mechanics across the street and our active list of employment activities every employee helps us shape the company and we work directly with them to build the best business we can. Every employee has a story and it is our job to listen and understand their strengths. WHAT? As our organisation grows and improves it is our goal to work directly with the government to implement exclusive features such as setting up deals with foreign companies for exclusive imports for vehicles used in the county area and higher capacity vehicles for the high population of "suger" running in the local area. As we continue into the business more ideas will become apparent with the rest of the company. REASON FOR APPLICATION: My reasoning is simple so I shall keep it brief... We aim to provide the best working environment not just in Car Dealership but in any business and my reasoning is simple. If our employees are happy our customers will be and that's a promise. For too long this city has been under the control of a single Dealership Company and now is when that changes. Quality, Performance and Durability is the basis behind the vehicles we sell. And no matter how little or high something is priced that will not determine how quickly our staff get to you because it's YOU as a customer that is important. INVESTORS GROUP INFORMATION To the investors reading this document... First of all, thank you. and secondly, you are about to gain the biggest deal of your lives. Do you know how much tax gets charged on cars? SPOILER ALERT the answer is a lot. A business like ourselves may strive towards our client relations as well as employee relations. But developing sustaining relationships with other businesses is essential to remaining relevant. This is why we have already made steps in securing advertising via scouting agents to take our competitions place on the local magazine as well as the local Real Estate being offered to recommend our business to clients in the future. This reaches a large population of people in Los Santos and its time you get ready because you should be as excited as we are. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Who am I? My name is George Deep and I have a rich history in the area. PRIVATE AIRLINE CEO - 15 Years REAL ESTATE MANAGER - 8 Years County Sergeant III - 5 Years Taxi Company Private Driver - 5 Years Tailor - 2 Years Criminal Record: Minor Offences Recorded For Citizen: George Deep Speeding Violation Outcome: Fine was paid in full
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    Breaking News: Gang War Ends in Blood Whacker Crew and Slovlak Mafia fill Leather Wearers with Bullets Author: SYNDICATE Published: JANUARY 18, 2019 1:50PM For the past week a war had been brewing between the Gangs of Los Santos, previous alliances where crumbling and the streets were turning into rivers of blood from both sides. Insults were coming thick and fast as the gangs fought for dominance, bragging rights, and turf. Today it all erupted in a full gang shootout in the dusty barren waste of Murrieta Oil Fields. Four gangs collided including the Grove Street gang known as Whacker and Da BoyZ, run by Whacker Smacker who recently took over the second hand car part business in Los Santos, Slovlack Mafia run by Richard Jones - new to the streets of LS but already making waves and the 2 motor cycle clubs the Lunatix MC run by Baz Power and the Lost MC run by Majok Puwok. From the safety of the Weazel News helicopter we witnessed the largest shootout in Los Santos history with thousands of rounds fired from a variety of weaponry like AK-47s, AP Pistols, carbine rifles, shotguns and .50 Pistols. Once the dust had settled and the shots subsided Whacker and Da BoyZ and the Slovlack Mafia who were believed to be allied had taken out every Lost MC and Lunaxtix MC member, also believed to be in alliance. Weazel News believes that the leader of Whacker and Da BoyZ killed Lunatix MC leader Baz Power after Mr. Smacker tweeted, while still on the battlefield and taking fire - "Suck it Baz" when a man wearing the signature Black and Yellow clothing used what looked to be a AK-47 riddled Mr. Power with bullets. Richard Jones, Slovlack mafia leader was seen firing at Melissa Duke, thought to be involved in Lost MC operations, her body was recovered with multiple gunshot wounds. It was Chris White of the Lunatix that kept them in the fight taking down 3 rival gang members. Shockingly for the Lost MC, one of the members named Big Lost Bass appeared to panic and threw himself off a roof to his death, its not clear what kind of state of mind he was in, otherwise the MC was completely overwhelmed and suffered a massive loss. Once Police moved in to clear the area a massive effort was underway to remove the bodies, with reports of at least 29 dead. Weazel News has learned that a major gang crackdown is underway over the next 24 hours to keep the streets safe. Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops Vanilla Unicorn - Let your right hand take a break for once
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    The Rise of Motorcycle Crime Rates in Los Santos Recent crime index shows we are just about as (not) safe as Venezuela Author: Phil Goode @Phil_Goode Published: APRIL 7, 2019 12:50AM Image source: Phil Goode - We're back to PDM by the way. Recently I have had the privilege to be employed by the Government after my resignation from the Emergency Services as their Director. My employment in the Department of Commerce allowed me to work with the Car Dealership as their accounting and finance auditor. My work in the car dealership not only involves verifying their balance sheet with invoices, but also had the privilege the work as a Car Dealer myself. During my employment we moved from Premium Deluxe to San Andreas/Decker St and down to Strawberry/Grove and back to Premium Deluxe. Enough about me. Throughout my employment I have had to opportunity to bare witness to all sorts of crime happening around the dealership area, from stealing dealership vehicles, or dealing drugs near Grove, or having a store robbery at the servo next door, to provoking an entire gang at Grove St/Forum Dr to rock up at our Dealership. While the situation has improved recently as we have been allowed back at PDM @ Adam's Apple Blvd, the root of the problem remains unresolved, and infact, it had gotten worse ever since Bike Dealer has merged with us. With the introduction of the merger, we were able to start selling bikes, and pretty damn cheap too. As a consequence to that, we've seen a lot more bike related crimes recently, especially with the use of them to traffick drugs around the State. Little Seoul Station is one of the many stations of the now defunct Los Santos Transit, and is now one of the hotspot for drug trafficking and distribution. Image source: Phil Goode - Little Seoul Station Just this bike is one of the many used in the trafficking of drugs into this station. Some of them would ride their bikes down the staircase into the station, others may simply use the defunct railway tunnels to get in and out, before the cops even arrives. Likewise, similar situations have been happening around Vespucci Beach and Grove Street. So why bikes? Well, first of all our LSPD and even AFP does not even have a dedicated or trained motorcycle division. So if they were to go into pursuit against bikes, they're most likely going to end up failing 9/10 times with bikes sneaking through alleyways or tight spots. Secondly with the use of bikes in and out of the railway tunnels, by the time our PD squeezes their cars through the railway tracks (assuming the tracks don't damage their cars), the bikes are long gone. In general, our police force is currently utterly if not almost completely useless at combating against at least 50% of these drug related incidents or quite simply, anything to do with chasing after motorcycles. As a result, our State crime index is currently sitting at 70.01, just behind the 7th place Brazil. If our Government continues to go down that path with funding our Police department with useless 4 wheeled vehicles instead of 2 wheels to chase after these 2 wheelers, or not funding to put shutters in the defunct railway tunnels, and if our LSPD Commissioner can't come up with a strategy to combat against these types of crimes, I can guarantee we will beat Venezuela to the 1st place by the end of this year. Image source: Phil Goode Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops. The new Legion Square for gathering... Vanilla Unicorn - I heard there are actually women now!
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    THE YELLOW JACK INN™. Intro. "LITTLE PLACE, BIG TASTE" The history towards The Yellow Jack go back the way towards 1983 A time to where times were simpler, Music blasting out of the speakers, and bottles clanging together with happiness and cheer! But now, its just a ghost town. The Yellow Jack is a bar located in the county, just off of the senora freeway. The Yellow Jack aims to bring quality service to the people of Los Santos with our fantastic workers. The Yellow Jack provides a place for people to come in and have a great time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstory: Backstory of the Yellow Jack: Yellow Jack was built in 1983 and reworked and rebuilt in 1999 due the building getting old and tacky, while looking very rusty. The original idea of the Yellow Jack was meant to a restaurant for the elderly, and a hideout for the Outlaw MC, After the Place was rebuilt in 1999, It’s a public country pub/bar for people who enjoy fun times and food/drinks. Usally people stop by to see the history and still see if its in business. The Yellow Jack is a family business owned by Mitchell Butler (dink) with Other employees (Yellow Jack in 1983, The first building) ( (Yellow Jack in 1999, Second building rebuilt) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are we? The Yellow Jack is a friendly business who provide drinks (alcohol) and foods to customers and employees, We also produce a place for people to come in and relax to have a great time. We also provide means of entertainment such as pool and darts we also blast country music through out the bar. Our working hours are: Monday: 9am-12am Tuesday: 9am-12am Wednesday: 9am-12am Thursday: 9am-12am Friday: 9am-12am Saturday: 11am-9pm Sunday: CLOSED! CLOSED ON THESE DAYS AUSTRALIA DAY - 29/JAN GOOD FRIDAY - 19/APR EASTER SUNDAY + MONDAY | 21 + 22/APR ANZAC DAY - 25 APR QUEENS BIRTHDAY 10/JUN LABOUR DAY 7/OCT CHRISTMAS DAY + BOXING DAY = 25-26/DEC We also do happy hours on fridays and saturdays in the late hours of the day, Meaning everything is cheaper then normal price or just completely free! We have food that amaze people all over the country and globe, just look on our menu! If the opportunities arise, we are happy to employ people who have any jobs yet, and needing a job for the people who are getting started with city. Show them around, show them how it works etc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranks Business owner/CEO (earns $1500 salary)- DinK (Mitchell_Butler) Managers (earns $1000 salary)- ???? Security (earns $500)- Booschem?? (----) + Mr Jones (Dixie_nourms) Crew manager/Head Bartender (earns $400 salary) - ???? Bartender/Cook (earns $300 salary)- Macu (@Max_Nellic) Waiter (earns $200 salary)- ??? Employee (earns $100) Salary) - ??? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uniforms: Business Owner Outfit A Country themed outfit with a green hat. Manager Green Bucket hat (Optional) And Fancy Overalls with Black pants and shoes. Security A Seriously tight looking guy. a person not to be messed with... Black + blue everything and the hat is optional. Head Bartender/Crew manager ???? Bartender/Cook: A Generally suitable outfit. Clothes made for the job. Waiter + Employee: A basic but simple clothing outfit, telling you where you to go for you next stop with the yellow clothing and blue pants. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location/Pictures Where is the Yellow Jack? Located at the corner of Route 68 and Panorama Drive in Sandy Shores (Frontal View) (Street View/Frontal View 2) (Public Parking will be provided at the front for customers) (Private staff parking will be provided at the back of the store) Above: (Back part of the shop) Below: (Bar/Front part of the shop) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONCLUSION: I feel like this business would be success for new players who dont have a job and needing help around the city. starting out, learning the grounds. etc It would also be a good learning curve for people who dont how to play this game properly, and give them a job that isnt "boring" as garbage driver or truck driver or maybe even fisher man. This whole job would give a good understanding on how we do roleplaying around here, (Learning how to use /me, knowing what animations are the best for the situations and getting a basic understanding or roleplay) WILL ADD HEAD BARTENDER/CREW MANAGER OUTFITS SOON! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR SPONSORS: ACE'S LIQUOR STORE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Dear Applicant, We are pleased to appoint you two as dual CEO of the Real Estate Business. Please kindly arrange a meeting with a Department of Justice representative for your briefing and CEO contracts. Kind regards, Secretary of Commerce
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    @StevieG - I have taken your post and put it down to a TLDR of the key points you raised. Below is the response to your queries, I have tried to be as transparent as possible. Police Too many HC = Staff & Too many Staff becoming HC Most of the “72%” were players in the first place, slowly moved up the ranks in the PD, then eventually one day they applied for staff and were accepted. Server RP too repetitive (rinse and repeat) - e.g 10-11 on Garbage truck errrrrry day We give our civs/cops/anyone ALL the tools they would need to RP however they want (within reason). How do you suggest we combat “how” people carry out RP on our server? RP too “centralised around PD” Most hostile RP with PD are player initiated, PD don’t just go out there to start shit without being called to the scene in the first place. And without PD at all we will see everyone just doing meth 24/7 for money. Open to ideas on how to 'decentralise' RP around PD. Cluttering in PD Department, too many new Divisions and Departments Can you elaborate? The only additional role added was Professional Standards which replaced an entire IA department? Lack of Comms and Goal Setting up and down PD CoC From what I've seen so far this iteration of COP/DCOP have been more communicative up and down the ranks than any of our previous ones, please share some specific context. COP/DCOP candidates in the last cop vote were all Staff members To make it as fair as possible, government picked the top 5 candidates which unfortunately the best candidates WERE staff, as the same qualities we look for in staff were also the same qualities we wanted in the next top positions. The entire PD voted on who they would want. The only two non-staff candidates we had to choose from were Boss and Dr Frank, both of which we did not believe were ready for such positions. Why does COP hold a GOV position simultaneously? Too much GOV influence asserted for PD - Drug system too biased for cops. The drug system needed an overhaul to alleviate some pressure off of our development team, the task was given to our CM team to find new locations and make adjustments. PD now get called less often and civs make more from drugs so i don’t understand the context of this statement. As above, the best candidate for the position was selected by an entire PD vote, it was not biased in any way, they had the option to vote for 4 other candidates and selected Chip. The fact he is a CM is irrelevant. PD had great ideas coming from the bottom of the CoC, but are always ignored or not implemented by the higher ups If ideas are not properly listed on the forums the dev team will not see them, furthermore the COP/DCOP may miss them. As i’ve stated 100 times over people need to use the appropriate channels for things to be implemented. Government Community has no input on legislation (law making and amendments) Why haven’t I seen anything in Server suggestions? We have had numerous times when people have suggested laws as well as in game rule changes which have been put through. The law is already written in to allow people to do that, but we are still transitioning from US to AU. It took us forever to consult the players to put in new cop cars, just imagine what happens when we leave the players in charge of things GOV has too much control over businesses, and always controlling how much money they can make, rather than helping them make money We must control businesses and how much they can make to balance the server, it is a difficult task to accomplish, we can’t give one business more than another otherwise it is unfair, an example is the last CEO for car dealership had approx. 90 million in cash/cars, do we not need to balance this and let him buy him and his mates all the best cars our server has to offer? GOV should regulate business, not make laws for them We need rules in place specific for businesses, we’ve been around quite a while now, we’ve seen what can happen if businesses are left to their own devices, we don’t just make shit up on the spot, everything is discussed to ensure we cover all bases when implementing new rules. Businesses are monopolised at the moment with lack of competition Restricted by 32 player limit. Will be adjusted when onesync is implemented Wages are “disgustingly low” Per hour rate? This is FREE money as they don't have to RP as a pool cleaner to get paid. CEOs have access to setting salary from their menu, this is an IC issue not a staff issue? Addon cars too expensive for people, at least the nice cars Like IRL these need to be something to work towards Might be a good point tho for cars to be priced based on speed rather than equivalent price IRL Again this comes back to the big issue of balancing, with all the different jobs we have, we need to balance cars based on looks rareness and performance, it would be pretty shitty to have almost all cars available to everyone, this is taking away progression within our server. And don’t tell me to buy vanilla cars, I play FiveM not GTA O for a reason This is an RP server, yes it has a focus towards making money to unlock ‘better’ cars, but you don’t NEED an addon car to have an enjoyable RP scenario? You guys ruined business RPs because you don’t want people being rich Previous CEOs abused the lack of regulation and made money “no issue” for his small group of friends. It’s not we don’t want people to be rich, we want it to be balanced, in what world does a car salesman make 90 million dollars? Everything had to be balanced and adjusted to ensure it wasn’t unfair to the rest of the population. GOV don’t want people holding influence as much as they do on the server - GOV has no issue with people having influence, just like there was a few periods of time where some gangs had tons of controls in the game. Ofc, provided it’s not going to disadvantage other players. Now you are just grasping at straws, we created this server for people to have fun and RP with each other. You seem to think we are all power hungry nerds trying to dominate others? We implore people to use the tools available to give suggestions, feel free to expand on some additional context. GOV fucked the economy Atm the server is non stop adding money to the circulation, rather than having ways to withdraw them. People are increasingly getting wealthy over time. As I've stated multiple times in this response, it’s a massive balancing act, when we were getting ready to launch V2 our hands were forced due to massive issues with V1. We did the best we could to balance the server before V2 went live, however it’s an on-going process, we make adjustments and then wait to see how it reacts in the server. At the end of the day players have the ability to earn their wealth. If everybody was driving around in lambos they wouldn’t be exclusive would they? Staff The shit that “some staff did for the server” never gets added to the server Taking your vehicles as an example, they were going to be added, just there were other tasks ahead of the vehicles in the queue. We had massive issues with addon cars causing texture issues, and other priorities taking over. We discussed it and agreed that additional addon cars would be removed and no further cars would be added until we fixed the stability issues they were causing. This wasn’t a direct attack at you or anyone that carries out tasks for us. You simply completed something that we couldn’t implement at that time and you got upset by it. Only Dev team ever gets their stuff added to the server Not really, although they do get given specific tasks to be completed and they will be added by each deadline That’s what i got them on board to do? It’s their specific job, your specific job was to moderate, if you wanted to join the dev team officially to do vehicle models why not ask? In fact i believe our lead dev offered you a position and you turned it down? Open new spots in the Dev team you selfish people We did offer you a position in the Dev team, however you have turned down our offer. Trust issue - we had developers in the past, who offered our server files to another community when he got removed for abusing his powers in game. I need more credits for my work done on the server We tried to offer you a development team position as a recognition for your work, again, you turned it down. The development team cop more flack then they do praise, as the ongoing efforts are met with “why wasn’t this worked on instead?” Stop prioritising on OneSync OneSync needs to be at the forefront of everything we’re doing, when it's ready they will drop it and if we are not ready for it our shit will not work. We have already had to re-write more than 80% of our scripts and make huge adjustments and changes to align ourselves with this new build. We are probably the closest community in OCE (maybe even the world) to having a fully functioning fiveM server that runs stable with more than 32 players. This was a goal given to the development team by the community owners. There are many communities out there more successful than LSLA, go out and do some learning. Please give an example of a more successful community, noting their server direction and how the server actually plays. LSLA has always been driven to do better than other communities, hence you will NOT find another OCE community with more custom scripts and things to do than ours. Conclusion Don’t make an open channel of talk to devs if you’re just gonna open it for a few hours We have a life, any offline messages should go onto the forums in different topics just so the chat doesn’t flush the questions away We need more face to face Discord sessions, not just the forums Happy to have giant community meetings to listen to everyone's thoughts and feelings. In fact i will task our head of staff to organise this. Look forward to your response. - Mudcrab
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    The Associates. The Associates are a very well "funded" cartel. The Associates have many members for a group that recently started and all members and very in-check. There is no automatic payment within the cartel everyone is paid based on performance so if someone is disobedient they will receive no pay. This in turn make the crew operate like a well-oiled clock. The Associates Have 3 Founders Each founder serves a different role. Shaun Thompson (ooc 20013705) is the CEO and controls who is hired and fired. Adelaide Roylance (ooc xLRxR4G3F3AR) is the Payroll officer and decides who gets paid how much depending on their contributions. Ronald Mcdonald (ooc 310 | f- | Jack) is the head of recruits teaching the new members how to operate like everyone else. Our Operations. We are heavily based around drug dealing in the form of money making as we are a drug cartel. We also plan to often take the time to organize private events such as drag races and rallies for the people of los santos to partake in. These events have prize money that anyone can obtain the events are free to join and everyone is welcome. These events are our way of giving back to the community as not only does it provide entertainment but competition and money as well. We also currently have 3 members. Lil Tony who is the newest recruit and is still learning the ways of the gang. Avery Michaels who is the oldest member of the gang and is an active member of all our operations. Salvatore Manchini Who joined a little later than Avery but has still settled in fully and takes part in all our operations. Features Required. We request no additive features other than the ability to clean money. we have a base of operations listed below that we would like to be able to clean our drug dealing money in. Base Of Operations. We operate out of the old abandoned LS customs under the fwy in LS Mesa. The upstairs is where we plan to set up our "laundry" operations and below is where we will store our cars. The outside is also used as out meeting spot before we head out to host car cruises, races and rallies. You can see the location and images of the site just below this Map Location Of The Base Of Operations. Outside The Base Of Operations ' Inside The Base Of Operations Uniform The associates have a uniform already made up and that all the crew members wear 1 for everyday wear and one that's to worn when doing criminal activities. Both uniforms can be found just below. Everyday Criminal Feedback. We are still pretty new as a gang and would like any possible feedback/ If you have any feedback please feel free to leave a comment on this thread. Also if you feel like it contact me on discord at Recon#3914 I am always active and would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read The Associates application. Have A Nice Day
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    As someone who has been on different role-play servers for nearly 5 years, it disappoints me to have to have this whinge. (petty bitch incoming). Role-playing becomes very boring and stagnant if you power game or don't let the role-play "work itself out". What do I mean by this? "Power-gaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, board games, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. Due to its focus on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable." By definition, going by the 'rules' one hundred percent of the time is just repetitive and boring. I do not mean server rules, they should be followed 100% of the time. My complaint is about the way certain players use their powers as Police officers. This evening I was playing as a homeless ex-vet. I was stumbling around the street and was role-playing as a bit of a bum. The cops arrived and threw the public intox spiel at me. At one stage I did use the /me smells of alcohol. Rather than offering assistance in the form of a hotel / support services, I was arrested and taken to the police station, fined $1,000 and thrown in jail. Let me reiterate... I was a homeless character without a home or money... and had been fined $1,000. The first breathalyzer was role-played as 0.00 BAC. The officer went out to his car and brought in his alleged 'infallible' breathalyzer. Again it was role-played as 0.00 BAC. The officer then said "I don't know what device you're looking at... mine says 1.07". I believe this would come under 'power gaming'. My intention with the character was to pose as previously a drug addict however the role-play was essentially cut. My main concern isn't that I was fined or what not. It was the fact that the police (it may be a small percentage) rarely break from their plastic mould of 'law book'. I would ask that there be more compromise and open ended roleplay enjoyed. A second issue I have. There was a situation shortly after the above where both myself and another were arrested for seperate offences (him GTA, me allegedly firing a gun in public). The other guy was taken to jail essentially immediately whilst I stood on the side of the road with the Officer I was being arrested by while he waited for a lift back to PD. When I was finally processed and put in jail the other guy (who had the exact same length sentence) was already half way into his sentence. Now I understand there has to be jail and all of that good stuff. However as a civillian there is literally 0 roleplay possibility whilst standing in jail or being processed. I had been in cuffs for 10 + minutes, processed for 5+ minutes and then jailed for 10 minutes. I dunno ... I just feel a little discouraged about playing. Why would people want to play as civillian and roleplay a situation... if all that is going to result is 30 seconds of roleplay and then 25+ minutes of being in cuffs standing doing nothing. It's probably me being salty or a sore loser. Anyway... if you've got this far... thanks for reading my whinge / bitch. Have a good night.
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    +1 seems like a really cool idea and i really satisfied with the straight lines in your artwork
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    Helped these fellas to get off the ground with a Loan not too long ago. Great RP they bring. No troubles with paying the loan back & they were on there way. Hope to work with you lads again soon! Terrance Murphy. Rapid Loans CEO
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    -1 / +1 - Here's my two cents, do with it as you please. Highlighted in Green are changes to make the business more monetary gain which I see as unnecessary given how lucrative the business is as it currently stands. This is why I am surprised that nobody has decided to place an application in other than yourselves at this current period in time. Highlighted in Yellow are changes which are viable and that I would agree with if implemented properly, These add more jobs which is great thing it also gets Gruppe6 more involved in the city however this needs to be done properly with written rulings in place and a disciplinary system for those who breach corporate policy. Highlighted in Red are changes I don't believe will add anything to the experience of buying a house, or changes that aren't possible at this time or that require additional effort from Government officials who are currently working on city population, although these features would be viable at this current stage I do believe Gov have other priorities. **BLUE SECTION RETRACTED DUE TO PRIVATE REASONS.**
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    Jefferson & Colt Lawyers Fergus' Backstory I Grew up in a small town called Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I am A hard worker that fights for justice and what is right I have always wanted to be A lawyer because I feel that I will be able to change peoples lives and actually make a difference. I went to Auckland University to study law. I moved to Los Santos to start a new life after my parents died and haven't looked back since I worked self-employed as a lawyer and have done countless cases and won 70% of them. I met Jack Colt through working these cases and have decided to start up a business with him. Jack's Backstory While I was growing up I was bullied a lot I had lots of behavioral problems which has formed my strong sense of justice today I went to Harvard University To study law. I don't know how I did it but I had just passed from there I started working cases for Jessica Pearson in New York which I learned so much from this had really helped me to better my carrier from working all of those cases I met Fergus and our bond has strengthened over many years and now we have decided to form a partnership between which I hope works out. Members / Positions Partners Fergus Jefferson Jack Colt Employees Employees will be hired after the business has been accepted to keep it legal. Uniform Any professional suit and tie preferably black suit, white undershirt and black tie Jefferson & Colt Lawyers Activities Prosecution Defendant Lawsuits Business advice Legal advice Locations The locations where we will be operating are the courthouse and out apartments considering we are self-employed but when we hire some employees we will probably have a designated apartment for weekly meetings and to plan and discuss cases and clients.
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    Not a +1 or a -1 but as an alternative to the current responses how about considering an "Snipers can be used in this scenario" announcement thing, then you can build your plan around it but not necessarily know if they're using it
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    Los Santos Emergency Services - Office of the Director Director Emergency Services Directive 01/10 1. This is a directive distributed to all members of the LSFD 2. Persuant to executive meeting 27 Oct 18, it has been decided that due to the pending changes to the Government structure, LSFD will undergo a period of transition in acquisition of new fleet, uniform and branding. 3. The following chain of command will be adopted: 4. Thus the changes to our branding is as follows: a. LSFD will be rebranded as LSES (Los Santos Emergency Services) b. LSFD will be rebranded as LSFS (Los Santos Fire Services), a branch of the LSES c. EMS will receive a new branding as LSAS (Los Santos Ambulance Services), a branch of the LSES d. Trainee Paramedic rank will be rebranded as "Intern" e. Lieutenant rank will be rebranded as "Station Officer" f. Captain (EMS) rank will be rebranded as "Inspector" g. Captain (FD) rank will be rebranded as "Commander" h. Battalion Chief (EMS) rank will be rebranded as "Superintendent" i. Battalion Chief (FD) rank will be rebranded as "Chief" j. Deputy Chief rank will be rebranded as "Deputy Director" k. Chief LSFD rank will be rebranded as "Director" 5. During the period of transition, there are abosolutely no issues with interchanging the aforementioned terminology, AS Officers may still be known as EMS, and FS Officers may still be known as FD. 6. Logos and additional brand materials will be distributed at a later date. 7. LSES High Command structure will be scaled based on the size of the establishment. This does not imply all positions will be filled based on the following criteria, as it only implies a maximum number of positions that may be appointed. 8. As this transition takes place, new SOP, Handbook and other materials will be reviewed, updated and produced as necessary. This directive takes effect on 28 Oct 18. Phil Goode Director Los Santos Emergency Services
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    Sanderson Carter Law - Organisation Application ***The following information is preliminary, hence subject to change and governed by our 'Terms of Service' (TOS). ^^^This project was initiated by Kn0pee and Snakey [1] Who We Are Here at Sanderson Carter Law, we are all about making the city fair. Too long has the city of Los Santos been without a proper legal system. As it stands currently, the LSPD are the writers, enforcers and interpreters of the law, without any separation of power. We intend on working with government agencies and the broader community to minimise the unjust concentration of power the LSPD holds, by separating the responsibilities within Los Santos’ justice system. Sanderson Carter Law was founded by Harvey Sanderson and Samuel Carter. Harvey Sanderson works on the business, keeping it in the green by cutting deals, getting clients and managing the firm as a whole. Born in 1979, he has more than 15 years of running a business under his belt. Before founding Sanderson Carter, he worked for an big firm in New Jersey, but felt his skills of management were underappreciated, so moved to Los Santos to start up his own firm. He is a ruthless businessman, who will stop at nothing for his clients Samuel Carter is the genius behind all of our cases. He specialises in getting people out of every situation, big or small. He is regarded as the best lawyer in the country, and has an unprecedented comprehension of Los Santos’ justice system. His experience began at 18 years of age, when he successfully sued his mother for slandering him on FaceBook. Soon after, he secured a position at R&B Lawyers. Ten years later, he transferred to the judiciary, becoming a judge specialising in property and family law. In 2011, he left the judiciary and co-founded Sanderson Cater Law. [2] Our Intentions [2.1] Our team of dedicated solicitors, barristers and lawyers will be able to assist you in defending yourself, by ensuring your rights are upheld and justice is being achieved. We will represent you for any case big or small, from jaywalking to espionage (Subject to our TOS). [2.2] We intend to draft and submit for consideration, legislation which will outline the rights and responsibilities of individuals when dealing with law enforcement officers. This will help both civilians and the LSPD, by creating an enforceable threshold of acceptable conduct from both parties. [2.3] We will enable and provide the legal framework for resolving disputes of the corporate/private law nature, including contract, tort and property. We work off a three step dispute resolution process, where we attempt to resolve disputes in a cost effective, time efficient and just manner: Negotiation → Conciliation → Arbitration (Court). [3] Founding Sanderson Cater Law was established in 2011, where we operated out of a small rundown house in Davis, Los Santos. We started out working small misdemeanor cases like red light offences and speeding tickets, until our big break when we were approached by Shannon Noll to represent him after he was found going 153 km/h in a 60 zone. After getting him off with a verbal warning our credibility and fame skyrocketed. Now we are based in Downtown Los Santos, and handle all cases big and small. We have got murder charges reduced to foul language, felony evasion down to jaywalking. We represent hundreds of clients, all over Los Santos. [4] Famous Past Cases Kane West v The City of Los Santos (2012) [SC] {Sanderson Carter Law represented Mr West.} After tripping and falling on an unmarked uneven footpath, Mr West broke his jaw and nose. Mr West then sued for damages as he could no longer use his voice in a manner that would generate him income, as he had been doing for years prior to the incident. The judge found that The City of Los Santos failed in their duty of care to either fix and adequately mark the uneven surface, resulting in Mr West’s personal injuries, loss of earnings due to cancelled or altered trips, and loss of future income. The City of Los Santos was ordered to pay Mr West 10.9 million dollars in compensation. R v Lawson Blake (2013) [DC] {Sanderson Carter Law represented Mr Blake} Mr Blake was charged with possession and intent to sell after BCSO officers pulled him over on Los Santos Freeway. The reason for pulling Mr Blake over was officially recorded as a random breath test (RBT), however when the accused exercised his rights and requested the officers identify themselves, the officers ordered Mr Blake out of the vehicle, threatening arrest. Mr Blake exited the vehicle without conflict and the officers proceeded to search the vehicle, finding 90g of weed tucked under the back seat. During trial, the officers claimed Mr Blake’s request for identification gave them reasonable cause to search the vehicle, however the judge decided the search was conducted without probable cause and hence, illegally. Mr Blake was acquitted of all charges. Slovlak Mafia v Vanilla Unicorn (2016) [SC] {Sanderson Carter Law represented the Slovlak Mafia} After a long night at the Vanilla Unicorn, members of the Slovak Mafia began receiving phone calls 8 months later from employees of the Unicorn claiming “their child is due within the next month”. After negotiation between parties, it was discovered that the members of the mafia did not use protection, however an employee of the Unicorn told them on the night in question that “all employees are protected, it isn’t necessary for you to be (smiles seductively)”. The mafia also raised the issue, how is it known that the mafia were the fathers considering the nature of work conducted by the employees in question. During trial, the judge found that the employees of the Unicorn delivered false and misleading information, and illegally conducted DNA tests. Nik Roe’s organisation was awarding 15 million in damages and the names of the mafia members were removed from the birth certificates of the children. [5] Important Locations Main Office Our main office is where we will do most of our work. This includes meeting clients, storing important documents and conducting depositions. Conveniently it also has a parking garage next door, for staff and visitor parking, as well a Bean Machine branch on the ground floor for some coffee. It is located on Vespucci Blvd and Alta St, Pillbox Hill, Los Santos. Courthouse The city courthouse is located on Occupation Ave and Elgin Ave, Alta, Los Santos. This will be used for big cases, such as murder trials and corruption cases. [6] Additional Information Additional information can be found on our Discord portal: https://discord.gg/NqeUGJR Please note the Discord portal is not entirely complete Additional Information includes but is not limited to: Roster and Roles (We're hiring!) Employee Information Sanderson Carter Law values the community, please leave us any feedback or opinions you have so we can better our service. Our 'Terms of Service' (TOS) and 'Standard Operating Procedure' (SOP) are not yet complete and hence, are not yet available to the public. This project has the potential for expansion into more corporate/civil services, for example insurance, loans and debt collection.
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