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    Part A - Personal Info Name: Tom Dickson DOB: 12/11/1993 Phone Number: #810980 Discord: Branno#2651 Part B - Job Application Job Title: Director - Quokka Holidays Employment Type: Full Time (Primary) Qualifications: Recreational Pilot Licence (A&H) Private Pilot Licence (A&H) Commercial Pilot Licence (A&H) Employment History: Bearcat Security - Team Leader (Management), Chief Pilot - 2 Months Criminal Record: Why do you want to work with us? I have always had a passion in aviation, Since a little child I have always been fascinated with everything about aviation. My mother was a cabin manager for an airline for 20 years before they went bankrupt in 2001 after the unfortunate events of 9/11. Plenty of times I was able to enter the cockpit and talk with the pilots and crew. Ever since then I've always been hysterical about perusing a career in aviation. I recently became employed with Bearcat and had a wonderful opportunity to show myself to the managers of the business that I am capable of joining the management team. Through hard work and determination I was finally able to make it into the management team. I thoroughly enjoy all of the tasks related to managing a business and have solely taken responsibility for creating SOP's for Bearcat in relation to owning and operating a helicopter in their fleet along with applying for the relevant AOC for the company. I believe a managerial roll within Quokka Holidays would be perfectly suited to my background and passion for aviation. What can you bring to this team? A strong background knowledge of aviation and the relevant Laws and Regulations surrounding operation of Aircraft as a company. The ability to create all relevant documentation for the operation of the business. Being able to freely communicate with all staff to ensure that day to day operations are performed with safety and a top notch customer experience is guaranteed. A strong background in role responsibilities to ensure that all of the line pilots are performing their duties within the laws and continually hold the required qualifications. A willingness to see the company grow within the city and to give all citizens of the city a chance to experience something new, exciting and affordable. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope to speak with you soon. Kind Regards, Tom Dickson
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    The Bandits "Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime." - Aristotle Gang Members (Leader) Eddie Vedder | oom ethan#6015 | ID - 107622 | #274572 (Right-hand Man) Neo Anderson | TheGreatStallion#0904 | ID - 2256 | #719381 (Sergeant) Christian Johnson | OhhSoulja#1572 | ID - 5873 | #489492 (Captain) Sully Jones | BeAmanzi#6786 | ID - 4975 | #719189 (Captain) Bailey Bazza | Baileyyy#7191 | ID - 104669 | #292453 (Prospect) Oscar Lock | KallumLock#3870 | ID - 8583 | #968826 Uniform The Bandits are required to wear Navy blue and grey with body armour. Gang Colours The Bandits can also be spotted in navy blue and grey sports cars and motorcycles. Gang Backstory: Born into a life of poverty and misfortune, Eddie Vedder craved what he couldn’t have, all his life he was told he would be nothing but another statistic, every city he went to disrespected him as if he was just another god forsaken delinquent. Year after year, denied the privileges of sleeping under a solid roof, having a warm shower, well enough was enough. Eddie finally knew what he had to make something of himself, this is when he decided to move to Los Santos, the city of big dreams and unlimited wealth. He soon became a fisherman, where he would work for hours and hours, just so he could feed himself, not long after, he grew tired of working a minimum wage job and smelling like the Minx. Whilst working as a fisherman, Eddie became an avid participant in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, this was the defining moment in his life, this is where he would learn what it truly meant to be a hard and devoted worker, he would do anything to keep himself afloat, and through dedication he did. Through his new beloved past time hobby, he became a personal trainer for many other amateur fighters down at the Cypruss Flats Sparring Club. He finally was someone, not just another statistic, he could safely say that he had purpose, whether he was a trainer or a millionaire, he wasn’t just a forgotten face anymore and he loved his job. This was not enough for Eddie, there must have been more to it than just self-gratification and working a dream job. Of course there was, it was about money, he wanted what he could never have his entire life… money. Being a personal trainer would never do it, instead, Eddie turned to a life of crime, from selling drugs, to car parts and even hosting his own underground fight club This is where he met Joshua Gurnsby, a tailor from textile city, soon to be the co-founder of The Bandits. Not much else is known about Josh, except that he was known by many as the Bloody Stitcher due to his violent tendencies to kidnap child molestors and other petty criminals and turn them into clothing items that would be displayed all over town. Eddie finally attained what he had craved his entire life, money and power, now with the added help of two ruthless individuals from Liberty City, Humphery Diggleman and Neo Anderson. Neo and Humphery grew up together in a Liberty City ghetto where they were constantly surrounded by crime and extreme violence, as if they were born into the lifestyle. Neo was the target of domestic violence all through his teens and resorted to heavy drugs to cope. However, him and Humphery moved out as soon as they had earned money from their prostitution scheme. This is when Humphery helped Neo sober up and get his life on track, the two were finally making solid money through robbing stores and selling drugs. Humphery was known for his outstanding getaway driving skills that he had attained from street racing back home. Street racing and fighting would become the centre of the Bandits and would quickly bleed into many of their daily activities. Neo was known for his extreme brutality against the people that wronged him, including his father. One day after a heaving night of drinking, Neo was no where to be found, Humphery had looked everywhere for him including his favourite bird watching locations. The next morning it was said on the news that Neo's father had been shot and stabbed 37 times, not even moments later, there were knocks at the door... it was Neo. This moment the two decided it was time to move, and move they did, they headed to JFK airport and got on the first flight to Los Santos. Neo openly admitted to committing the stabbing but knew it was what he had to do to right all the wrongs his father had committed to him and his mother. He now has his associates for guidance and to keep his anger in check but will it be enough to hold the beast back. The group would dedicate their life to crime and the creation of the empire that would be known by many as The Bandits. Not soon after, the group would recruit members such as Russel Cab and Tom Biggems. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Russel was surrounded by poverty and was raised by the street himself. He sold hashish with his brother Abdel to try and feed their sickly mother, who had raised them alone. Once their mother died, Russel saw no point in staying in Lebanon. He and Abdel took the first boat out to Vice city, where they were promised work. They sold drugs and made deals so they could gather enough money to travel to Los Santos. On the plane Russel met a man named Tom Biggems, who had the same desires, to make money. Russel settled down a bit and got a job as a car salesman trying to earn an honest living and step away from the crime. However, this decision did not last long. It was here he met Eddie Vedder and joined The Bandits along with Tom. After many changes to the roster with almost half the original Bandits changing to pursue a peaceful life, the Bandits had finally established themselves in the community and made themselves known by many including the Rebel Raiders for their patrols of the city, hosting the weekly fight club and being one of the most active amateur gangs in the city. Planned Day to Day Operations Day to day activities within the Black Bandits range from somewhat legal operations to extremely illegal operations such as: Hosting and managing fight club Sourcing and selling car parts to syndicated gangs (until syndicated). Drug Trafficking Dealing Guns Building mutual relationships with other small gangs. 'Pest Control' Assisting new citizens by providing them with business opportunities (car parts and drugs). Protecting citizens from robbers. Do you accept the following condition: "In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules." "I understand that running as a gang does not exclude us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing" "I understand that I do NOT own/operate any territory and I can't claim sections of the city as "gang area" "I understand that I am limited to 6 gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff
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    Osiris Motorcycle Club "Death before dishonour." Professional Summary: The Osiris Motorcycle Club aims to establish a new legacy in Los Santos, rising from the ashes of a successful criminal empire that had been laid to rest. Bound by foundational blood, the members of the Osiris Motorcycle Club are bonded by death before dishonour, rising to the top of the Los Santos underworld. Roster: National President (The “Prez”) Gabe Hiker | Discord - Fadedd#4702 | ID - 106753 Vice President TBD SGT At Arms Moey Argiros | Discord - Maistro#6114 | ID- 11849 Treasurer TBA Enforcer Chin Fing | Discord - Maxx#6165 | ID - 107641 Road Captain Aleks Camel | Discord - Aleks.#0001 | ID - 107523 Patched Member Nadim Sharmoot | Discord - Reformed100#5859 | ID- 103807 Maurice | Discord - Morice#1187 | ID - 107641 Prospect TBD Uniform Code: Main Idea - Black Vest, Dark Blue Shirt, Black Mask Personalised Pants, Chain and Shoes. Main Outfit Style Vehicle Color Code: Midnight Blue + Ice White Pearlescent Gang Tattoo: ‘Death before dishonour’ The tattoo represents the vows each member has towards the club. Having this tattoo engraved into our arm, binds us to never sell out the gang. Even if it cost our lives in the worst case scenario. Day to Day Operations Drag Racing Assisting New Citizens Car & Bike Meets City Shows Transactions of Goods with Customers Black Market Weapon Trafficking Drug Trafficking Bike Rides Club Meetings Code Of Conduct: - No Hostility Unprovoked - No Disrespect to fellow gang members - No kidnapping or pulling guns on other members - Be Honest and Modest - Do not disrespect commands from higher ups - Do not interrupt another member when speaking - Any issues with other gang members need to be sorted with the ‘Prez’ - Always attempt to help new citizens - Remember that respect goes both ways and is earned not given - Represent the patch in a smart and professional manner - Do not participate in obvious illegal activity that can be seen by the public in our patch - Value the lives of all members no matter what it will take If any of these are broken by a gang member, be prepared to receive appropriate disciplinary action from the ‘Prez’. Osiris Backstory: Engines and Excellence; the two important things that unite the Osiris Motorcycle Club. Originating in the underworld of Los Santos, Osiris MC stems from the roots of shared intentions and interests across a group of banded brothers, forged by the countless experiences shared amongst them all. Gabe Hiker, the President of Osiris, sought his origins as a working class citizen working at Benny’s Original Motor Works as a mechanic. It was there where he encountered Moey Argiros, commonly known by his alias; Moey Dontworry, and joined the Shabebs, an up and coming criminal empire aiming to reclaim its stolen title of underworld royalty. Although happenings with the Shabebs were ever abundant, Moey officially retired and ended the legacy of his criminal empire. Gabe, honouring his former boss’ decision, parted ways with him and devoted himself to working full-time at Benny’s. It was Gabe’s own desire to be in close presence of the combustion engine that allowed him to uncover his underlying passion. Motorcycles. It was after he looked back at the experiences shared with his brothers that he realised what needed to be done. Gabe Hiker needed to begin a new legacy. He called upon his old friends, his old allies, his old partners in crime. Although they were not working together for an extended amount of time, the times they shared cemented them as brothers. As he calls for the older members to return, Gabe had also enlisted the assistance of Aleks Camel, a seasoned soldier of Los Santos’ criminal underworld who knew greatly of its inner workings and operations. Nadim Sharmoot, the first of the older members to take the call, returns to Gabe with his intentions of bringing forth a new motorcycle club that will rival the current titans dominating Los Santos. He accepts, utilising his newly discovered passion for motorcycles to aid in his desire to grow as a club. Nadim brings forth an eager, dedicated, yet almost illiterate member as assistance. A crime veteran from Vietnam who appeared as a dense import, yet was secretly very streetwise, and very knowledgeable. However, his sole weakness was a greedy desire to gain, acting irrational in the illusion and lost for great wealth. His name, Chin Fing. In a complete surprise to Gabe and Nadim, Moey Argiros returns from retirement in one last effort to aid his brothers in success. Although he will not lead as he believes his time is over, Moey will guide Gabe and assist with the club wherever he can, using his intrinsic knowledge of organised crime to aid the club wherever needed. Moey also brings an ex-biker to Gabe’s cause, marked for death and forced to lie low. His name, Jonathan Mann. With the passion, the ambition and the knowledge, Gabe Hiker’s new legacy can begin. Now only comes a name... “Brothers, once more we will leave our mark on Los Santos. Once more we will rise above the masses, and once more we will be remembered. With our foundational blood, this club rises from the underworld, rich in knowledge, ambition and passion. Like the god of Osiris, we will be remembered as the one who reigns high above in the underworld. It is death that bonds us before dishonour.” - Gabe Hiker Enter, Osiris MC. I accept the following conditions: In registering this gang, I understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. I understand that running as a gang does not excluded us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing I understand that I do NOT own/operate any territory and i cant claim sections of the city as "gang area" I understand that I am limited to 6 Gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff
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    Department of Justice - Roads & Maritime Services Roadworthiness Exemption Authorised under section 2 Road Safety Act 2018 A - Applicant Details Name:Baby Groot DOB: About 10,000 BC Phone #: Classified Traffic Infringement History: (List each in a new line - Shift+Enter) Clean history to my knowledge. B - Vehicle Information Make: RC CAR Model: Burrito Registration: Grooooot Vehicle fails to satisfy which of the following roadworthiness testing: (Delete all inapplicable) b. Car horn must be in working order f. Headlights must be properly fitted and in good working order, free from damage g. A rear number plate must be installed and registered to the State of San Andreas j. Wheels must not be damaged and of compatible size, tyres must be properly inflated. ( They are quite small ) Reason for Exemption: Dear reader, Given my small statue in size, I face the issue of the in-ability to be able to drive a vehicle of large size, this is due to my inability to reach the pedals and the steering wheel at the same time. I have been gratefully provided this vehicle by Umbrella corp but now face the issue of it not being roadworthy. I'm going to look into the possibility of a plate + Headlights. Sincerely, Groot C - Declaration 1. I understand that by filing this application , it does not automatically guarantee an exemption 2. I understand that it is an infringement under the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 to falsify my traffic infringement history or any statements made in this application
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    Part 1 - Who are you? Username: zeby Discord#9999: zeby Part 2 - Who are you praising? Username: Leave blank if you are unsure Alec Discord#9999: Leave blank if you are unsure Alec In-Character Name you know that person by: Leave blank if you are unsure Part 3 - What did they do? (Include any images/videos if you like) 10/10 best kidnapping roleplay I ever had nothing can beat it
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    OOC Info Steam Username: Itz_Mojo1 Account ID: 106126 Discord#9999: Gabe#4365 IC Info Personal details: Full Name: Antonio Sacramoni Occupation: Unemployed Employment History: Retired US Marine Corps 0321, Valhalla Employee, Fisherman Criminal Record: Antonio Sacramoni Criminal Record How long have you lived in Los Santos?: 2 Months Current Business Plan: Reason for Registration: With the newly added private security licenses we are interested in helping the LSPD get criminals off of the street. According to multiple officers they have seen countless times where they arrest and fine a criminal just for the criminal to not pay the fines and go unpunished. There is no real way to force them to pay these fines other than to capture them and give them more time and more fines. That's where we come in. Here at SecuroServe we are dedicated to keeping the streets safe and ensuring that police resources are not wasted on criminals they have already arrested. We can deliver the best, top of the line, Bounty Agents this city has ever seen. Through hours of tactical and intelligence training our agents are well qualified to assist the LSPD in recapturing the criminals. Business Plan: Our intended business plan has been made with the assistance from the head of the DoJ Mr. Alec Blair. All employees will follow the rules and guidelines set forth by our Standard Operating Procedures linked below. We will pay our employees a $100 salary to start with and 25% of any money the company receives from a bounty. The pay may change depending on how well the company does in the future or may cut back if the company is struggling. The company will also have insurance for our Agents with Los Santos Customs as we already have 100 repairs paid for. We already have many interested people in having a job with us as they see this as more of an opportunity to experience unique RP situations. We do not intend on being another Bearcat Security or Gruppe6 Security! They are great companies as it is and do not want to get involved with creating more competition for that industry. Please feel free to read over our SOPs to get an understanding how we will run. Please keep in mind the SOPs may change according to DoJ since we will most likely fall under that department. SecuroServ Standard Operating Procedures Proposed Organisation Structure: Board of Directors: Chairman of the Board - The highest rank in charge of running the company and managing BoD. Director of Operations - In charge of assigning and setting up operations. Director of Assets - Financial Director and in charge of logging company assets. Director of Internal Affairs - In charge of hiring, firing, and investigating internal issues. Director of Intelligence - In charge of all informants and the gathering of intel. Agents: Special Agent - In charge of setting up operations for high value targets and managing field agents. Field Agent - In charge of bringing in targets and looking for intel. This is where most of our employees will stay. Junior Agent - In charge of assisting field agents and above. Looks for lower end and lower risk targets. Must get a minimum of three targets to be considered for promotion. Proposed Location: Anywhere in county would work as we do not want to have our Headquarters in the middle of all the action. This will allow us to train and work less detected. The Sandy Shores City Hall might be a great location as it is in county and is perfect in size and location. Future Business Needs: Government logistic support requests: All we would need is a tiny HQ similar to the size of the old Valhalla and a boss menu. We would like this company to be a part-time job if possible and have it that we gain the abilities to cuff ect. only when we are on duty. Any abuse of this will immediately be send to the government as we do not stand for that type of behavior. If approved for a Class-R Weapon License we would like a vest that said BOUNTY with our logo on the front and SECUROSERV on the back. (Note: We know someone in city that can design this all we would need is it added to the clothes store if approved) Confirmation: I understand that I will need to roleplay my business and prove the potential in my registration in order for my business to ever be taken into consideration for incorporation. (Yes) I acknowledge that the Government's receival of this registration does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Yes) I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future registrations. (Yes) I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Yes) I acknowledge that the incorporation cost of my business may be expensive (Millions) if I am ever considered. (Yes) I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Yes) I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Yes) If my proposed business is part of the Aviation or Private Security industry, I will supply my Air Operator's Certificate or Private Security Business pre-approval within 14 days of this application. Otherwise, my application will be rejected unless DoJ grants an exemption. (Yes)
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    Gang Name: Crooks MC Gang Leader: Jay Bowman Gang Lead Discord: whosjordan#1097 Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules; PRESIDENT Jay Bowman VICE PRESIDENT Jimmy Wrinkle SGT. AT ARMS Denzel Hernandez ROAD CAPTAIN Josh Alberto MEMBER Sam Alberto PROSPECT Gang Colours/Uniform: The members of Crooks MC Can be seen wearing their Black leather vests with pride. Members also wear Black Bandannas to cover their faces whilst riding. Bike/Vehicle Colours The members of Crooks MC drive powerful, luxurious cars. Their bikes are modified to perfection and turn heads where ever they go. The paint is a one of a kind, metallic gun-metal grey. Gang Backstory: The Crooks MC have a saying "Cut one, we all bleed" Its not certain who started the cutting but on the 8th of December 2012 there was plenty of bloodshed at A.S.C.F (Alderney State Correctional Facility) The confrontation began at lock-down when a Cellie decided to Run his mouth about the Pres. Couple of the members overheard from their cells, signalling one of the screws to come over and unlock the cell doors, he did just that. One thing led to another, fisty-cuffs turned into an all out war which turned into bloodshed. Luckily, the pres got out alive, the aftermath was like a scene from a horror movie, body's on the floor, blood on the walls. 8 Years passed by and the Pres got out. With half the chapter in prison and the other half dead it was time for Jay to reconsider and plan to move to Los Santos. He packed his bags and gave his mates a call in LS, he figured they knew their way around the city and could help out. Jay got on the plane the next morning and landed in Sandy Shores airfield, from there he caught up with Jimmy And Denzel and headed to a quiet place in Blaine County from there he would call 'Home'... The lads took Jay on a tour around LS, a city which is Over-Run by Extortion, Drugs & Armed Trafficking, a place which he could fit in perfectly, a place for a new chapter. to be continued... Biker Code: * Loyalty And Respect Is Demanded * 100% Attendance to meetings * Biker Gear to be treated with Reverence * Blood in - Blood Out Planned Day to Day Operations: * Assisting New-Comers to the city in finding their way * Event Planning * Purchase and Sales of Car Parts * Drug Trafficking * Money Laundering * Arms Dealing Do you accept the following condition: "In registering this gang, i understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules." "I understand that running as a gang does not excluded us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing" "I understand that i do NOT own/operate any territory and i cant claim sections of the city as "gang area" "I understand that i am limited to 6 Gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff"
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    Gang Name: Business Bay Gang Leader: Solomon (only a select few know his last name), Xan Marks 2IC and Charles Johnson 2IC Gang Lead Discord: Young Thug Tedward ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#5285 and Steroided#6642 Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules - Xan Marks - Charles Johnson - TBA - Owl Meme - Gus Bus - TBA Gang Colours/Uniform: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Other Types of Clothing~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Gang Ranking Structure~ *In the structure anyone outside of out main 6 can reach Recruiter/Trainer the rest are seen as the leaders/ O.G of the Organisation* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gang Backstory: The Gang Originates from Texas. Business Bay was a very successful investment firm along with property real estate, But this was all a front the real story was we were drug king pins and would move drugs,weapons and people all around the state. How this would work is by using the houses from their real estate company they would be able to smuggle the good in and out of these properties. Business Bay got very big and power full that we were basically untouchable from the government authorities by being able to bribe them to get out of our troubles. In the public eye the organisation was know for helping the ones in need and being very good negotiators, For the drug world we were know as a powerful origination and know for sorting our problems and being very efficient in all that we do. We had men in every state of America and was expected to take over drug market in not only America but the whole world. But one day we had a huge bust at one of our hide out locations, this was due to a snitch amongst the organisation. The snitch had told the authorises too much about our organisation so we had to move locations, But before packing up shop we had to 'deal' with snitch by letting him swim with the fishes. Now that we have moved to Los Santos we plan to make our organisation know for being next big thing. Business bay can be found around the city making deals. All Business Bay members work for Solomon he is the founder of the organisation and the highest in command. He is one of the hardest man to get a hold of and only one of the members in the group has his contact information, any major deals are checked with Solomon first. Planned Day to Day Operations: Buying and Dealing salvaged car parts Business Deals Gunrunning and dealing arms Dealing drugs Selling properties Finding allies. Do you accept the following condition: In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. Yes we do.
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    Gang Name: Hi-Viz Gang Leader: John-o Holden Gang Lead Discord: P S#3944 Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules - Habibi Inshallah (#358370) - - - - - Gang Colours/Uniform: Gang Backstory: Bunch of true blue Aussies who were tired of getting shot up and robbed by the Whackas while on the job. We decided to unify and protect the blue-collar workers of LS. Planned Day to Day Operations: Cruising in a couple Holdens Catching fish in the day and robbing the rich in the night Representing everyday man on the day to day Doing blue-collar trade and looking after all in LS who are doing blue-collar trade sinking a few cold ones in the arvo Do you accept the following condition: In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. Yes Sir and so do the members
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