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    Backstory Flamingos originally started back in 1980 from 6 young men born and bred in Vice City. Eddy Mouse, Tidus Pinch, Larry Smith, Paul Hikenberg, Bobby Fushimi and Geert Wilder met and socialised over games of golf at Leaf Links. The group of 6 developed a reputation and brand for fixing games of golf, where they soon became known as the Flamingos due to their habit of wearing salmon pink polo t-shirts when hitting the course. After making millions from fixing games of golf, the Flamingos decided to get into a new sort of business – the club scene. The group purchased and successfully ran the Malibu Club in the heart of Vice City for many years, after developing the club to a high standard, the Flamingos sold the club to the Vercetti family and with the profits moved themselves to Las Santos where they dipped their toes in the porn industry. After partying hard and burning out, the Flamingos have decided to purchase the Galaxy underground nightclub, to return to what they know and love, the club scene. Members Eddy Mouse - Moama Paul Hikenberg - Perfs Tidus Pinch - Iz Dolan Geert Wilders - Sun Bobby Fushimi - DrunkOtter Larry Smith - Pytix Events: Tours around town in clubs limo Racing Car Shows Hide-n-seek Income: Free entry, or VIP entry fee of $5,000 which includes a private booth and unlimited drinks. We also sell consumables (Cocaine/Ecstasy) which will insure they have a good time in our club. Day to day activities Running the Galaxy underground nightclub Hustlin' Visiting various locales; Mechanics, Car Dealer, Legion Square garage Relaxing on the beach down at Santa Monica Boulevard Outfit / Presentation Vehicles are salmon, not negotiable Salmon coloured shirt/torso must be worn at all times Organisation Weapons Silenced SMGs (Not necessary) Golf Club Organisation Vehicles Salmon coloured stretch limo Salmon coloured Windsor Drop
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    The Rise of Motorcycle Crime Rates in Los Santos Recent crime index shows we are just about as (not) safe as Venezuela Author: Phil Goode @Phil_Goode Published: APRIL 7, 2019 12:50AM Image source: Phil Goode - We're back to PDM by the way. Recently I have had the privilege to be employed by the Government after my resignation from the Emergency Services as their Director. My employment in the Department of Commerce allowed me to work with the Car Dealership as their accounting and finance auditor. My work in the car dealership not only involves verifying their balance sheet with invoices, but also had the privilege the work as a Car Dealer myself. During my employment we moved from Premium Deluxe to San Andreas/Decker St and down to Strawberry/Grove and back to Premium Deluxe. Enough about me. Throughout my employment I have had to opportunity to bare witness to all sorts of crime happening around the dealership area, from stealing dealership vehicles, or dealing drugs near Grove, or having a store robbery at the servo next door, to provoking an entire gang at Grove St/Forum Dr to rock up at our Dealership. While the situation has improved recently as we have been allowed back at PDM @ Adam's Apple Blvd, the root of the problem remains unresolved, and infact, it had gotten worse ever since Bike Dealer has merged with us. With the introduction of the merger, we were able to start selling bikes, and pretty damn cheap too. As a consequence to that, we've seen a lot more bike related crimes recently, especially with the use of them to traffick drugs around the State. Little Seoul Station is one of the many stations of the now defunct Los Santos Transit, and is now one of the hotspot for drug trafficking and distribution. Image source: Phil Goode - Little Seoul Station Just this bike is one of the many used in the trafficking of drugs into this station. Some of them would ride their bikes down the staircase into the station, others may simply use the defunct railway tunnels to get in and out, before the cops even arrives. Likewise, similar situations have been happening around Vespucci Beach and Grove Street. So why bikes? Well, first of all our LSPD and even AFP does not even have a dedicated or trained motorcycle division. So if they were to go into pursuit against bikes, they're most likely going to end up failing 9/10 times with bikes sneaking through alleyways or tight spots. Secondly with the use of bikes in and out of the railway tunnels, by the time our PD squeezes their cars through the railway tracks (assuming the tracks don't damage their cars), the bikes are long gone. In general, our police force is currently utterly if not almost completely useless at combating against at least 50% of these drug related incidents or quite simply, anything to do with chasing after motorcycles. As a result, our State crime index is currently sitting at 70.01, just behind the 7th place Brazil. If our Government continues to go down that path with funding our Police department with useless 4 wheeled vehicles instead of 2 wheels to chase after these 2 wheelers, or not funding to put shutters in the defunct railway tunnels, and if our LSPD Commissioner can't come up with a strategy to combat against these types of crimes, I can guarantee we will beat Venezuela to the 1st place by the end of this year. Image source: Phil Goode Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops. The new Legion Square for gathering... Vanilla Unicorn - I heard there are actually women now!
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    +1 love the RP with these guys
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    Staff will be observing you and your crew closely! Please ensure your best foot is forward and you have a solid understanding of the rules.
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    People going crazy -> not enjoyable PD RP most of the time -> PD change character to something more enjoyable -> no PD so the rest of the server wanting to actually RP as a criminal cannot. When there are minimal police online, they're targeted by the rest of the server population. This makes them not want to play cop, because a significant amount of new players aren't sensible and just want to play cops and robbers continuously. A solid 8 units can barely just hold down a high pop server in city AOP. That makes 1 cop to 6 other players. Before this became incredibly popular thanks to streamer influence, on 32 slots we usually had 1 cop to 3/4 players and it was significantly calmer, copbaiting wasn't rampant' people were able to partake freely in the criminal actions they wanted, and it was actually enjoyable to play cop. Before this influx of players we maybe had two full 32 slot servers every night. We had enough police to spread them throughout both servers. Now theres a lot of players awaiting recruitment and the force can only deal with so many recruits at a time. 64 players vs 144 with nearly the same amount of capable police staff is an issue only time and training can fix.
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    Tailor Gang is more of a family rather than a traditional gang. They all started their adulthood with not much to show in regards to wealth and assets but through the art of tailoring they have left that old life behind and have started a business under the name Tailor Garments Pty Ltd. This business is run out of the Garment Factory formally known as 'Darnell Bros'. Tailor Garments has contracts with most of the local clothing stores which allows Tailor Garments to provide high quality clothing at an affordable price for the citizens of the city. Tailor Gang knows there is an unemployment issue with people sitting on the centrelink payments and just leeching from the community. When the Job centres send people down to the establishment the gang likes to give them all a chance to improve their circumstance. Tailor gang teaches these people the ins and outs of how to get started as a tailor so they have a higher chance at success. This also provides the business with better workers. Tailoring has been a major factor in the success of all the members in the gang but now the gang have started to expand beyond the factory. The members are about making money and living the good life. Through some connections, they are now involved in Car theft, Drug Running and Robbery at a high level. These extra forms of incomes are complimented by the Tailor Garments business as it allows the gang to clean their cash through a legitimate business. WHAT WE DO -Provide training for people learning Tailoring. -Provide a workplace environment for people to RP in.(Boss, promotions, bonuses for working hard, encouragement, stern talking's) -Work the Tailoring Job. -Steal Cars -Sell Drugs -Planned Bank Robberies (Effort is put in to each job and it doesn't happen every night. -Money Laundering CLOTHING Suits (any style) unless doing questionable activities. MEMBERS CEO - Ned Jones Production Manager- Carter Westshore HR Manager- Amaro Zulake Quality Control Inspector- Tony Park WHAT WE NEED -Ability to Launder money through the business. -Tailor Gang Base Entrance (Vehicle + Walk in) Any Suggestions?
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    Thank you for your application Staff will be watching your crew over the next week to assess your suitability for Trial status. Please also include the Out of Character (steam names) of the members in your crew above and good luck!
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    +1 always see these guys hanging around, definitely some of the friendlier and more enjoyable people in the city and you cant NOT notice them, solid lads.
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    Fair call from dinK and Booschem.. We would like to make this work in respect of what you both have said. I don't truly believe we are not SUPER hostile but i understand the jump to that. I would be keen to work on how we can work around these issues rather than just down voting. Having said this! Thanks for the feed back boys! Bobby.
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    Thank you for taking the time to write out a well thought out, well laid out application. I will be reviewing the contents of your post and assessing it over the next few days.
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    Welcome to the hopeful launch of Rapid Loans, a European Loan company looking to branch out into the city of Los Santos. Who are we? Rapid Loans Was founded and launched in 2001 and since then we've received positive feedback from every client we work with. Our highly skilled staff teams around the world are all trained thoroughly making sure they fit the Rapid Loans criteria. This criteria consists of Confidence, Honesty, Courage and more. The Business was founded by myself, Terrance Murphy. Since business class back in college I loved it. I gained skills, aspirations and a wide creative mindset leading myself to owning over 30+ stores around the globe. What brings us to Los Santos? We've noticed a high demand for loans in the city of Los Santos via Social Medias like Twitter, emails, and even phone calls, and I'm glad to say. We're the ones for that. With that in the books, we offer an easy process for all citizens in any finical state to take out a loan. With our years of knowledge & experience, we are bound to provide a great experience for the city of Los Santos. What do we offer to the city of Los Santos? The real question here is, what don't Rapid Loans offer. We offer a flexible interest rate for any and all customers suiting there finical needs & abilities. As we previously mentioned, we have a highly trained staff team ready to assist all citizens with there possible loans or questions they may have. This means any problems etc will be reduced heavily leaving Los Santos in a friendlier space. Staff Team: Owner/Manger - Terrance Murphy Sales Manager - Richard Jones Salesmen - Hiring Reposession Agent(s) - Hiring Our Business Location. We would love to move into building known as the Life Invader property. I have attached a picture below of the building. Our Client Loan Agreement Example. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZdGAYp4BT-RxaNpCb3gCOn7nOraF-keVwwAxS5Ke6yY/edit Our Business Logo. If you have any queries etc, please feel free to contact me on Discord - Sencxs#4410 or around the city of Los Santos. Thank you for reading throughout our business proposal, Sincerely Terrance Murphy P.S - Our personal Staff cars will be announced soon.
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    Although we have some run-ins with the police (as any organisation will), we have nothing but the utmost respect for officers that protect our city. I have complete confidence in my members to not hold grudges or threaten police.
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    Vanilla Unicorn is currently a business/job, but has been disabled for a while. Feel free to chuck a CEO application for Vanilla Unicorn @ https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/forum/300-business-ceo-applications/ IC Forum Rules apply there, feel free to tell us why we should reconsider opening that business again, and your business strategies in helping the Investment Group make profits.
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    What happens for me is when you close the mdt the tablet disappears but your hand is still held in the position of you holding your phone so you have to open your phone and it gets stuck and sometimes tablet also gets stuck but idk how to do that
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    That's for BCSO alone, you're ignoring, City, SWAT, AFP and the Staff that don't even have PD Characters, simply the majority of PD is not staff. Also, isn't it okay to assume that Vanilla cars will be slower since they're not actually real Ferraris? Wouldn't you expect a look a like of a ferrari at 1/4 of the price be a lot slower?
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    I've had that before and used to get it frequently, but I fixed it by simply clearing cache (everything except for the 'game' folder) and I never got the message again this is the C drive directory if you didn't know ---> C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app\cache
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    Examples would be nice to... about PD.
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    +1 Michael Peni Approves this message
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    +1 Great work and always fun RP, very respectful and every time I hop on the server I make sure to pay this place a visit. Would love to have more RP like this around
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    +1 Adds more roleplay to the county as others have said, And people want more rp in the county (seeing that recently aop has been county). and as Benji said "what happens when aop is city?" perhaps The Yellow Jack business can open up another store with a different name. Overall I love the idea of this and see no down side to it.
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    +1 I took a business partner to the Yellow Jack Inn for lunch today - excellent atmosphere, friendly staff, I ordered calamari & chips and it was absolutely mindblowing. The place was busy the entire time! We had an excellent meal and I will definitely take clientele here in the future. Kind Regards, Dr. Jersh Campbell
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    "This is not an RP Server,this is a Life Server" -Staff Dosnt matter how hard you try or how good your RP is,you will always face punishments if your RP goes against the law. Sad to say but many people on this Server have no interest to do any actual RP. Especially not the Cops as they are understaffed and overwhelemd by the amount of BS the Players give them so they just try to get each call over whit asap but on the outher side the current generation is also poorly trained and many arent serious enought about it. Also you have to see that they try to walk a thin line of realism and fun in the game,wich is why SWAT also does normal Duties,also in the current state of the Server they need every officer they can get. Then you need to check your facts.. First being in Police isnt nearly the highest paying job the pay is actually pretty bad. Besides that the amount of Active Officers has ben pretty low lately.. "Asspulling" isnt a thing anymore everyone can have 1 two handed weapon slinged to his back,this also counts for Civilians further the Rules that favor the Police is not because they want an unfair advantage but its due to how the Players on this server act. Specificly the Rule to comply whit police for misendamors. It was lifted a Month back and the entire Server became a Pursuit Simulator as literally no one would pull over anymore and instead imidiatly run. The Police and the Staff simply respond to how the Civs play. As an example from me whenever i try to Detain someone while holding a Tazer at them they imidiatly attack me or pull a gun due to that next time i will use a Lethal Weapon instead. Cops arent OP they can be easily outgunned and outplayed but people just go yollo it if they actually put togheter a plan they can easaly succed. Also i know its a huge issue whit Corrupt Cops, that is a thing that can only be dealt whit IC wich complicates it imensly. And i agree and even expect Staff to slowly start dealing whit it themselves as it completly destroyes the server and is a downwards spiral as when civs see the cops not following laws they wont either. Whit the Drugs i totally aggree. The new server was supposed to discurage illigal activities and hostile RP instead it did pretty much the Oposite. But i have started taht topic plenty of times but Staff does not want to change anything.
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