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    (( OOC Info Steam Username: Bigz Account ID: 76561198090591483 Discord: Bigz#0462 IC Info Full Name:Billy Wight Occupation:fisherman Employment History: fisherman, mechanic, lumberjack, g6 Criminal Record:few speeding fines Applying for: Ceo/owner Overview LSBFS Los Santos Boating/Fishing/Salvage is going to be a one stop shop for all your water needs from purchasing boats/trailers to scuba gear for underwater adventures. We will indeed be stocking the latest and greatest fishing tackle for all those types of fish out there in the open waters from fishing rods to crab nets. You guys maybe wondering what will we do with all that fish we get from you young/old chaps out there well we will have our own truck delivery service that will go around los santos supplying those fresh restaurant/seafood stores. Our Organisation will also be conducting a salvage store as well so when you're out there on your own in that dark and murky sea and find something your not sure about (hidden treasure/boat parts from wrecked ships) bring it back to us for a respectful price. Reason for Application: The reason why i have made this is because fishing is a boring job so i thought why not lighten this job up a little let's start using the rods for something instead of a cosmetic and lets utilise the water for more activities instead of wasting that hidden potential How will your proposed business help the economy of the State: This will change the ocean forever it will open the water for more activities such as fishing for different types of fish (bream, salmon, marlin) and searching for that expensive lost pearl in a hidden cargo container. Feasibility Analysis: Our organisation will make money from the city/county selling their salvage parts to us and fisherman selling there fish to us. Plus if that's not enough we will have our own truck delivery service selling the fish to the local markets Proposed Organisation Structure: - Ceo- $3000 - Head managers- $2000 -Senior salesman- $1600 - Salesman- $1200 - Truck driver- $1000 Residency Period: I myself have been in this city for 4 months now and as soon as i moved to this city this was the one thing i thought about when i got here just didn't know how to write an application up to start it Government logistic support requests: -We will need to buy boats from the government and sell them to the public -be able to spawn a small truck to do deliveries possibly business logo on the truck Summary Just to wrap this up not all this is gonna be available as yet to the city but this is just a start of what is to come from our business. Thank you everyone who took time outta there day to read this and hope to speak soon Kind regards Billy Wight
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    Mexican Vagos MC We want to be an MC/Gang, Application still being thought out. Any feedback is appreciated Backstory The year is 1965. USA are in the middle of the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King has recently marched from Selma to Montgomery and Roger Miller’s ‘King of the Road’ is number one. Thirteen bikers meet on the corner of Eighth and Davidson in San Bernardino Organised By Daquan Williams, California to form the Vagos Motorcycle Club, beginning a history that would involve drug trafficking, clashes with the police and a violent rivalry with the Rival Gangs. The elected president was Daquan Williams, Daquan, who led the new club in selecting their name. Other names considered included Coffin Dogers MC and Satan’s Saints MC, but Vagos MC, Spanish for vagabond, was chosen. Their new patch, a red devil on a green background, was inspired by an image of a devil in LIFE magazine entitled ‘Return from hell.’ Bikers would often move between clubs or find their club being absorbed into a larger club. Daquan had previously been with the Bloods and others joined from club. The question of whether the Vagos would absorb or be absorbed was very quickly answered as more Chapters sprang up across Australia. In 2014 the LSPD listed the Vagos as one of the largest Outlaw Motorcycle Groups in Western America with 600 members in 24 Chapters throughout America, as well as Chapters in Canada, Mexico and Europe. Described by Vagos infiltrator John Anderson as “the mafia on wheels” the Vagos have more than earned their 1%er patch. Drug related arrests have been made throughout their colourful history. In 1987 the head of the South Bay Chapter and President of the Desert Hot Springs Chapter along with three others all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines. Over 40 pounds of cocaine and eight pounds of methamphetamines (and a rocket launcher!) were seized in a 2011 raid. And in 2014 four Vagos members were arrested by the FBI for selling methamphetamines (ILLEGAL) *Drug Trafficking *Human Extortion *Planned Jail Breaks, To break the crew out, (RP) *Arms Dealing *Robberies (((Keep in mind this isn't the MC's main focus we aren't going to focus on illegal activities))) (LEGAL) *Cruising around the map with our motorcycles *Hosting MC supported events *Charities for the poor, We understand peoples situation and for Vagos to help out the community is something within our hearts *Night out with the homies, going out etc. *General RP'ing What We Do Alongside money laundering and weapons trafficking, the Vagos are also known for their general fair punishements, especially with rival gangs. As the Vagos attempted to expand their territory tension erupted between them and other gangs. most notably the bloods. In 2001 a bloody melee broke out between the Vagos and the Bloods in the Los Santos city. And in 2010 an argument over which gang got to hang out in the Starbucks in Legion Square. A brawl outside the coffee shop led to a gunfight in Chino Valley, several drive by shootings and a bitter feud. The authorities have successfully infiltrated the Vagos a number of times. Mason Hernandéz, a street criminal whose friend had disappeared after an incident with the Vagos, volunteered to go undercover as part of Operation 22 in 2003. His evidence gathered over 3 years resulted in 42 arrests and convictions for crimes as serious as murder. Whilst Hugh Jass worked his way up to number two of the Victorville Chapter and provided the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) gathering enough information to make 62 arrests for crimes including assault and murder. What We Need For the Vagos to be a stable running MC, we need to have the ability to make an income from our trades, such as weapon trades, drugs, and criminal activity, these things won't be a breach of capital rules and will be thought about if further application process is proceeded, therefore for all these things to be able to happen we will need a club house where we can store vehicles, items, and weapons. What We Will Do (RP) The group, which law enforcement calls an outlaw gang but members say is a motorcycle club, operates mostly in the Australian Territory, predominantly in Los Santos & Melbourne. Members ride mainly Harley Davidson motorcycles, and other low-rider motorcycles. and wear denim vests with patches bearing the group’s emblem, the Norse god Loki, on a green background, according to the indictment. The indictment describes a hybrid organization with some characteristics of legitimate clubs: it elects officers, keeps a set of bylaws and charges dues. Chapters have regular meetings. Members can even earn patches for their work on behalf of Vagos. But the group also has an unsavory, sometimes criminal side, according to the indictment, which said members could be ordered to harm or kill someone in a rival gang, a fellow Vagos who ran afoul of the group, or anyone believed to have shown disrespect. We will also make deals with the community and give cheaper prices for drugs of anysort, as well as weapons, bullets, and other black market items. How We Will Connect With The Community By connecting with the FDG community Vagos decided that we will buy a specific product example - "Car Parts - except something different, if this goes further than an application more thought will be laid out into this." Our "Day To Day" activities will be casual Rp'ing making deals, crusing around the map, being basic MC bikers, but we don't want to be a full MC like others we want to be a gang/MC Locations/Gang Area MAIN MC CLUB Vespucci Beach The Beach "Gang" Alleyway MC LOCATION ON MAP (FINAL) We will be using these areas for specific meetings casual areas to hangout in, deals of any sort such as, gun deals... Therefore this will be known as the Vagos location. JOBS/ROSTER President - (FireJiggle) - Income (Unknown) Vice President - (Name) - Income (Unknown) SGT - (Zed) - Income (Unknown) Secretary - (Dragon) - Income (Unknown) Prospect - (Bryce, Lebo) - Income (Unknown) Hangaround - (Xen, Blue, OziPsycho,JAP-Fly, Repter) - Income (Unknown) Each Gang Role President- The President has the main role of the MC, each member of the MC is a whole, and the Presidents role is to make sure everyone is in place, read the rules, control promotions as well as the Vice President, and handle all big meetings, locations, and critical information about the "Vagos" Vice President - The Vice President of the Vagos MC, is supposed to be the hand of the President make decisions assist in all RP Scenarios and when the President is out of town the Vice President is there for him. Sergeant- The Sergeant is the one who maintains aspects that are too low for the President to be in but the Sergeant controls these scenarios like small drug deals, small meetups, and weaponry discussions. Secretary- The Secretary is a fully experienced member of the Vagos MC the one who took all the steps and have gained the Vagos respect and loyalty. Prospect- The Prospect is an experienced Member that is now trusted to do certain activities on his own such as selling drugs. A Prospect is still not fully trained but fully apart of the MC but only one step away, they are more trusted than Hang Arounds as we have known them for longer and they have gained our trust. Trainee - The Hangarounds are the newest members to the gang and they still have to climb the ropes. A Hangaround will roll around with a higher up to supervise them in activities selling drugs. They are the lowest rank in the gang. MC Colours Vehicle Colours Pimped Out Vehicles How Will We Affect Others With Our RP The Vagos will be a criminal organisation, hence the MC'S main focus will not be on criminal activity But the group also has an unsavory, sometimes criminal side, according to the indictment, which said members could be ordered to harm or kill someone in a rival gang, a fellow Vagos who ran afoul of the group, or anyone believed to have shown disrespect. Vagos chapters visit the territory of rival gangs to provoke fights and enforce their authority, the indictment stated. In the past, an attorney for club members has said the group does not condone violence or illegal activity
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    If you are reading this that means you are in dark theme change to light theme to read lel So I don't usually come out and make forum posts but I feel the need to address some issues in the server to see if I am not the only one who feels this way. Anyone with opposing ideas and feelings is welcomed to join in and express their opinions. This is me just venting/expressing the current environment of the server. So I began to notice a couple of things within the server that has been taking away some fun from the server these key issues involved. -Respect -Hostile RP -Locking NPC Vehicles Respect During the time playing in Fat Duck Gaming discord as some people may notice I don't hang around with groups of people I don't like associating myself with groups because I want to refrain from having a biased mentality towards people vs people who RP. What I mean by this is I don't want the way someone behaves in a video game to affect my attitude towards anyone. Being around I would examine behaviors within the game and it is hard to distinguish whether people are using their RP positions to bring other people down or if it is part of their character there needs to be a fine line where people understand if the person role-playing or the person is not just becoming plain disrespectful to an individual. This creates a server where people have this mob mentality such as "If you aren't a friend of mine I am going create this bias mentality not knowing who you are and label you as an enemy". This needs to stop because this creates a hostile environment where people bully each other to where it can become personal within the server. I come on the server to play a video game to escape the stress from my IRL things that I go through it brings great irony to tell my self I have something to worry about when hopping on a server. Now you may ask how does this happen? Well, I do role play as two Characters that have opposites to how people treat them. Through my experiences people may know Polpa and Rosa, I found it very interesting to how people treat them differently either I do a good job at differentiating personalities or people just have preferences in people. Rosa is a character that I made in another server that I brought over to this server, to my surprise I found that everyone adores this character and treats this character with so much respect as for Polpa he gets the opposite treatment I have seen this character gets pushed away and bullied(By all character roles and I do not conduct in many hostile or disrespectful actions with this character) to where some of the things I have encountered it did not feel like RP it just feels like something personal. Granted it is RP/a video game but some people do not make it feel like that. Perhaps because Polpa is not in a high position maybe that is what makes him vulnerable? I only put that in there because I found it interesting with how these characters get treated. Aside from that to sum this part up There is always 2 sides to the story and I don't want you guys to look at my perspective and say "Yes this is it" assume that there is more to this. I just want everyone to understand each other and not give negative attitudes towards each other (yes there are trolls and some people that are annoying but don't waste your energy on them remember to keep calm and just keep it simple make it easier for ourselves and staff). Aside from that if anyone has anything they want to add or oppose feel free to discuss people and how they treat each other in the server. We want to set an example for newcomers who are interested in finding a new server and want to RP. Hostile RP This is the part where I contradict myself. I've noticed the formula for hostile RP. I am going to tell you how it goes in three simple steps. 1. Offend someone 2.Guns Out 3.Get shot. I am pretty sure this happens in the majority of servers but in general, this is something that I get tired of. Depending on the context I don't conduct in hostile RP as much because it happens ALOT. Hostile RP in this server isn't even hostile RP in this server it feels like something people use to justify their actions because they feel offended so instead of keeping it up it just becomes personal attacks between two individuals. Thus we have this repetitive toxic environment of hostile RP that spreads towards everyone in the server. It just feels like a virus at this point and people begin to take each other seriously. People who have conducted in hostile RP with me can barely take me seriously because they can't in all honesty. Most of it is just roasts and a story that begins to develop between two characters where they begin to challenge each other in ridiculous scenarios I am not saying to stop this kind of RP but it would be nice to see hostile RP conduct out differently. RP is subjective of course everyone has their way of having fun but I just want people to remember it is RP and not to take themselves seriously too much when playing a video game. Locking Locals Vehicles (This is just me crying lol so 50/50 on taking this seriously) So I tell myself this every day on the server but I think the server is in a good position to start locking NPC vehicles the number of people that go around VDMing and no effort to driving realistically in the server. It is getting to the point where I can't I can't tell you how many times people steal vehicles and just go around crashing into other people or use them as easy to access mobile giant weapons. I don't want to sound negative saying this but what is the point of having free bikes if people can just steal cars. NPC vehicles need to start getting locked so randoms who come into the server can start learning how to play in the server at a slow process. Perhaps have tour drivers teach these people how to play the game. With the number of people that are in the server and the number of people that have access to cars I think it is safe to say we can lock the vehicles. Pls, we need safety locks: cry emoji: In conclusion Having this said maybe someone reading this might relate or not relate but let's all remember what we are here for. I may not speak for everyone but I am here to interact with others and have fun with others the best way I can. People want to hop on the game and not have to worry about playing a game its important for us to treat each other and manage ourselves when interacting with people we may not agree with. Helping them understand and doing our part showing others we are not a hostile community and we are people that just want to play a video game. Aside from the things that were said don't let what I say ruin your immersion and your experiences with this server out of all the servers I have been in I enjoy this server a lot because of the scripts and interactions I have with certain individuals and remember its just a video game at the end of the day. I want to thank the devs for being able to give us the chance to hang out in a place like this I feel like the amount of work they put in, people take for granted sometimes and the staff that manage the people in the community helping people out out of all the servers I have been in this staff team has been the most enjoyable in my experiences and lets not forget the people who put in the time playing in the community we should all take acknowledgment to that and be grateful for that. Aside from that hope you all have a wonderful day and keep it simple. Cheers All thanks for reading Who wants to correct my grammar now :kappa: ?
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    THE HANDMAIDENS OUR REASON FOR BEING Blessed be... This band of LGBTQIA+ (and all those who appreciate equality) was founded on the necessity of empowerment of individuals of all kinds, especially those without a voice. We are no longer standing for the consistent kidnappings, the constant abuse, the continuous mockery & the everlasting oppression we face. We're a safe haven for those who are victims of these abuses and as a 'society', we aim to shift these individuals from their lowest points, to their highest (into members who retaliate with good reason that is accepted within our gang). We uphold the values of the Handmaidens and fight for our passion to be heard. Our gang has grown, and through us, we spread the word throughout the city, increasing our ranks one individual at a time, bringing LGBTQIA+ and supporting allies out of the shadows and into the light. In the short time we've existed, our ranks have grown and have spread our influence into various areas of Los Santos. HANDMAIDENS HISTORY Originally starting as a protest group against white-collared individuals who control majority aspects of life (economy, lifestyle, family values, etc) and oppress LGBTQIA+ communities, it was realised that a mere group of protesters would not be able to enforce such a drastic change in engrained values, and thus 'The Handmaidens' were born. Shifting from their previous city to Los Santos, they acquired a new identity, with hopes of influencing various sectors of the city in favour of their sisterhood. Our term 'Blessed Be' is a consistent reminder of the promise of Sisterhood & is repeated throughout the day to retaliate any experiences they encounter as an LGBTQIA+ person that may belittle their existence. They have chosen the colour red as a symbol of the passion & drive that lives within each of these individuals, and are respectful of other groups (gangs) that follow similar colour schemes. The Handmaidens are not without sinners though. They must achieve ends meet and follow through various criminal avenues to do so. These include: - House Robberies (of the wealthy). - Drug Trade (Would need access to 1 or 2 drugs to provide financial assistance to members who earn such rights). - Bodyguarding. - Role as an accessory to crimes. - Various others. Legal Activities Include (Including OOC activities): - Assisting LGBTQIA+ find their way through legal means + assisting with adjusting to the city (jobs, etc). - Providing a safe haven & a community that these individuals can rely on. - Organising Night Events (LGBTQIA+ friendly such a roasts, rap battles, etc). - Other activities are currently being discussed by members. CURRENT RITUAL PRACTICES As a gang that resides itself with spiritual values, rituals are an obligation of members and MUST be practiced. - Initiation + Baptism (Procedure is dependent on each individual): Initiation procedures adapt to the reason of the individual joining that is moulded by the struggles they faced. - Her Hymn: All members must meet at our meeting location for a practice of 'Her Hymn', and servers as a reminder of the power that the Handmaiden's hold. - The Ceremony: A monthly meeting is conducted to express the gratitude of our sisterhood at the ring of the bell at our meeting location, as well as provide promotion in ranks, discuss new clients, or organise deals with 'friendly' organisations. - Future rituals will without a doubt be developed. HANDMAIDEN ROLES HEADMISTRESS - Oversees the activities of all roles and acts as a hostess (or host) for gang events, as well as upholding their reputation as a reputable gang. Administrates finances for the gang, as well as delegating drugs to renowned members of the gang as a source of financial stability. HANDMAIDEN - Assistants of the Headmistresses and may be delegated particular roles according to their strengths (Supervises the apprentices, oversees training, etc). APPRENTICE - (This role may be considered as a trial position) Newly joined gang members who have been deemed as trustworthy & beneficial to the gang. Will need to pass various trials to rise in the ranks. GUARDIANS - Hired guards, or those who volunteer as protection for the gang. They know very minimal of the gang's internal actions, unless trust is earned). THE AUNT - Specialised role of a trusted member who assists in the application process. (To be expanded on in near future) Future roles may be developed. HANDMAIDEN ROSTER HEADMISTRESS - Freida Slaves (Deejaetoopzz) HEADMISTRESS - HANDMAIDEN - Lisa Newcar (HxmeWrxcker) HANDMAIDEN - Blanca Banks (Papipaya) HANDMAIDEN - Rita Book GUARDIANS (BODYGUARDS) - OPEN THE AUNT (DEVOTE PREACHER) - OPEN Roles are prone to have more availabilities. (If accepted as a legitimate gang group, a few more members have agreed to join our ranks) HANDMAIDEN LOCATION OF OPERATIONS/ MEETUP LOCATION - MARLOWE VINEYARDS HANDMAIDENS ATTIRE (PRONE TO CHANGE) We are the Handmaidens of Los Santos and no longer will we be held down. We hope you consider our application. We have attempted to bring in something that (we hope) will benefit the server and provide incredible RP experiences for Fat Duck Gaming, as well as provide a both OOC and IC safe place for LGBTQIA+ individuals of all kinds! Discord - Deejaetoopz#4323 for all other OOC enquiries. Deejaetoopz#4323 - Deejaetoopzz (Steam)
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    RESPECT, LOYALTY and KNOWLEDGE This is the code lived by the Mafia through the 19th century to present day. We as a Mafia or in our language Cosa Nostra, do not provoke violence but use it if needed. We are a friendly group of individuals that have a strict code of Respect towards one another. We are friendly and great people to be around with. But our temper is limited and it’s best to not be on our bad side. We live by 10 Commandments: No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it. Never look at the wives of friends. Never be seen with cops. Don't go to pubs and clubs. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife is about to give birth. Appointments must absolutely be respected. Wives must be treated with respect. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values. Day to day activities and Aims: We aim for a peaceful long lasting friendship with other members of clubs/gangs that operate in the city and would never disrespect each other. Trade between both parties can be organised to keep friendship open and the occasional get together for drinks and such. My group and I will conduct activities of illegal and legal jobs which would include: illegal weapon imports (if allowed I know someone else has this option) we would do drug runs that would allow others that aren’t part of the gang to be apart of. Large sums of drugs, weapons and money will be transported from location to main base and will be done by official members only. Loan Sharking to civilians that can increase role play of paying off debt and if failed to do so will result in “punishment”. Illegal Gambling to those that want to earn big money, but will come with a price. Our legal activities would be to help the new civilians that fly from other countries into our City a chance to fit in, help them obtain licenses and to get jobs. This is one of many legal Jobs civilians can be apart of to boost RP in both Cities, give the new citizens a chance to build a life here in Los Santos. For them to gain their licenses we are willing to pay for their licenses for free but after that it will become a loan. We won’t be bringing just anyone into the organisation on the first day it would be unfair on the rest of the City population. Having us do this would benefit the PD and Government officials of not having to deal with Danny Defaults very 5 second. We would be classed as The Welcome Party. We would also host celebrations for every civilian in the City for their Birthdays and hold games with prizes for each person to join and we would personally give the Birthday boy/girl a special present (legal of course). What we request and would love to have: As stated in above we would require illegal weapons (if allowed), variety of drugs for runs. Once we get sorted we would need certain amount of money to get settled with and would gladly pay off. If possible we request the lock smith to install locks on our properties to prevent any intruders. As LSLA Law states "No shot on sight" we would like to have access to zip ties or handcuffs to detain the intruder if he comes onto out private property without permission and would hold him until police arrive. Of course Government personal, PD and EMS are always welcome but must make appointments. For our main base of operations we would love to acquire Franklin's House in Vine-wood hills for our main get together and family events plus birthday parties and Sit Downs with other members of clubs/gangs of the city. For illegal activities we would like to request Ravens Slaughter House to be able to conduct our illegal transactions and jobs, but minor transactions will be conducted elsewhere away from properties owned by us. How to tell us from the rest: We would wear high class suits, sharply dressed with each position with their own set clothes. To be further discussed with members on some other ideas. Vehicles will be mainly SUVs preferably Tahoe’s painted Black or white with Tinted windows. And Audi’s as luxury tour vehicles for new arrivals. Rank and structure: Boss - Neo Anderson (TheStalii#0904) Under-boss - Jake Grey (KING TERROR#7121) Lieutenant 1 (Capos) - John baba-yaga (TurtlehunterFtw#1547)(probationary) Soldier 1 - James Anderson (Ren.#7600) Soldier 2 - Yuliya ilic (Katè#8677) Soldier 3 - TBA Lieutenant 2 (Capos) - Moon (Moon~#5434)(probationary) Soldier 4 - TBA Soldier 5 - TBA Soldier 6 - TBA Lieutenant 3 (Capos)- TBA Soldier 7 - TBA Soldier 8 - TBA Boss Under Boss Capos Soldiers 2 Lieutenants will be in command of 3 soldiers and 1 Lieutenant with 2 which makes the organisation have a total of 15 members. A new role will be discussed over to include a total of 16 official members. Soldiers will do most of the illegal trades/transactions with the oversight of the Lieutenants, any problems will be reported to the Underboss and then further to the Boss. Recruiting won’t be lightly and won’t be open for anyone, initiations will be conducted and history will be looked at to prove worthy of being apart of it. The Boss handles all negotiations with Syndicate Agents and Government issues with the help of the Under Boss. Any issues within the family as well. The Under Boss will handle money counts, stock inventories and be an adviser to the Boss when trouble arises. He will help with recruitment procedures and give full report to the Boss. Lieutenants will be supervising their designated Soldiers that handle all trades. When not conducting illegal businesses they will spread off and go through the streets helping anyone and one group will be given New Arrival Duty. City laws WILL be uphold and obeyed and those who disobey any these will be dealt with accordingly and discouraged out the organisation and will be handed over to government officials to be dealt with in their own way. Each member understands the rules and regulations and will be held accountable for his/her actions. Thank You to the Los Santos Government for looking at our application and would love to see a response to this in time and allows us to operate in the city. Everything will be repaid with time and effort from our organisation in everlasting friendship. We look forward to a response.
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    Pursuant to Crime and Corruption Act, Division 1 2.a respondent Bob Barley, Appellant and Plaintiff. MOTION TO APPEAL JUDGEMENT Notice is hereby given that Bob Barley, defendant above-named, hereby appeals to the Los Santos Court from the judgement of conviction and sentence entered herein on 7 August 2019. The offences (s) for which defendant was convicted is (are), Crime and Corruption Act, Division I, Bribery and Corruption 2.a and the sentence(s) impose is (are) as follows: 25,000 in fines reduced from 50,000 and 5 months imprisonment served. Motion for a new hearing to be provided in which the appellant seeks to contest any aforementioned breaches of criminal acts in place of LSPD unable to substantiate or provide clear demonstrable evidence of physical or material of such claims been made of the respondent. STATEMENT OF FACTS. The appellant approached LSPD for general banter of social exchange, LSPD at no time gave the respondent a lawful directive or other to cease any exchange. the appellant in a playful manner, assert that payment is made for the exchange of goods with the intent of humour as being the basis of such claims. LSPD will then allege the respondent acted in a manner that went beyond humour and asserted that a serious attempt to buy such goods was being solicited and made. LSPD did not attempt to initiate the seriousness of the exchange of goods and or attempt to draw out from the respondent that such solicitation was to be taken seriously. The Appellant at all points asserted that the seriousness of such solicitation was to be had in good faith towards the back and forth banter and feels that at this time, officers of LSPD acted in a manner that exceeded honest social passive discourse. Factual due process is being brought into question, regarding the treatment of a citizen and the infringement of that citizen's Civil Rights Pursuant Division I, Freedom of Speech 1.a. NOTICE OF RELIEF Goodman + Sanford Attorneys at law seek new judgement and request that LSPD reconvenes and present all evidence that substantiates a serious attempt to solicit from officers was conducted in a manner in which a case can be presented to Los Santos Courts. All evidence gathered on the case, in circumstantial, be shared with Goodman + Sanford to grant a reasonable and fair response to Los Santos Court on behalf of the Appellant, pursuant to Court Procedures Act, Division III, Appeal Outcomes 3 a. Saul Goodman, Goodman + Sanford Attorneys at Law.
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    Gang/Org Applications are open. Feel Free to submit you Crew for consideration. Please make sure you have read Org RULES before submitting your application. All applications will be reviewed but may be deferred for later consideration or rejected completely based on your submission. Follow the below tips to maximise support for your gang/org Make sure you have spent some time on the server and understand what the staff and Players are looking for. Please make sure you have at least 3 prospective members noted on your application. Dont request OP items or features that would give your gang a significant advantage over others. Include as much detail on how your gang will interact with other players and business. Avoid the use of HOSTILE RP in your application. We all know it will happen but try not make it your focus. Give an example of your "Day to Day" activities that benefit the RP experience of the whole server. Not just your gang. Ask for feedback /suggestion. Don't ask for +1's.
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    THE RED DEVILS Our Friendship, Our Family, Our Story First off we are a crime family, portrayed as brothers, though we aim to be respected apposed to being feared. We all met out of common interests, holden's, skids, VB's, activities & most important loyalty. We don't aim to overtake, overrun or overpower any other gang in any way unless provoked. Which means we don't plan on selling drugs/guns to people nor do we expect to have easier access than other players, we are happy to work for our earnings & use that to give back to the public. We hang out on a daily basis & do things as a group, we've been noticed by a lot of people so far (Not gloating) so we decided taking things further for our group would be beneficial for everyone on the island. We plan on staying around for a long time. We are very consistent with our loyalty towards each other and our friends/associates. OUR CODE OF CONDUCT -Loyalty Is #1 Key -Help New Players As Often As Possible -No Profanity, No Racism, No Disrespect Towards the public & government -Respect Everyone, Treat Everyone Equally Unless Respect is Earnt or Neglected -Honesty, Modesty, Take Punishments like a man. Private Gang Activity Examples -Pharmaceutical Movement (Locals ONLY) -Convoys In Club Cars (Namely HSV GTS) -Support Group For A Larger Gang (Ask for specifics if required) -Plausibly Open A Pawn Shop (If Available) -Run Security For Monetary Gains or Just For Respect (Respecting All Rules While Doing So) -Mercenary Work (For Organizations, Gangs, Etc. Limited) Public Gang Activity Examples - Demolition Derby (Prize Based) -You Do Not Talk About Fight Club (Prize Based) -Best Burnout Competitions (Prize Based) -Cat & Mouse Demolition Derby (Prize Based/For Fun) -Best Car Competitions (Prize Based/For Fun) -Social Parties i.e drinking, music, etc (For Fun) -Cinematics, Creating Public Videos or Scenarios with Weazel (For Fun) ~GANG HIDEOUT LOCATION~ Route 68 Grand Senora Desert ~MAP LOCATION~ RANKS/ROLES (16 Spots Max) (Disclaimer, we are not aiming for an MC based club, this is just how the ranks are structured) President - Savage Asf - Activites, Legislation & Organization (Same Power As Vice) Vice President - TBA - Activities, Legislation & Organization (Same Power As President) Sgt. At Arms - Sergei King - Enforcement Group Leader & Management Secretary Enforcer Reaper - TBA - Internal Security & Recon Enforcer Ghost - TBA - Internal Security & Recon Treasurer - Cazzy (Jimmy Bones Defacto) - Controls Monetary Related Items PATCH MEMBERS - Dazza - Tobias PROSPECTS (once promoted they are merged to patched) - Chris Williams - Marshall Albert Luck - BlinDz VEHICLE COLOURS GANG COLOURS WHAT DO WE HUMBLY REQUEST? We would not need too much to keep us connected, a simple clubhouse & possibly access to open a pawn shop in the future would be great opportunities towards bettering our experience as a gang. How will players & business's be affected by our RP? The people of LSLA FDG will be benefited from most of our acts of roleplay. We aim to help a lot of new players with things like general help, knowledge, funding to get started & much more. All residents will be able to participate in public events which will produce fun & welcoming roleplay occasions to remember. Car Dealers: A lot of our business will go to car dealers so that we can buy club vehicles in which we plan on purchasing a lot in the future. Mechanics: Will benefit from a range of group repair packs we will purchase in the future & the modifications spent on all of our club cars will be beneficial, we could also offer protection when Gruppe6 isn't available. Other Gangs: We plan to stay loyal to 1 other gang in terms of trading & other things, though we are seeking to become mutual with other gangs, organizations, etc. We plan on making LSLA a fun happy place for everyone.
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    Rockford Plaza Motorsports A proposal by the Armitage and Jones Investment Firm The recent decline in performance of the current vehicle dealerships has left a void in the market for a professional dealership with a strong focus on customer experience and choice. Rockford's aims to claim this gap in the market and set a new standard in the automotive industry. We are not applying for this opportunity solely for the purpose of financial gain. We simply believe that the size and prestige of the automotive collections in Los Santos demands the same prestige from their suppliers. This would manifest in the form of: A professional attitude to our business and our customers A consistent presence in the city Controlled and well planned events A healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with mechanics around the City Business Plan: Rockford's is all about the full customer experience. From the moment that a customer walks in the door they will be met with well organised and professional staff. This means that each customer will be given full individual attention and a full solution to their needs. This starts in the back office with our compliance to both government regulations and industry best practices. Rockford's is poised and ready to comply with all import, taxation and advertising laws enforced by the Los Santos Government. With access to top tier legal and accounting advice, this dealership will meet any and all requirements both now and moving into the future. This same accounting advice, combined with a stellar advertising team will ensure that Rockford's is not only conducting stable business but is also making a substantial profit. With package deals such as free sandblasting and respraying upon purchase and deluxe performance packages that provide top of the line vehicles right off the showroom floor, Rockford's will cultivate a large and loyal customer base. The profits from these sales will then be funneled back into our community events to not only assist in advertising the business, but more importantly give back to the community that will support us. With events such as Show Days, Authorised Road Races and Rallies and release events for newly obtained imports, Rockford's will be a household name. To ensure that we are maintaining our high standards and providing an accurate service to our community we have formulated a rigid command structure. From the worker who waxes the floors all the way to both heads of the company, each employee will be held accountable by a leader. This is why we wish to have two CEOs, Kenneth Armitage and Richard Jones. So that there is always someone to hold our employees to our high standards. Included at the end of the application is a breakdown of the proposed staffing structure. Staffing Structure: Intern Authorised to fill orders of up to $250,000.00 Authorised to take orders above $250,000.00 to be filled by a Salesman at a later time Authorised to submit financing applications on all orders Authorised to open the dealership for the day Authorised to post to Twitter advising that Rockford's is now open Authorised to offer free sandblast and respray bundle on all purchases Required to maintain customer accounts Required to meet sales and attendance targets Salesman Authorised to fill orders of up to $1,000,000.00 Authorised to take orders over $1,000,000.00 to be filled by a Sales Manager at a later time Authorised to provide financing on orders of up to $250,000.00 Authorised to submit financing applications on orders over $250,000.00 Authorised to open the dealership for the day Authorised to post to Twitter advising that Rockford's is now open Authorised to offer free sandblast and respray bundle on all purchases Authorised to offer livery, headlights and license plate customisations on all purchases Required to maintain customer accounts Required to meet sales and attendance targets Sales Manager Authorised to fill any and all orders Authorised to provide financing on orders of up to $1,000,000.00 Authorised to submit financing applications on orders over $1,000,000.00 Authorised to open the dealership for the day Authorised to post to any and all advertising to Twitter Authorised to offer any and all customisations bundles Authorised to organise and hold small local events and raffles (up to $350,000.00 in value) Authorised to take applications for interns Required to meet sales and attendance targets Required to maintain customer accounts Required to meet event participation KPI’s General Manager Authorised to fill any and all orders Authorised to provide financing on any and all orders Authorised to open the dealership for the day Authorised to post to any and all advertising to Twitter Authorised to offer any and all customisations bundles Authorised to organise and hold small and large local events and raffles (up to $800,000.00 in value) Authorised to hire at the intern level Authorised to promote employees to the Salesman level Required to maintain compliance and accounting requirements Required to maintain customer accounts and relationships Required to meet event participation KPI’s Partner Authorised to fill any and all orders Authorised to provide financing on any and all orders Authorised to open the dealership for the day Authorised to post to any and all advertising to Twitter Authorised to offer any and all customisations bundles Authorised to organise and hold small and large local events and raffles Authorised to organise and hold inter-city (events city) events and raffles Authorised to hire at the intern level Authorised to promote employees to the Sales Manager level Required to maintain compliance and accounting requirements Required to maintain customer accounts and relationships Required to maintain partnered business accounts and relationships Required to meet event participation KPI’s Senior Partner Authorised to fill any and all orders Authorised to provide financing on any and all orders Authorised to open the dealership for the day Authorised to post to any and all advertising to Twitter Authorised to offer any and all customisations bundles Authorised to organise and hold small and large local events and raffles Authorised to organise and hold inter-city (events city) events and raffles Authorised to hire at the intern level Authorised to promote employees to any level Required to maintain compliance and accounting requirements Required to maintain partnered business accounts and relationships Location: With a central and exclusive proposed location, Rockford’s will provide a convenient solution for any prospective customers. We propose to use the Rockford Plaza in the Carcer Way tunnel. Below we have included some mock ups of the dealership and location: There are a few small construction requirements for this location. Mainly, we wish to enclose the area inside the pillars with floor to ceiling glass walls. Also all of the furnishings shown above were rented out to dress the space. These would need to be made permanent fixtures. Lastly we would require all of the behind the scenes infrastructure required for a car dealership. Looking to the Future: Though the current business plan is extremely comprehensive, we are still looking towards improving the business. The initial focus will be on the everyday customer of the dealership. However, we have plans to move to supply various businesses around the city. The waste management, transportation, mechanics and emergency services industries all require various vehicles. Rockford's aims to provide the same level of prestige and service to our business partners as we do to our customers. With experience in event planning from some of the minds behind Amazing Races, Scavenger Hunts, Car meets and group rides, Rockford's possesses a pedigree in planning that is unmatched in the city. This wealth of knowledge will be utilised to bring new and innovative events to the community of Los Santos. Conclusion: We believe that Rockford's will take a place in the automotive industry that is sorely needed by the people of Los Santos. Through our professional service and our generous events we will nor only benefit, but improve Los Santos City. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Kenneth Armitage Richard Jones Info: Steam Username: Joshman Account ID: 8769 Discord: Joshman#5936 Full Name: Richard Jones Occupation: Unemployed Employment History: Garbage driver april 2018 - July 2018 | Lumberjack July 2018 - November 2018 | Real estate agent November 2018 - March 2019 | Part time work/Unemployed March 2019 - July 2019 Criminal Record: 3x speeding fines | 1x Trespassing (offroading in tunnel) | 1x Open carriage (1 handed) Applying for: Senior Partner in Rockford Plaza Motorsports Residency Period: 16 months (1 year 4 months) Username: Lygi Account ID: 3807 Discord#9999: Reykr#4635) Full Name: Kenneth Armitage Occupation: Lumberjack Employment History: Tailor Feb 2019 - March 2019 | Fisherman March 2019 - July 2019 | Lumberjack July 2019 - present Criminal Record: 2x minor speeding warnings | 2x minor speeding fines | 1x destruction of property fine Applying for: Senior Partner of Rockford Plaza Motorsports Residency Period: 3 months Confirmation: I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future applications. (Y/N) Yes I acknowledge that the Government's acceptance of this application does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Y/N) Yes I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Y/N) Yes I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Y/N) Yes I acknowledge that the registration cost of my business will be expensive (Millions). (Y/N) Yes I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Y/N) Yes
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    (( OOC Info Steam Username: Sammt2600 Account ID: 7229 Discord#9999: Sammt#3047)) IC Info Personal details: Full Name: Mark Matthews Occupation: Unemployed Employment History: Lawyer in Vice City Criminal Record: No criminal History Applying for: Rapid Finance Business Plan: Proposed Business Plan: Rapid Finance is looking to become the leading Car and Personal Finance Agency in Los Santos. We aim to provide Los Santos citizens with a quick and easy way to Loan money on simple and effective repayment plan's. Our Goal is to work in partnership with a multitude of pre existing business to run a smooth and effective business strategy through all stages of the loan process. Reason for Application: Our main reason for applying is that some people within the state require immediate access to money to purchase new vehicles or modifications and with the system we wish to put in place will give these citizens the ability to loan money on the spot and make simple repayments. How will your proposed business help the economy of the State: By Providing access to funds to purchase vehicles and/or modifications we will enable citizens the ability to purchase vehicles for a smaller weekly payment over a large single payment, whilst charging a small interest amount for providing such a service. This is an ideal way for citizens who don't have access to large amount of money the ability to afford nice items. All contracts are backed by Clients assets making 99% of our loans secure and protecting the business from any loss if a client may default. We are also drafting communications to be forwarded to the following businesses and hope to work together with them in providing a smooth experience. 1. Benny's Garage 2. PDM Car Dealership 3. Los Santos Impound Service 4. RC Motors's 5. Unlisted Legal Representatives Contract template Feasibility Analysis: x - Detail how will your business sustain its operations, its operational costs, income stream, and how will you pay your employees. We wish to make arrangements with the above listed businesses in regards to being involved in certain stages of our business. We will pay employees and operational costs with the interest earned from our loans. With Benny's garage and PDM car dealership we wish to implement a system that allows our clients access to vehicles and modification funds that have been approved by us immediately without having money change hands multiple times. the process proposed will be as follow's **Subject to conversations with Business Owners/Ceos** 1. Client Applies for a loan for Vehicle/Mod 2. Finance team approve the loan minus deposit ect. 3. Client will go directly to PDM/BC and tell them they have been pre approved for a loan 4. PDM/BC will have access to certain client information (Name,Contract number, Vehicle being purchased, total Loan amount) to verify the legitimacy. 5. PDM/BC will take the initial deposit listed on the loan and give customer ownership of listed items on contract ie. specific vehicle loan was for/ Specific vehicle mods 6. Rapid Finance will pay outstanding account balances at a pre arranged time to the businesses directly and continue to collect money from clients outlined within their contracts We are also in discussions with LSIS in regards to recovering security from those clients that default for whatever reason. We will be looking at contracting their team to execute all of our repossession orders after they have been approved by the Court of Los Santos. Proposed Organisation Structure: Owner - Owner of the business and in charge of all employees Financial Manager - In charge of day to day business and advisers, Assisting with clients and training. Financial Adviser's - Assisting in training and dealing with Client inquires, issuing loans and filing contracts. Trainee Financial Adviser - Entry level position, Learning the role of a Financial Adviser Residency Period: How long have you lived in Los Santos for? I personally have lived within the city of Los Santos since April 9th 2018 Government logistic support requests: We would like to look at taking over the Lease on the building previously used by the Real Estate. Maybe a company vehicle to drive clients to the car dealership ect. basic business abilities - custom invoice ect. Would like to look at maybe getting ID's to prevent impersonators Confirmation: I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future applications. (Y) I acknowledge that the Government's acceptance of this application does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Y) I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Y) I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Y) I acknowledge that the registration cost of my business will be expensive (Millions). (Y) I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Y)
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    Very dissapointed in police job here .Why ? Because one group few days already trying to racket me for 1M $ payment,as they saw that i wont give them that amount they came to me yesterday for final warning.If i dont give them money they gonna put big amount of drugs in my cars and call police.When i heard that,i immediately run to police i talked to AFT officer and sad him everything.I ask is it possible to setup this guys when i come with 1m to give them,he sad yes give me a call later before that start.I did twice but he dont answer so i search other way out with a gang help that i am selling items to.It ends up badly for me(and they told me to call them if get in trouble,sadly for me i blv in that) , they choose a bullies side even after i respected every term they sad to me with that group but other side didnt .So they choose to show that big force of gang vs individual 1 month player(very balanced between individuals and gangs,put 1M for amount for kidnapping gang member as a non gang member or at least raise it and make punishment if they dont pay .They would be scared of individuals and they would actually be very careful who they bully in this city for no reason from individuals new guys in town.Let me go back on setup,today i got a setup on me with a amount of drugs in cars.I needed 20m to find out of officers whats is going on and why they are doing this,when i heard i told them the name of guy that i was talking to in AFT but none is interested in my story,no investigations, no nothing.So if can anyone tell me wtf is going on here ? How am i able to stop this if you guys dont want to help(PD,AFT) ? You lock me up, took all my hardwork even if talk to you yesterday that they gonna do this to me ?I had names of ppl , i even multiply reported them to police for assaults,kidnapping,forcing me to rob a store,racketing...Put that undercover cop for this situations coz no1 want to do their job there in this situations. Btw nice closing to gang applies,protect them pls as much as you can. Best regards, sry for bad english.
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    It is a damn shame that they are no longer part of our community.
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    MOTION TO SUPPRESS EVIDENCE The Respondent in the above matter moves for the suppression and exclusion of all evidence, physical and testimonial, obtained or derived from or through or as a result of Los Santos unlawful search, seizure, interrogation, arrest, and detention which occurred on or about July 31, 2018, at Bobby Billman. Specifically, Respondent moves for the suppression and exclusion of the following: 1. Any photographs found of respondent and associates brandishing or about holding the appearance of illegal two-handed firearms at the residents aforementioned. INTRODUCTION Respondent Bobby Billman files this motion to suppress evidence gathered by LSPD agents using tactics prohibited by the Crime and Corruption Act - Div 1 6a Infringement of Rights. LSPD agents violated the Crime and Corruption Act in five main ways. First, LSPD agents surrounded and detained the respondent by way of involuntary consent, and without a valid warrant. Second LSPD agents conduct illegal surveillance of the respondent and knowingly provided misleading evidence by way of petitioning for search warrants without material, physical or reasonable evidence to link my clients to a search and seizure. Third LSPD agents exceeded Division I - Classifications, 1a Maximum Sentencing. LSPD detained respondent to secure a search warrant without formal charges for up to and exceeding 30 minutes set within the aforementioned Crimes Act. Fourth LSPD agents by conducting illegal surveillance of the respondent on or about respondents premises, have breached Division II Harassment 7a to enforce an illegal search and seizure. Fifth LSPD agents have breached Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act - Division III - Judicial Procedures - 4.a by advocating arrest of the respondent be based on meeting minimal of two factors for reasonable grounds. Respondent at the time of arrest did not meet the minimum two factors required to detain and suspend respondents Civil Rights. STATEMENT OF FACTS LSPD was given information that informed LSPD that respondent and associates were housed at the location of the initial arrest, were brandishing and openly carrying would appear to be two-handed weapons. LSPD have not produced or able to produce any evidence beyond photographs of such weapons but cannot confirm or produce evidence of such weapons being real or otherwise. LSPD surrounded the respondent and associates with excessive force and numbers of police to intimidate respondent and associates to unwillingly comply with their directives for immediate detainment. Respondent an associate stated innocence and requested several times officers remove themselves from respondents private residence until such time a valid search and seizure warrant could be supplied. Respondent despite several attempts to request LSPD move on from such residence was complaint to step off property at which point LSPD step forward and immediately detained respondent without reasonable grounds being met and allegations of brandishing an open two-handed firearm. Respondent was transferred to LSPD Main office for processing, upon arrival respondent was placed into individual cells for questioning. Respondent requested at this point legal representation be provided and LSPD made allowances for such. Legal representation requested LSPD provide physical or material evidence that links respondent to any breaches set out within Los Santos Government laws and acts. LSPD was unable to provide such evidence beyond the allegations of photographs of respondent holding what would appear to be illegal firearms. Legal representation cited that without such physical evidence and with no actual crime being committed that respondent and associates would thereon be required to be released without charge or charges would be applied. LSPD refused initial order, cited they would be held without bail or due process until such time a warrant could be issued by Los Santos Department of Justice. Legal Representation continues to protest that Respondent and Associates Civil Rights were being violated and that all aforementioned breaches of Acts provided were being now wilfully and knowingly obstructed. ARGUMENT This Court Should Suppress All Evidence Of Mr Bobby Billman, Noah Bishop and Spyder Enchilada Obtained The Evidence Through Egregious Violations Civil Rights, Responsibilities and Powers and Crimes Act aforementioned. Egregious violations occur when government agents have either engaged in “conduct a reasonable officer should have known would violate the Los Santos Laws” or “committed the violations deliberately.” Indeed, “all bad faith violations” of the aforementioned acts. LSPD conducted themselves in a manner that would be arguable considered excessive abuse of Powers and Responsibilities Act and by way of doing so knowingly intimidated Respondent and Associates into an illegal arrest and search. LSPD have provided photographic evidence specifically taken to induce a warrant of search and seizure without adhering to parameters set out within aforementioned acts. At no point has LSPD been able to specifically link evidence of material, physical or otherwise beyond such photographs to cause a reasonable warrant for search and seizure which would lead to an arrest. CONCLUSION AND PRAYER FOR RELIEF For the foregoing reasons, the Respondent respectfully requests that this court suppress all evidence obtained during or as a result of the unlawful search and seizure. In the alternative, this Court should order an evidentiary hearing to determine whether to grant this Motion to Suppress. Dated: 31 July, 2019 Respectfully submitted, ________________________________ Saul Goodman Goodman + Sandford.
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    General Information The Midnight Club has been underground racing in citys for about 8 years. Due to multiple police related issues we have moved to los santos to start the underground scene once again. We aim to bring many of the adrenaline thrill seekers for a regular illegal racing scene, this group does not race for fun, its all business. racing for money, drugs and other peoples cars. We also want to be able to sell car parts and anything relating to cars. Crew Members And Positions Crew Leader: Mark Wylde (Scissa™✂) Crew Co Leader: Kurt Wylde (足の毛 | TheLegHair) Crew Manager: Charlie Davies (Genera1) Crew Manager: Josh Hofton (Joshua) We will also want to expand once we find suitable members Legal Activities Car Crew House: Car meets, Public BBQ's Holding events to the public for giveways etc Illegal Activities Dealing with low class Drugs, Car Parts Crew House The Crew House is the Auto Exotic Garage On Elgin Ave in Hawick Clothing We Would like to know if we can get a shirt with a Midnight club logo on This Shirt is number 80 in torso Vehicles The Crew will not have specific vehicles or colors
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    this sounds dope ! brings great RP opportunities
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    I think this is your fault for playing Meepo tbh...
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    Our Story: The Brothers started back in 1991 as a small group of kids born and bred in Tenant Creek, Australia. At age 10 Richie Walker, Carl Williams, and Kazza Mac grew up together and would sneak out of home and congregate over a few VB's out the back of Kazzas' dad's cattle station, "Kimberly Park" in the night. As the boys grew old they would find themselves developing a reputation for pottydodging (stealing) neighboring cattle stations cleanskin micky-bulls on horseback; & cooking and distributing dodgy moonshine and shard out the back of Richie's dads shed. It wasn't long before the local-folk called these outcasts The Brothers for their bloodlike comradeship. After making thousands from selling stolen Drought-Master cattle and moving gear for contacts in Darwin, Richie wanted to expand his operation and move into something more legitimate - His own cattle station. The Brothers purchased and successfully ran the Gunpowder station South-East of Camooweal for many years selling live export all over the world, while cleaning drug and homebrew money on the side. After making a killing Richie, Carl & Kazza sold the company, and with the coin they had left they moved to Los Santos with a legitimate vision. The Brothers were in strife they dabbled in all legitimate industries in Los Santos but couldn't make ends meet. The fullas were worn out and tired so they resorted to one of the few things they knew, crime. Years went by and they made steady progress, even finding a few more likeminded Brothers to expand the business, but dodging the tax office was becoming seemingly more difficult, so Richie & Carl synthesized a plan. They put their coin together and bought a farm, The Brothers finally had an operation to hide from the tax office and clean cash. Despite wanting to leave the tracks of crime behind, it won't fade. Illegal Abilities: Sell Specific Substances Homebrew (Moonshine) Meth Sell Specific Weapons -AK47 -Mini SMG -Musket -All melee weapons Buy Illegal Animal Body Parts Bore Tusks Deer Hoofs Coyote Fur Cougar/Mountain Lion Fur Unique Gang Abilities (Explained): Buying Illegal Animal Body Parts: We propose the ability to buy Illegally poached animals from players at a high ticket pricepoint, this would possibly make hunting a viable job option for players who want to pursue a roleplay experience as a hunter who goes rooshooting/pigging/hunting to make ends meet. Suggested Pricing (in relation to rarity of animal & all subject to change): Bore Tusks $45,000 Deer Hoofs $12,000 Coyote Fur $70,000 Cougar/Mountain Lion Fur $90,000 How Poaching Could Be Implemented: Step 1: Introduce a new poaching cabin that works similar to the current hunting cabin, but without blips for animals. (perhaps a large green circle on the map that outlines where the prey might be) Cabin Location (props may need to be added): https://imgur.com/jBMWIGU Step 2: Add new items accordingly (fur, tusk, hoof, etc...) Step 3: Add a system for us to export the product for international sale Step 4 (Optional): Add a local buyer for players who don't want to sell to us. Other Notes: A hatchet will be needed to harvest the body parts off the animals & poaching is a county AOP feature only. The Brothers believe by being able to buy illegal body parts from people who harvest wild animals would add a new RP experience to the city while accommodating role-play experiences for players who want to purse a path as a hunter. Selling Moonshine: We propose a new class A illegal substance be added into the city, moonshine. This substance would work like all other drugs but can only be sold in county, we believe that county only seller locations would enrich the county AOP with a new activity to engage in. Sell Price (us): $20-100 p/piece Clean Cash Buy Price (locals): 4+ Cops - $210 p/piece Dirty Cash 8+ Cops - $410 p/piece Dirty Cash 12+ Cops - $610 p/piece Dirty Cash Where to sell: Hillbilly areas of county, for example: Farmers Hippies Crackheads How we gather moonshine: Option 1: The syndicate/gods sell us the brew for a price Option 2: We gather materials and cook it manually, similar to how legal jobs work Ingredients: Malt Grain - Harvest Location: https://imgur.com/Nb9C8cH https://imgur.com/UMGuEWk Bread Yeast - Harvest Location: https://imgur.com/TaPJ5SWhttps://imgur.com/A8ci1mE Sugar - Harvest Location: https://imgur.com/PuRwJDU https://imgur.com/UqmtQhn Where we brew/cook: Location - O'Neil Brothers Farm Basement: https://imgur.com/3pCn7G3 Roleplay Activities (illegal&legal): Fight Club - A underground fight club with gambling. Our vision for underground fight club would include; winner prize pools, proper waged gambling with accurate odds & sponsored fighters. Hunting Parties - A community event for likeminded individials to create new relationships over bullcatching, pighunting and rooshooting. (In-game this could only be deer/cows, but we RP it differently) Outback Adventures - Another event for likeminded individials to create new relationships over thrashing their offroad vehicles around the country. Day-to-Day Activities: Working the farm Brewing Moonshine Introducing new citizens to the city (Showing the basics) Visiting local hotspots (Ace Liquor, Benny's, Vanilla Unicorn, LSC) Drinking in the hills of Blaine County Advertising community events Public Entertainment Grinding/Hustling Members: (Subject to Add & Change) Elder Brothers: Richie Walker (richmont#4793) Kazza Mac (Kazz#5430) Bobby Black (Ownzy-#4615) Younger Brothers (Prospects): Crystal Meth (Katè#8677) Carl Williams (SHEPPY#7978) DeShawn Kern (Squnite#7146) Rob Smith (Roger#0456) Johnny Sins (J1NX_lll#2374) The Brother's Vehicles: Holden HSV/SS Youga Luxuary The Brother's Hideout: Grapeseed Farm: Interior (open for suggestions): Gang Outfit (Subject to change): Elder: Younger: Thank you for reading & Please leave suggestions below!
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    I have personally always played on American servers and i enjoyed them a lot but when I left my last community I was looking around for a new server that had a good mix of good rp and more stuff to do and this server ticked both those boxes, now I have been playing here about a month and a week or 2 and I love it. The devs are some of the fastest I’ve ever seen at getting on top of bugs and fixes which to be honest makes this server so much more playable, if you have a stable platform with nice features your RP is literally limitless. The staff team and how they handle stuff is great, One thing I really like in particular is that there is no OOC chat and the /report /msg system is a great feature I really enjoy playing with the Australian player base and I have become very addicted to this server tbh
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    Full Name: CJ WINSLOW Occupation: Qualified Mechanic at Lightning Auto Repair's Applying for: Offical Organisation Deus Inferos is a controlled Gang of Members within Los Santos Cities coming together under ther ownership of CJWINSLOW to be social, have fun & do business the gang came together at LSC as CJ is the Mechanic their - a Friendship was created Jay Walker went into the shop and had some great service from CJ and it ended up coming together within LSC, we realised could achieve anything with the bond of Boys that have come together! Trying to find the skillsets of every member is always a delecate balance but we feel like we have become a strong group within the city trying to help from Races, Fashion Shows, Helping Police & wanting to Venture within the Tattoo, Hairdressing & Clothes Business. CURRENT MEMBERS: CJ WINSLOW (CEO) STEVE MARTIN (COO) JAY MCEWAN (Advisor) MARTIN TYLER (Advisor) RYAN ROZA (Advisor) BRANDON IMPACT (Advisor) LOUI VASCESE (Treasurer) CURRENT PROSPECTS: NIGEL NOPA (Spotters & Lookouts) CHRISTEN JOHNSON (Spotters & Lookouts) RIPE TOMATO (Fighter) How do you find us and what do we wear: Place of Occupancy: Parking Lot on ELGIN AVE UNIFORMS: Orange RainJackets CARS: Matte Orange Cars with Black Rims What we are about and what do we currently do: ⦁ Motorcades for security ⦁ Raffles of cars ⦁ Extraction of Hostage situation ⦁ Public Service cleaning cars ⦁ 3 Mechanic's Working out of the shop ⦁ Chop Shop ⦁ Organising car meet's ⦁ Loan's Our Mission/Goal: Deus Inferos is trying to set a standard in the city of hard working young men. Trying to build a great bond with clients and non-profit organisations who wish to work along side us on the street's of Los Santos. We Strive to make the city a better place with fun and enjoyable things to do and places to hang out. Events And Interactions: Dice Rolling Touraments at the Car Park Organised Street Races & Car Meets (BIG PRIZES) Car Raffles! Police Vs EMS Charity Boxing Events Fashion Show to be held at the Carwash RANKS: CEO: ⦁ Communicating, on behalf of the company, with shareholders, government entities, and the public ⦁ Leading the development of the company’s short- and long-term strategy ⦁ Creating and implementing the company or organization’s vision and mission ⦁ Evaluating the work of other executive leaders within the company, including directors, vice presidents, and presidents ⦁ Maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, industry developments, etc. ⦁ Ensuring that the company maintains high social responsibility wherever it does business ⦁ Assessing risks to the company and ensuring they are monitored and minimized ⦁ Setting strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable COO: ⦁ Provide day-to-day leadership and management to a service organization that mirrors the adopted mission and core values of the company. Bottom line: Build a beautiful company. ⦁ Responsible for driving the company to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, cash flow and business goals and objectives. ⦁ Responsible for the measurement and effectiveness of all processes internal and external. Provides timely, accurate and complete reports on the operating condition of the company. ⦁ Spearhead the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes. ⦁ Collaborate with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the rapid growth objectives of our organization. ⦁ Motivate and lead a high performance management team; attract, recruit and retain required members of the executive team not currently in place; provide mentoring as a cornerstone to the management career development program. ⦁ Act as lead "client-care officer" through direct contact with every client and partner. ⦁ Assist, as required, in raising additional capital at appropriate valuations to enable the Company to meet sales, growth, and market share objectives. Advisor's: ⦁ Provide leadership development and skills training. ⦁ Serve as a resource on policies, procedure, contacts, etc. ⦁ Serve as troubleshooters. ⦁ Provide access to internal and external networks. ⦁ Ask questions that will better prepare students. ⦁ Channel information. ⦁ Monitor expenditures, policies, and goals. ⦁ Provide continuity from year to year. ⦁ Provide a sense of organizational history. ⦁ Provide for smoother leadership transition. Treasurer: ⦁ The Treasurer may be responsible for preparing, or facilitating the preparation of an annual budget, as well as regularly monitoring and comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against such budget. ⦁ The Treasurer should have thorough knowledge and understanding of the organization’s financial reports and important financial ratios. ⦁ A skilled Treasurer should be able to translate financial concepts and information for board members who do not have financial backgrounds or substantial financial experience. ⦁ A Treasurer may manage or oversee the management of the financial affairs of the organization, often including such basic tasks as selecting a bank, reconciling bank statements, and managing cash flow. In some organizations, the Treasurer may also be responsible for investing funds consistent with applicable laws. Runners & Carriers: ⦁ Runs Guns ⦁ Runs Cars ⦁ Runs Drugs ⦁ Runs Money ⦁ Takes Stuff Fighters: ⦁ Handling Issues ⦁ Pulling up on people causing trouble with people within the city ⦁ First onto the scene before the Team gets there ⦁ Helps out other Members from Organisations for a price Spotters & Lookouts: ⦁ Watches over spots ⦁ Motorcades with CEO & COO ⦁ With be used as bait if needed to help the crew out Properties: Tattoo Parlour (Option 1) We would like to give people jobs inside the tattoo parlours to give people more job Options. (Taking a cut from every Purchase) Car Wash (Option 2) The Car Wash would be the perfect Business for us as we are car Fnatics. (Taking a cut from every Purchase) Clothing Stores (Option 3) We would also love to have a business inside the clothes stores earning our way with smaller jobs and giving haircuts. (Taking a cut from every Purchase) Yours Truly - CJ
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    Bloods Backstory Bloods, are a family. Some may see us as rebels and others may see us as family. The Bloods is a organisation which do work in exchange for money, a place to stay, a family to be In, and a brotherhood like no other. The Bloods were created by a group of three teenagers who committed crimes to supply for their brothers sisters and a baby, as time went on the ones who supplied for the sisters, brothers and the one baby. The baby grew up in a rough and tough life, being fed from teenagers who stole one meal a day. The baby that was fed grew up to be Daquan Williams, The leader of the Bloods, The leader was rough anything that stood in the way would be dead to him, people looked up to this man, and thats how the Bloods started, red on the streets, cars, clothes, houses, were all red people would fear the colour of red. Lone men without a family joined the Bloods for a family and a home, And from there the Bloods were formed. What We Do - Exploration - Driving with the gang, in crews and Rp'ing events together. - Contract Killing - For specific individuals who need it for a valid reason. - Escort for illegal dealing - If a specific individual needs to export something, we can be there to help the export for a % of the fee from the total amount made. - VIP Escort - Escorting a VIP who either pays us or is a VIP in the gang. - Variety of Criminal Activity - Basic criminal activity which would not be abused. - Gang Training - Military training for gang, such as driving, shooting, respecting officers, etc. - Extortion - Human Trafficking - A new way of RP that could be implemented. - Drug Dealing. What We Need For the Bloods to be a stable organisation, we are hunter and gathers and receive our own income from the gang for "RP" purposes it would be easier if each role in the gang had a stable income for weaponry purposes and other RP purchases such as, vehicle mods and vehicles. Thats the main thing we need for the gang. The sum of the amount that would be needed is not decided at the moment but if this goes further than an application more thought would be put into that category. What We Will Do (RP) While the bloods aren't government affiliated, if we were to progress as a gang and become a government affiliated gang, we would want to connect with the community and want a part in it, people could come to us for something that we will think of for example, some may give us some sort of object or item, and we will exchange it for cash or other things. We will also make deals with the community and give cheaper prices for drugs of anysort, as well as weapons, bullets, and other black market items. Locations/Gang Area MAIN GANG HANGOUT 226 Little Bighorn Avenue GANG LOCATION ON MAP (FINAL) We will be using these areas for specific meetings casual areas to hangout in, deals of any sort such as, gun deals... Therefore this will be known as Bloods location. JOBS/ROSTER BOSS - (Name) - Income (Unknown) Chief - (Name) - Income (Unknown) Advisor - (Name) - Income (Unknown) Pimp - (Name) - Income (Unknown) Thug - (Name) - Income (Unknown) Trainee - (Name) - Income (Unknown) Gang Colours Vehicle Colours Pimped Out Cars - Red How Will We Affect Others With Our RP Bloods will be affecting other people by acting like a real life gang, not a shoot and run and mess things up for no reason but to be seen as a group who are "all red, all in a organisation, and all could be seen as rough". We are going to try and be feared on the streets and try to hold our own area which is Little Bighorn st, meaning people who aren't in the gang - the civilians wont be able to go into the area with a valid reason, like some gangs hold territories where civilians wont enter. I'm trying to say that its not illegal to enter Little Bighorn st but a danger could be upon you.
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    I've completely redone our initial application to include much more information regarding our business plan, as well as a revised corporate hierarchy and salaries. Feel free to contact me should more information be needed.
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    +1 love the idea gives people more RP to do with the fishing job G6AM-3
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    There’s room for more than 1 mafia but this is just an application, an idea on what we can have, name can be changed if need be by government.
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    I have been attending to this issueand it seems like its improving. Just give it time. Like look at this! We've gotten better... It should be less of a problem now
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