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    Ok hello, I take and open strip club for people to look at boobies & Wangs You allow Mr Chow & someone to run the club during the day I will bring life back into struggling strippers lives, They have children to feed. The City is lonely without the possibility of late night Tittys & Wangs Mr Chow Is for the people by the people I want to provide the entertainment needed. IF HIRED I will require these things Hiring exotic dancers and waitresses - Male & Female Hiring Security Guards Hiring General Manager to Run,Promote the club during the day Club Rules Would include * No Firearms Inside the club * Must 18 or older to enter * No Touching of Titties or Penis's without Consent & or Payment * Fighting Should only be done in the car park out of view of Cameras * Club & Affiliate MC,GANG Attire must left inside cars * Payments for Private shows must be paid for before show starts * More rules to come ect. I believe the city and myself can make this place pumping again, Price's & payments for jobs will be discussed with the city and myself if approved. also if approved Nights that may be included with an extra charge. * The Boobie bungalow * Vaginas R’ Us * Rear End Fridays * Hens & Ducks Nights * Dicks out Sundays * Dicks out for the boys ( Gay night ) * Scissors sisters Saturdays ( Ladies Only Night ) * Many more and all subject to change. I hear back from you soon okthxu Mr chOw out.
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    Are you tired of having to wait in line just to have a quick respray of your car? Or maybe you have been in trouble with the law and need your Rego Plate screwed onto the back of your R6, Maybe you have been sideswiped by some of the young local yahoos hanging around and need some panel work done, Well you’re in luck, pop on down to Staunch Detailing and check out some of our expert services to get your car back on the road Services include: Repairs Tune ups Panel repairs Paint work Visual tuning (Visual customisation) Tow services Insurance We would like to be given the opportunity to run a visual mod shop out of Benny's and possibly the garage in Paleto bay. We would like to be able to do vehicle repairs on site only and offer a tow service for all crashed vehicles. We would also like to be able to carry out visual only mods (no performance mods). I think we could bring life to an awesome Building in the city as well as a legit business to Paleto bay, While providing a healthy competition to the current mechanic business while still ensuring they are needed by customers. Staff Makeup CEO: Ned Kelly ($2000 Salary) Paint/Visual Manager::Jeffrey Dahmer ($1500 Salary) Tow/Repair Manager: Bruce Benton ($1500 Salary) Accounts/Insurance Manager:Rata Macue ($1500) Positions to fill Car Artist: Performs all paint and visual mods (and below) ($1250 +15% commission) Spanner Man: All Towing to impound/workshop And In House Repairs ($1000 +15% commission) Things we would require F6 menu Repair option to work only in shop Boss Menu Tow Truck City and County locations Uniforms (TBD) Business account City Meeting to discuss pricing Edit: Change of locations after finding out Bennys is taken l
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    I've had many run ins with these boys, it's great to see a group stepping away from hostile / gang related RP. The idea of promoting competition between other businesses is always good and opens a new gate of RP situations, as well as taking stress off the main mechanic area and spreading out places of interest - Bodie Biggins.
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    The Staunch boys have been an absolute pleasure to be acquainted with, Nothing but high hopes for you all - Bud Kewalski
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    The idea of having a 2nd "mechanic" company is great, gives them some competition on pricing etc. can vouch for every single person in this crew, great bunch of blokes that provide nothing but quality. look forward to seeing this company in the city. Boyboy Westcoast
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    I like the idea of this and I think it'll greatly benefit the city. I'm keen to see this in operation ASAP! Gordon Palmer.
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    Airline Proposal and New Business Ideas There seems to be a severe lack of aircraft and aircraft enthusiasm in the community. There are no air races, sightseeing tours, human or cargo transportation at all in the ENTIRE state! To me, a lifelong aviation enthusiast, this is absurd. So being the fan of aviation I am, I thought I could try to start some interest back up by securing a pilot's license and aircraft to demonstrate the use. Of course that desire quickly turned to frustration when I found out that there really wasn’t any way to get that certification let alone an actual aircraft. So my proposal is this: A reopening of the aviation industry, but not focused on transportation. Instead, a much different direction. I intend to use my start-up, Red Line Adrenaline Sports, to start hosting events like air races, skydiving, water sports, diving, downhill mountain biking, dirt track events like rallies and dirt bikes, and legally condoned pavement events. Even fund ideas like crazy stunts and tricks! The business will consist of myself as CEO, and have 3 other board member positions available for general planning. Our executives will be supported by a staff of 5 event coordinators, and below them will be primary event staff. We will also enlist the assistance of volunteers during events for a single pay-out for their time and services. Executives will be responsible for: -Securing funding and sponsorship -Government sanctions -Planning of events. Event coordinators will be responsible for: -Event staff coordination -Hosting -Entry fee gathering -Champion and runner-up pay-outs Event staff will assist with assist coordinators at events -Help direct participants to the proper location -Gather entry fees from spectators -Help plan police and medical readiness -Gather a limited number of volunteers to assist -Help event sponsors set up in event grounds Please, if you have any concerns, questions, or input, DM me on Discord @ RIver#2410 Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope to hear back from y'all soon!
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    Ive been told to RP major car crashes like the car is destroyed or no longer working if a big crash happens, which I love. I reverse PIT a cop car during a chase earlier and they smashed into a rock, then into a car and landed but continued to chase me. I think making vehicles a bit less durable so vehicles crashing in game is more reliable and we as players can 100% know whether we should continue driving the car or not. Just a suggestion to take the guess work out of the RP and create a more immersive experience. Kind of like what NoPixel do with the damage to vehicles.
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    this mans really wants everyone to be getting 40bucks every 30 minutes when to repair a car is 4k
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    It's a smart business idea! Slightly different to the traditional mechanics whilst creating a bit of competition with them. Plus the car shows and what not bring a good RP experience to the servers. -Barry Goodyear
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    Awesome idea cant wait to see if we get this. Ned kelly
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    Happened to me also, can't fix unless you relog. I didn't know what was causing it though, so thanks for that I just tried replicating it now, and it's 100% the cause.
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    Money has been comped, as shown in the video the money was lost in changing character.
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    Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution
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    +1 This should be approved ASAP
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    Yeah big +1 for these guys, nothing but respectable people with a smart idea. I love the idea of having a dedicated road-side service with a major workshop that allows for little things like simple visual customisation. Goodluck fellas.
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    Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution
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    All applications for illegal organisations such as gangs, or business with the sole intention to conduct any illegal operations (e.g illegal trading/black market of any kind) have been closed. All existing illegal organisations/businesses are unaffected All existing applications have been deferred
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    Dear Mr Baker, Applications in this location have been removed, please go apply at your nearest job centre. Kind Regards, Travis Holmes, Dep Director, LSES
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    DONATION AND PATREON SUBSCRIPTION GUIDELINES i. Funds collected by Fat Duck Gaming (FDG) via our web donation platform (on Paypal gateway) or via Patreon are goodwill transactions that support our current and future operations of FDG as a whole (and not a specific game server), thus it includes, but are not limited to our FiveM flagship servers. Donations may, and will be expensed by the Community Owner at his sole discretion, on goods and services with the sole intention to enhance our user experience when playing on FDG branded services. Whether for operational upkeep of our hardware, software licencing, branding or any IP rights. ii. At the discretion of the Leadership Team as a whole, donators and patreon subscribers may receive benefits in recognition of their support, which may come in many forms such as community-wide titles or designations, or aesthetic benefits such as early access to new contents or exclusive access to in-game plugins. These benefits may be modified or withdrawn as necessary, at the sole discretion of the Leadership Team for any or no reason at all, such as technical limitations. iii. Donation and subscription benefits are to be interpreted as a privilege, or a token of appreciation from the FDG Leadership Team, and are not to be intepreted as goods and/or services purchased. The only contratual obligation that FDG has to our donators and subscribers is solely, to put all funds collected from the mediums aforementioned in point i. into the upkeep and sustainability of our community. iv. Donations and patreon subscriptions do not entitle a player to receive priority or preferential consideration in the management nor development team, nor the entitlement to be immune from any adverse administrative actions, which may include permanent, community-wide ban during the course of an active patreon subscription. v. It is therefore important for users to understand that all donations and patreon subscriptions made on FDG and third party platforms are entirely optional and voluntary with the sole purpose to support the current and future operations of our community, and not for any potential perks one may receive from a donation/subscription. vi. Finally, refunds may only be made on a case-by-case basis under compassionate grounds.
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    Being in this community I have had alot of fun providing transportation for others and learning the ropes of how it works but after a while I find it becoming much harder to engage with people when majority of what people do is just run in the middle of the road and steal a car. From experience I myself can see why transportation is a tough job as well as the Airline business. If we want these businesses to flourish and be up and running again we would need to consider locking NPC vehicles. I know this one might not be a popular opinion but I feel like this would enhance Transportation RP and Airline RP better and would enhance immersion. I've noticed with people would steal vehicles from NPCs It really does take away from other potential rp people want to do. This would include people who want to be in the transportation business and the Airline business (I know this business is dead but that can change). People that look at the transportation companies, they look at the companies as a liability because it is sooo easy to steal a vehicle. These two Businesses die out because they tell themselves "Why pay for an uber when i can just steal a car, why take a plane to blaine county when i could just steal a car?". It is unfortunate to see people not want to engage in the rp when that resort to this are also denying the potential rp of others that want to work in the business, thus you have businesses dying out. I find it engaging with how the car dealerships work to where the only way you can get a vehicle is if you meet up with a car dealer. People seeing this would say to themselves "Man now I have to actually go to someone and talk to them and like purchase a vehicle from them?". But it works and it makes being a car dealer very useful now if you apply this to transportation and Airlines we would have two running businesses On Idea I do have to solve the stealing vehicles solution is why not have people purchase lock picks from gangs or mechanics and making them expensive for their value. We have to make sure these are not easy to obtain for reasons as well. Making them hard to obtain would decrease the amount of VDM that happens in the server. They would also increase the use of transportation, stated as before. I have posted a video with context that is related the topic above, it doesn't touch upon all issues but it can give you an insight of what i am talking about I would love to thank my employee Neil for participating in this video as well I hope you guys enjoy https://streamable.com/dkuws To sum up what I have been talking about rping is fun for all of us that stick around the community but it inst fun when rp is limited to things people want to do in the server because of loop holes other people can do. I hope you guys can reflect on this forum and consider sharing this and giving your own thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this
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    Harmony Automotive “Accelerating the future. The future is near.” Business Plan: Our plan for the near future is to provide the variety of Los Santos with the fine quality of what our vehicles have to offer. We have plans for community engagement by hosting mild event’s fortnightly and giving some of our profits out in raffles and vehicles. We would also love to give the opportunity for others to experience the amazing qualities and perks of becoming and operating a car dealership. Business Goals: - To create employment for the citizens Los Santos that don't often get the opportunity, to give everyone the chance and ability to make a difference in the community - To be the most Productive & Efficient Business - To provide the best customer service in Los Santos Public & Private Events: Vehicle Scavenger Hunt Vehicle Raffles Underground Events which are as followed: Public & Private Events: Car Shows, Bike Shows, Drag Races, Street Races & Drifting The goal here is to bring the car community together, and spread the passion of vehicles among one another. Car Shows: These will be held in different disclosed locations, they will consist of A) Entry Fee B) Music from a hired DJ C) Cars, cars and more cars & D) We will also be doing rolling because who doesn't like to risk it all? Bike Shows: These will be identical to Car Shows but instead of cars, it would be mainly bikes, any type of bikes. Drag Races: These will be held at a discreet location on a closed road, or other spots. There will be entry fee, betting, alcohol, and some closed races! Street Races: These will be the most underground event. These will include a meet up location, then everyone would head to the spot and go head to head. Entry Fee & Betting will be taking place at these. There will be classes to street racing ie: Muscle, Sport, Super, etc. Drifting: For the drift event, it would take place on disclosed streets, or a track (TBD). There would also be Parking Garage Donuts. If you aren’t blasting Tokyo drift at these, ya aren’t welcome. 4x4 Off-Road: For 4x4 events, the city is not the place. We would take this up to the Sandy Shores/Paleto area. There would be a meetup beforehand to discuss the terrain and make sure everyone is well equipped before each adventure. Different routes, that would take you to the world’s edge, there will never be a dull moment in these events. Reason for Application: We strive for the best possible experience both as a customer as well as employee for our business. The business will be operated most days pretty much all day ensuring that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to come down and purchase a vehicle whenever they feel necessary. Investment Group: We have investors lined up and ready to invest good amounts of money into the company, so money will never be an issue. It's also good to note that our management team will be taking only a small percent of profits during Harmony's opening days. Ranks: CEO COO Manager Chief Sales Representative Senior Sales Representative Sales Representative Employment History: Car Dealer - Manager Mechanic - Manager Extra's Categories & History: JDM: Japanese Domestic Market; These are the cars that over time & with popularity coming from The Fast & Furious series, have grown and turned into something no one saw coming. Ever since 1904 when Japan made their first car running off steam. Some of the world’s most brilliant mind to ever bless a car have come from Japan and the JDM scene. IE: Supra, Evo, Rx7, NSX, Skyline, Integra, Silvia. Muscle: Who doesn’t love a good muscle car? In 1955, against common belief the first “actual” muscle car was a Chrysler C-300 due to being marketed as the first American high-performance variant, with track numbers to match. This was followed later with Pontiac GTO. Since then, Muscle cars have taken off! Most owners either keeping them classic or going full performance and whichever you choose, they are beastly. IE: Mustang, Barracuda, Chevelle, GTO, Daytona. Sport: The first sports car to hit the market was made in America in 1950, 3 years before the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette was announced. This car is named Nash-Healey and it continued production from 1950-1954. To understand a car and the potential in one, you must never forget their roots and how they got to where they are now. IE: M3, BRZ, 370z, GTI, WRX, Corvette. Sedan: These are more common than the previous categories. These have 4-doors so instead of the cons associated with Coupes, etc, then you have enough seating for an average family size of 4. Sedans are known for their less sporty appearance but the storage room, and better gas mileage compared to other categories make these special in their own way. Luxury: The luxurious cars are made with attention to detail and the highest of all technology. The brands that have done this stand out due to their advertising among celebrities. Brands that are considered “luxury” would be IE: Infiniti, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Cadillac, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc.
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