FDG Service Disclaimer
The service(s) provided by Fat Duck Gaming ("FDG") are not responsible for any social media contents or roleplay created by users (hereafter as user generated contents, and independent from definitions used by other organisations). Contents created by users only express the opinions of the respective user.

The service(s) provided by FDG are intended for audience who are of legal age of majority in the users' country of residence. FDG do not have the right nor responsibility to verify the age of a fellow user, but insists that by using service(s) provided by FDG, the user has understood and is willing to comply with our terms, disclaimer and rules, and that the user is of the age of majority.

FDG will not condone any forms of unapproved and/or unsolicited advertisements through our service(s) and third-party platforms where we host/offer our service(s). This includes, but are not limited to content creator channels, third-party websites, other sensitive/personal or copyrighted contents

FDG's disclaimer, terms and rules may be changed without notice.

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