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Registration for No Mercy

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Gang Name: No Mercy

Gang Leader: Babz Johnson (7819496)
Gang Lead Discord: babl#3410

Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules
General (1 ic) : Babz Johnson - 127428 - babl#3410
Brigadier General (2 ic) : Liam Dex -  127452 - Dex#0775
Colonel : Shaw Ree  - 128279 -  shawryyy#6648
Lieutenant Colonel : John Driller - 120027 - Aresden#0001
Captain : Chad Carter - 1257598 - Spoon#6765
Captain : Tommy Farrel -  116321 - Tommy29#5115

Gang Colours/Uniform: Upload image to imgur.com, copy image, and paste image below.





Gang Backstory: 

No Mercy was a combatant militia founded in the heart of Syria aiding the small farming villages on the outskirts of the country to stand up for themselves. Some things included with aiding the villager’s was teaching them how to be resourceful, combat experience with melee, on foot, car and helicopter warfare. Original Founder and “ General “ of No Mercy was Babz, he formed a small tight nip group consisting of Dex “ Brigadier General “ , Shaw Ree “ Colonel “ , John Driller “Lieutenant Colonel “, Chad Carter “ Captain”.
 Each person has been hand picked to form the militia because they all have various skills and over 10 years of military experience ranging from Marines - Airforce Top Gun Pilot but most of all everyone has the Mercenary mentality. One of the main reasons this group was formed was to stand up to the bullies in the world. Those who abused their power and tried to pick on the little guys, No Mercy is there to restore peace and balance to whatever country they are in whether it's Iraq , Malaysia or even Los Santos.
Don't be fooled by how we talk and act towards those less fortunate, we still have a common goal amongst ourselves and that is earning money, if that's thru arms dealing, drug dealing, salvaging car parts, ransacking homes, or even Hunting wildlife to sell to local communities. We will do just about anything to earn and provide for ourselves. 

When Babz formed this group and approached each person he had few but very important questions for his fellow brothers like : What can you bring to the table? What was your military experience? What do you know about making money? These are three very basic but very important questions because they define who you are as a group.

Hangout location :





Planned Day to Day Operations:

No Mercy day to day operations consist of :
- Dealing Drugs 
- Arms Dealing
- Ransacking Homes
- Meeting other organizations

- Events for the community

Do you accept the following condition:
In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules.

In registering this gang, i understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breachers of server and/or gang rules

 I understand that running a gang does not exclude us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing 

 I understand that i do NOT own/operate any territory and i cant claim sections of the city as “ Gang Area 

I understand that i am limited to 6 Gang members unless i am “ Syndicated” by gang staff

I understand that we are not to operate as a gang unless we have been approved by gang staff

Edited by Babz
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