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Registration for The Angels

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Gang Name: The Angels

Gang Leader: Amika Tes

Gang Lead Discord: Spastic_Chi#9328

Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules

- Seraphim 1IC Amika Tes - 118380

- Cheribim 2IC Rosemarie Tes - 122281

- Thrones Drath Tes - 113739

- Archangel Tom Sterling - 15149


Gang Colours/Uniform:







The Angel's Backstory:

Amika Tes moved to San Andreas from Liberty City with permission from the President of the Angels Liberty City chapter to expand the MC. Amika Tes is the Beloved Daughter of President Johnny Elliot.


Amika Tes moved to San Andreas to escape the pressure from her father. Little did Johnny Elliot know that the Amika would change the whole structure of the Angels and make it a gang where everyone was welcome to join.


After moving to San Andreas, the Angels found that life in this new city wasn't as easy as they thought it would be. They had noticed that there were more gangs in the city and finding members wanting to join challenging and a place the gang could call home. They finally called home the Hardware store in Sandy on the Senora Freeway, where they had used to make plans on how The Tes Family the gang would be run and what they would do to help the people of San Andreas.



Personal Backstory:


Amika Tes

Amika is the only daughter of Johnny Elliot and the Youngest of his children. Amika was pressured to marry a High Ranking member of The Angels to help cement more power for the Elliots in the Angels. Knowing this, Amika fled to San Andreas to escape the arranged marriage. After getting to San Andreas, she then became a member of The Koi Family to have more protection from her father, which she showed so much promise that she worked her way up to the leader of The Koi Family, where she met her now husband Drath Tes where they soon married before the disbanding of The Koi Family, Johnny Elliot found out where Amika was. After finding out she was married, he struck a deal where he controlled her by moving The Angels to San Andreas.


Drath Tes

Drath Tes moved to the city of San Andreas with a bunch of friends who lived the boring plain life as a basic criminal. When his Cousin Tegszy moved to San Andreas to join her Cousin, they started hunting together. Where he met Granny one day while on a hunting trip. After meeting Granny, Drath Tes then met his now Wife while he was pushing drugs to make money for himself, Amika at first did not notice him, and after Drath was invited to join  Koi by Mikey Sano, Amika finally noticed Drath where he then asked her out on a date, It was love at first sight and soon got married where they then found out she was pregnant with twins, they gave birth to Rosemarie and Kevin.


Rosemarie Tes

Rosemarie "Rosie" Tes is the oldest of the twins by two hours. While growing up, Rosie showed excellent knowledge of the criminal world by going with her father to rob houses, getting an extensive charge record from a young age. Once Rosie became an Adult, she showed significant signs of leadership like her mother. After her Grandfather arrived in San Andreas to drag her mother back for abandoning The Angels, MC Rosie instantly pointed a gun at her Grandfather, knowing that he would try to break up their family and threatened to shoot him in the head on the spot if he didn't leave. With that knowledge, Johnny Elliot told the Tes family that they would create The Angels MC in San Andreas to increase his power. Still, with the understanding that Rosie had, she quickly got her family in on a plan to deceive her Grandfather and make The Angel's name known more for the inclusion that anyone was allowed to join, even if they have a different religion or culture and with that Amika and Drath decided that Rosie would be second in charge of The Angels.

Future Jumpers:



Gang Ranks:
1IC - Seraphim
2IC - Cheribim
Officer - Thrones
Senior Members - Archangels
Members - Angels


Planned Day-to-Day Operations:

Selling Drugs
Selling Blackmarket Items
Interacting with other gangs
Events Hosted by The Angels
Events Hosted by The Angels and another gang
Helping new citizens find their place within the city


Do you accept the following condition:

In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. Yes

Edited by TinkyWinky
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Hello @TinkyWinky, before moving your gang forward are you able to update your gang uniform to have more consistency, not just the jumper.

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