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Zion M13

Registration for Massacres MC

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Gang Name: M13 Massacres

Gang Leader: Zion Massacre (7277709)
Gang Lead Discord: Zion Massacre#6377

Gang Members:
- Zion Massacre - 132324 - Zion Massacre#6377
- Ariah Massacre - 135902 - M13_PRESIDENT#7054
- Otto Kovacs - 132302 - Skelly#1231
- Darren Papadopoulos - 132882 - king_dinga_ling#1586
- Damo Smith - 132962 - i_dont_pay_tic#9723
- Hone Ruapata - 136307 - Ruthless316x#4274

Gang Colours/Uniform: 

The Massacres can be identified by the black and grey uniform as shown below.


Wearing a grey hoodie with a certain identifiable decal and a black vest with black and white pants with mask. The shoes are optional.

Gang Backstory: 

The Massacre brothers. Loyal to their grandfather who is the founding leader of the Massacre clan of Japan which started at the end of World War 2, and loyal to their father who is now leading the massacre clan in his Fathers footsteps. The two brothers as children dreamt to one day be like their elder generations and lead a clan of their own one day. In their teen years they became more involved, and before long started to operate in the illegal criminal activities the clan was involved in. Weapons and drug trafficking became the two brothers expert profession and quickly, they climbed the ladder to taking charge of all drug and weapon shipments in and out of the town. Having rivalries with other clans from neighboring towns and paying their dues to bigger mafia families from the big cities, the Massacre brothers hated the fact that they had to show respect to these mafia families that in their eyes ‘bludged’ from them. All their hard work and life risking decisions all to pay a cut to the families that weren't doing the work they were putting in. Furious that their father would not listen to them when they urged him to cut off the mafia families, the two brothers even though it pained them, asked for their fathers blessing to venture off elsewhere and develop new pipelines in other countries so they didn’t have to pay their dues to the mafia and be an even more independent organization. Given their blessing by both their grandfather and father, the Massacre brothers took flight to another country. The brothers had cousins and childhood friends alongside them who all swore allegiance to them and promised to help establish in a foreign country.
Landing in the city of Los Santos, the boys quickly started making noise in the streets growing a criminal reputation for themselves with robberies, debt collecting, drug trafficking and doing what the boys do best distributing weapons in and around the city. Forever on the cops watchlist. Nothing quiet about these war hardened criminals. Loud, open, and always cruising the city in their JDM imports and super cars. The Massacres have a dream now after seeing how the Motorcycle clubs operate in the city, to eventually start their own. Growing a passion for Motorcycles and Leather vests they're already a step closer to accomplishing their goals.

Planned Day to Day Operations:

Community Services - The Massacres have very strong goals in supporting the city community as they had also had plenty of experienced city folk reach their hand out to them and help with a lot that they needed.

Robberies - The Gang knows the ways of making big money is to sometimes go on the dirty side of life and hitting banks, smash and grabs, local stores and even local housing for some extra money to grow their criminal empire.

Weapons and Drugs - The dirtiest of dirty money to ever operate in the city. weapons and drugs are a massive part of the gangs wealth and there will be no end to these boys distributing weapons and narcotics around the city of Los Santos.

Diving - Since moving to the city the boys have a had an interest in diving after hearing about the secrets in the sand. During their down time the boys like to do a bit of diving in hopes to uncover the hidden secrets of the deep blue.

Events - M13 would like to attend as many city events as possible and in the future host events of their own. The dream is big.

Kidnapping - If the Massacres have to take some people as hostage for gang benefit then by all means they will. On the upside, they will only take hostages for very good reasons.

Standing our ground - The boys know what it takes to really make a name for themselves in the city. Though respect is given first because they were raised like that, if disrespect is given to the Massacres they will return the same energy at an life changing price.

Cruising - M13 Massacres love their JDM import and super car vehicles. Now building a Passion for motorcycles you can see them drifting, cruising and riding through the city and even up north.


The gang would like to expand within the city climbing in numbers and earning respect from other city organizations. They want to Start an MC and establish in the West side of the city 'Del Perro'. Currently looking at gaining access to the Surf club on the Great Ocean Highway. Already hanging around at the compound they hope to see a set of keys so they can renovate and establish long term.


This is the vision the Massacres hold for themselves in the future.

(Excluding bottom rocker as territory)

Do you accept the following condition:


"In registering this gang, I understand and accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules."

"I understand that running as a gang does not excluded us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing"

"I understand that I do NOT own/operate any territory and I cant claim sections of the city as "gang area"

"I understand that I am limited to 6 Gang members unless I am "syndicated" by gang staff"

"I understand that we are not to operate as a gang unless we have been approved by gang staff"

Edited by Zion M13
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Is the black vest a non-wearable item in city? I was told it was. Could I please have some clarification on this?

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Gang name has been changed at request of 1/2IC to Massacres MC

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