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Masvidal v Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

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Contact Details - Applicant/Plaintiff
First Name: Rudolph
Last Name: Guillani
Mobile: N/A
Discord: lynxaa3213

Contact Details - Client (If this application is submitted by a registered legal practitioner or on behalf of an organisation)
First Name:  Johnny 
Last Name: Masvidal
Mobile: N/A
Discord: N/A

Organisation Name (If applicable): 


Defendant Name: Australian Federal Police
Defendant Organisation (If available): AFP
Respondent Discord (if known): N/A



Statement of Claims:
[1] On the 7th day of August 2022, Mr. Masvidal was travelling in a motor car when he was pulled over by two uniformed officers of the Australian Federal Police. The officers then placed Mr. Masvidal in handcuffs, stating he was detained. The officers in question than proceeded to search Mr. Masvidal without explaining to him why in contravention of s 6(d) Law enforcement (Powers & Responsiblties) Act 2 018 (SA). Moreover, after this the officers in question than removed from Mr. Masvidals possession his desert eagle which he has a current firearms licence for declaring the weapon was 'illegal'; constituting the tort of trespass to goods. Furthermore, the officers in question than proceeded to spray Mr Masvidal with OC spray for simply asking for their badge numbers which they subsequently refused to give and sprayed Mr. Masvidal once again (this constitutes the tort of assault limb).

[2] It is the applicants submission that the torts of trespass to goods and assault have been committed by the AFP officers in question on Mr. Masvidal: s 7(a)(1)(9) Civil Torts Act 2020 (SA).

[3] The officers in question are believed to be AFP-17 and an unknown officer.

[4] The applicants seeks the following remedies:

i) Payment for $250,000 to Mr. Masvidal in non-economic losses.

ii) The return of lawfully owned and possessed firearm.



Acknowledgement: Failure to acknowledge the following will result in penalties
1. I acknowledge that under section 22 of the Crimes Act 2018 and section 8 of the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 that it is an offence to provide falsified statements or evidence and may result in harsh penalty if convicted.
2. I acknowledge that under section 15 of the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 that there will be a fee associated with the court proceedings of this case, per person in each party. (Y/N)
3. I authorise the Government of San Andreas to deduct any fees set out in point 2 above from my bank account automatically. 
(Attach evidence of consent from additional applicants to this case). (Y/N)

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