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Registration for The Network [N]

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Posted (edited)

Gang Name: The Network

Gang Leader: Guy Garcia - 666510
Gang Lead Discord: Whitto#5044

Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules
Guy Garcia (Whitto#5044)

Deputy Chairman
Chase Juarez (ryanjm#6475)

Freddie Sabini (elk003#4933)

Corey Worthington (MiniHyper#3369)

Gang Vehicle Colour: Metallic Black Primary w/Sea Green Pearlescent
Uniform Style/Colour: Smart casual, primarily the Green depicted below



Gang Backstory: 
Built on relationships of a period stretching 3 years, "The Network" is a collective of individuals who's connections meet no end in the city. With previous ties to mafias, cartels and biker gangs, "The Network" seeks to provide solutions and create opportunities to the criminal underworld of the city.

Planned Day to Day Operations:
- Import/export of any and all product based on the needs of our customers
- Providing strategic business/operational planning to other existing and upcoming groups/businesses
- Commission based deal-brokering
- Investing in and supporting all kinds of legitimate businesses around San Andreas
- Creating legitimate businesses
- Facilitating/expanding on the "Inner Circle"

Facilitating and managing the "Inner Circle".
The "Inner Circle" is underworld syndicate comprised of groups operating in and around Los Santos. The conglomerate will leverage mutual respect and loyalty in order to provide solutions to problems observed to all members of the circle. 

The circle will operate on a favour based system. All members will be given a single favour upon opening their membership with "The Inner Circle". 

The members of the "Inner Circle" can bring problems/requests to "The Network" at the cost of their favour. 

Using the extensive list of contacts inside of the "Inner Circle", The Network will offer this job the list of members in exchange for an additional favour. 

The Network will also be providing odd jobs required to be completed by groups and individuals inside of the "Inner Circle".

Membership Benefits
- The "Inner Circle" will also play host to underworld summits for members of the gang community to bring forth ideas and concerns on day to day operations of the cities dark side and provide a platform where networking can take place in an open format.
- Free access to black market auctions hosted by The Network.
- Access to the lowest prices available based on "The Networks" phone book. 

Do you accept the following condition:
In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules.


Edited by Whitto
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