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Registration for The Kiyoshi Family

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Gang NameThe Kiyoshi Family

Gang Leader: Nick Kiyoshi | Mob: 284680 | ID: 103915
Gang Lead Discord: kota#6020

Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules

  • Nick Kiyoshi - 103915
  • Renn Kiyoshi - 110882
  • Brendo Kiyoshi - 106630
  • Hiro Kiyoshi - 103943
  • Chou Kiyoshi - 124056
  • Kees Kiyoshi - 110882





Oyabun  Family Head

Saiko-Komon 2IC /  Senior Advisor

Wakagashira— 3IC /  Lieutenant


Shateigashira  Leader of the Brothers

Kyodai  Big brothers

Shatei  Little brothers

Gaijin  Hangarounds



Gang Colours/Uniform: 










Gang Backstory: 

A pack of men in sharp, tailored suits and dark sunglasses struts down the street. Their eyes are shielded, but the icy scowl on their faces is a clear sign to stay out of their paths. A few of their collars hang open, showing off a glimpse of the vibrant and intricate ink work on their chests, and presumably, their entire bodies. Tattoos are the norm these days, but then one suddenly spots a man with a peculiarly pint-sized pinkie. Perhaps it is only a deformity, but upon a closer look, it appears that the entire upper half has been sliced cleanly off, almost as if it were done intentionally. Since the beginning of civilization, crime and injustice have existed. At the same time, gangs in all shapes and sizes have been around, from bikers, hood rats, and rogue soldiers to the average circle of miscreants loitering in alleys and behind convenience stores. In Japan, a gang of a different breed would arise – one underscored by honor, respect, family, and a code of ethics. They are the Yakuza, the Kiyoshi Family.

Planned Day to Day Operations:

  • Meeting people and getting to know others.
  • Selling and buying households, weaponaries, drugs, etc
  • Making money and try to buy cars, houses.
  • Represent the Asian community.
  • Hang out at Wong's noodle.
  • Help out newcomers into the city.

Do you accept the following condition:

In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. YES.


Edited by kota
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