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Promotion application for: Jaxon Aziz

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Section 1 - General Information

1.1) First Name:

1.2) Last Name:

1.3) Rank:
Leading Senior Constable

1.4) Callsign:


List all disciplinary over the last two months:




3.1) What could you bring to your High Command Team?

What I can bring to the SAPF GD High Command Team is an officer thats learnt from self experiences, not just his own but the officers around him. I have been in the PD for 7 months now seeing many different aspects of the trade whether it be UC work with CIB members or Breaches of building with the Tactical Dept. I have assisted those in need, been apart of Highway Patrol and worked my way through the ranks with good policing.
I have always been a person to assist recruits with issues they may have and always providing my guidance where possible when taking them on 10-12s. I am an officer who will provide guidance to members in need and make sure no officers are left behind through the moving forward of the PD with any aspirations it may hold.

3.2) How have you improved/mentored an officers ability?

In the past i have assisted high command members with polair pilot and cam training, I have assisted recruits with their outlook on their calls making them more comfortable when talking on the radio and not as stressed out, i have helped officers with further understanding their directions of travel, and all little things that they may not be aware of which help them do better policing.

3.3) Why should you be put into the High Command Team?

I feel as i should be put in the High Command team due to my versatile policing. Although i do general policing, im still my own person, i do a variety of policing and i am creative with what i like to think as bright ideas. Im always willing to help out officers in need, love to assist in trainings and would enjoy my job further partaking in high command activities like assisting officers in the police force and making sure things are running smoothly.

3.4) Select 5 sections out of the Standard operating procedure and explain what they mean to you.
Section 1.

Section 1 is Officer Conduct. This means how an officer of the SAPF conducts themselves when on duty and must remain at a professional, courteous standard making sure they're respecting the public and themselves at all times.

Section 2 is GD Procedures. This contains the steps to take when transporting officers, The procedures for recruits to become constables. and procedures involving high risk situations

Section 3 talks about vehicle procedures including how highway take lead in pursuits, number of vehicles on a pursuit, rules of being 4 up in a vehicle etc.

Section 4 Is special procedures including UC operations and what you must do when being UC in an operation when on duty. E.g informing officers of your plate and vehicle when arriving on scene.

Section 5 contains the procedures of being GD High Command, including sending officers off duty, completing trainings and any other information for GD High Command SOPs.


4.1) From Section 1 Officer Conduct, what are the three administrative duties that an officer on admin leave can accomplish?

1) The officer cannot perform general duties patrols, except prisoner transports;

2) The officer is restricted to carry a taser only;

3) The officer must handle all processing of offenders, lobby enquiries and perform dispatch duties if requested;

4.2) From Section 3 Vehicle Procedures what must happen when shots are fired in a vehicle pursuit and when can tactical contact be made when to an civilian?

Place answer here.

4.3) From Section 5 High Command Procedures, when may you send an officer in your command off duty?

A) The Officer in question has committed an act of misconduct;

B) That act of misconduct is not in question or under investigation.

C) That act of misconduct does not meet the requirements of serious misconduct;

The supervisor must inform the respective branch PSO as soon as practicable.

4.4) From the 2018 Crimes and Corruptions Act, what are the three points that state that an individual has committed an offence of bribery?

  1. Provides a benefit to another person; or
  2. Causes a benefit to be provided
  3. Offers to provide, or promises to provide, a benefit to another person; and

The person does so to influence the other person to carry out a favour.

4.5) How many factors need to be met for reasonable grounds and how many points do you need to prosecute someone for their crimes?

You meet reasonable grounds if an officer of the SAPF or AFP personally witnesses a crime being undertaken or alternatively if two of the following factors are met.

  1. Failure to produce identification;
  2. Seen entering, being present or leaving the immediate area of an active crime scene;
  3. Overhearing a conversation or receiving witness statements identifying individuals who are about to, or are committing, or have committed a crime;
  4. Failure to provide a reasonable excuse to justify face concealment within one block of a bank, a government property or a crime scene;
  5. Individuals entering or exiting restricted areas, these being:
  1. Bank Vaults
  2. Airside of all San Andreas Airfields
  3. Police Stations
  4. Fort Zancudo
  5. Prison


5.1) If a suspect requests a lawyer outline the steps that you would take, starting from the request up until the lawyer is privately talking with the suspect. Also, state the time length you would give your suspect to prepare his or her defence and to communicate with a lawyer in confidence:

A lawyer has been requested for Suspect in the cells whos being pressed for Murder. I personally witnessed the murder going, The suspect has their right to a lawyer i deny the suspect the right to personally request the lawyer themselves however i give the option for me to request a lawyer on their behalf through the 1800-Lawyer hotline, they request a specific lawyer and he gets requested, I allow a 10 minute timeframe from the initial request for the lawyer to arrive to the MRPD cells. its been 5 minutes and the lawyer arrives to the PD. I pat down my suspect a 3rd time informing him why and then proceed to collect the lawyer from the MRPD lobby. 

I ask the Lawyer for their Lawyer credentials then asking for consent to search them for any firearms or contraband before heading in through the police department down to the calls, they comply willingly and down we go to the cells, i then allow 15 minutes for the lawyer and defendant to plan a defense in which i then proceed asking of the outcome, The lawyer claims the suspect will admit to the crime if his charged is dropped from 60 months to 45. I find it fair and proceed to charge the suspect.

5.2) If you see two general duties officers having a verbal disagreement in the car park, How would you handle the situation?

I ask the officers what the issue is, if they fill me in and i see an officer at fault or if in a breach of an SOP i follow it through to high command officers, if its just a friendly disagreement/contructive criticism i leave the conversation and allow them to continue their conversation.

5.3) If an officers is wearing unauthorised armour/ firearms ,

a) how would you approach the situation

I ask the officer as to why they have armour on and or a two handed weapon that hasnt been approved by high command if they realise they have a gun on their person that has not been approved in which they may say, A) no i know the gun is on my chest or B) No i didnt know the gun was there let me put that away apologies. 

I would say no worries just put it away as it hasnt been approved by HCMD and if they question it i would direct them to the SOP section so they achieve an understanding.

b) if proceeds not to follow set orders what would be your next step in this situation

I would report the misconduct to SAPF High command.



6.1) I understand that by filing this application , it does not automatically guarantee a promotion

6.2) Filling out this application is in my own words, if i am found guilty of copying somebody elses application i will automatically accept a 1 month wait period before i can re apply again




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Good Evening Leading Senior Constable Jaxon Aziz,

 I am here to advise you that we have received your application & it is currently under review by the SAPF HCMD team.
We will be in contact if we require any further information .

Please keep in mind this is a lengthy process & may take some time and we appreciate your patience.

 Kind Regards,

SO-02 Mitch Wick

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