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The Parker Review: Mclaren 720s

Has the king still got it?

Author: Spiderman I4bqdHH.png@Spiderman ✓

Published: April 8th, 2021 7:50 PM

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: McLaren 720S - GTA V
Image source: Spiderman Pictures

YOU KNOW me, Spiderman, lover of everything sleek and stylish, from my tight Lycra skinsuit, to my extensive collection of exotic cars. Now I've recently fallen into the possession of what can only be described as the best looking car I've ever owned: the Mclaren 720S.

I've spent years looking for the perfect supercar to roll around in, and I used to always overlook the Mclaren 720s, probably because I never saw it around in action. Until I did, and oh boy, my skinsuit might've gotten tighter. 

Now unlike my previous additions to my collection, this car is a bit on the pricey side, sitting at a sharp 1.6 million dollars. I would like to add however, it certainly does not disappoint from both an appearance and performance perspective.

From the head-turn-o-meter, this car certainly matches cars such as the Ferrari Portofino or the Lamborghini Aventador. Its curvy and lustrous exterior, accentuated by its distinguished purr and exuberant roar when you smash your foot on the pedal, really gives you the impression that you're in the presence of something legendary. 

And when we move onto the typical business of speed and power, it certainly does not disappoint, with its 710bhp, it can break 280km/h without even breaking a sweat. This animal probably has the most responsive handling I've ever seen in an exotic, imported car. It obviously has the slight tendency to oversteer and spinout at times, but that all comes down to a learning curve that fades away over time.

Customization of this car is limited mostly to carbon fiber replacements for most of the bodywork, and I believe a single static spoiler option, in which you'd be a fool to replace the active spoiler and airbrake that comes standard. Personally, I kept my car as clean and factory new as possible. I have got to take points off for it is extremely low to the ground already, and me being the fool that I am, lowered the suspension a bit too much, and now it scrapes more than an angry bricklayer. 

Now to conclude, I can only recommend this car to the more passionate drivers in San Andreas. If you're new to the city and aren't used to the physics-breaking automobiles in this city or the high economy, I'd pass on this vehicle and consider something with fewer 0s, but with just as much ferocity. This is not a car you purchase right from the get-go. This is a car that you build up to. 

I would also like to take the time to apologize for the gap between car reviews, I've been very busy trying to teach the City Council how to work with peak efficiency and ethics, ensuring that everyone can work as effectively as possible without bottlenecking each other productivity. It's been a long and arduous process, but there has been clear progress.

Next Car Review in a couple of days. 


McLaren 720S @ McLaren Vancouver McLaren Dealer BC.
Image source: Moogle Images/Spiderman Pictures

Spiderman is a Freelance News Reporter and resident car connoisseur. He can be commonly found in a Black and Pink Spiderman Outfit around the legion square area, Immersing himself with the people. 

All cars used in these reviews were used carefully by Suitable Professional Peter Parker. No people, animals, or Officer Farewell's were harmed in the production of this article. Weasel News is not responsible for the Wreckless Driving of Spiderman. San Andreas Police Department is notified when his testing is taken place. Links and References to other articles have been attributed appropriately. 

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