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Promotion application for: Kenzie Cruize

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Posted (edited)




Section 1 - General Information

1.1 ) First Name:

1.2 ) Last Name:

1.3 ) Rank:
Leading Senior Constable

1.4 ) Callsign:



List all disciplinary over the last two months:
Resolved AFP PSO Case - resulting in Rank Lock from 06/02/2021 - 06/03/2021 (which I was released early from on 28/02/2021 by GD Command Level)




3.1 ) What could you bring to your High Command Team?

I am a very motivated and enthusiastic person. I strive for the best. I am hardworking, flexible and have a very strong initiative. I thrive in a team-based environment. I take pride in everything I do and I am committed to finishing any task given to the best of my ability.

3.2 ) How have you improved/mentored an officers ability?

I often mentor new officers during recruit ride-along.  I make it a focal point to focus not only on the Standard Operating Procedures, General Duties Procedures and General Law and Regulations, but the ways officers conduct themselves on duty. I am always happy to assist officers in bettering themselves. I often provide requested constructive feedback.

3.3 ) Why should you be put into the High Command Team?

I have previous experience in the LSPD as a Sergeant I in the County Department. This experience enables me to understand the requirements of being HCMD member and also being an effective leader. I have a decent amount of experience organising RTO and other officers on duty. Officers often feel comfortable approaching me with issues or to seek advice regarding a multitude of different situations. I feel confident attending supervisor requests and hostile situations where officers require guidance. 

3.4 ) Select 5 sections out of the Standard operating procedure and explain what they mean to you.

1 ) Section 1 - Officer Conduct - 1.5
All officers must adhere to the Chain of Command. This ensures the appropriate officer will deal with the appropriate situation/issue and respects each officers right to authority. 

2 ) Section 2 - General Duties Procedures - 2.2
All officers must provide identification as a bare minimum requirement to either be contacted regarding a situation they dealt with or to take ownership of a decision/choice they made (ie. if the member of the public or another officer wishes to make a complaint) - This is important as we need to hold ourselves to a high standard, as we represent SAPF and need to be held accountable if we are not.

3 ) Section 2 - General Duties Procedures - 2.8
We are required to use appropriate force in order to control unnecessary harm to civilians/suspects. This ensures that we are reminded that we are officers of the law and our job is to enforce the law. However, it enables us to increase the odds of survival and gives them a second opportunity at life (eg. tasing a suspect instead of shooting them). This also reduces the risk of undue harm to other officers on duty (eg. shooting at a suspect and they shoot back or call for back up).

4 ) Section 3 - Vehicle Procedures - 3.4
This enables us to reduce/control the risk our driving has on civilians and other officers.

5 ) Section 5 - High Command Procedures - 5.7
This section outlines a list of offences an officer can commit in which they may face disciplinary action. Any officer of the SAPF should always remain professional on duty and as a bare minimum, represent the force respectfully and not commit any offence outlined in the section. I believe these actions/behaviour to be unacceptable from an officer.



4.1 ) From Section 1 Officer Conduct, what are the three administrative duties that an officer on admin leave can accomplish?

1.4 - a ) Administrative duties in this instance means that;

1 ) The officer cannot perform general duties patrols, except for prisoner transport;
2 ) The officer is restricted to carry a taser only;
3 ) The officer must handle all processing of offenders, lobby enquiries and perform dispatch duties if requested.


4.2 ) From Section 3 Vehicle Procedures what must happen when shots are fired in a vehicle pursuit and when can tactical contact be made when to a civilian?

3.2 - All serving officers within the SAPF must abide by the protocols below when pursuing a vehicle;

a ) Highway Patrol are to maintain priority over all 10-80's. If the vehicle pursuit has shots fired, TAC may take priority. All GD officers must listen to instructions by the priority vehicles.

4.3 ) From Section 5 High Command Procedures, when may you send an officer in your command off duty?

5.1 - SAPF High Command may send a subordinate officer off duty when:

a) The officer in question has committed an act of misconduct:

b) That act of misconduct is not in question or under investigation.
c) That act of misconduct does not meet the requirements of serious misconduct;

The supervisor must inform the respective branch PSO as soon as practicable.


4.4 ) From the 2018 Crimes and Corruptions Act, what are the three points that state that an individual has committed an offence of bribery?

2 - a ) A person who commits bribery is the person:

1 ) Provides a benefit to another person; or
2 ) Causes a benefit to be provided
3 ) Offers to provide, or promises to provide, a benefit to another person; and the person does so to influence the other person to carry out a favour.


4.5 ) How many factors need to be met for reasonable grounds and how many points do you need to prosecute someone for their crimes?

Reasonable Grounds may be established if two of the following factors are met:

1 ) Failure to produce identification;
2 ) Sen entering, being present or leaving the immediate area of an active crime scene;
3 ) Overhearing a conversation or receiving witness statements identifying individuals who are about to, or are committing, or have committed a crime;
4 ) Failure to provide a reasonable excuse to justify face concealment within one block of a bank, government property or a crime scene;
5 ) Individuals entering or exiting restricted areas, these being:

a ) Bank Vaults
b ) Airside of all San Andreas Airfields
c )Police Stations
d ) Fort Zancudo
e ) Prison

In addition, you are required to have 10 points total in order to prosecute a suspect as per the Prosecution Handbook.

Arrest and Prosecution Procedures
1 ) In order to successfully prosecute a suspect, 10 points must be achieved from the following:

a ) Police witnessing a crime (10 points)
b ) Police find illegal items on a suspect ( 10 points )
c ) Witness statement - Maximum of 2 ( 4 points )
d ) Physical Evidence - Maximum of 2 ( 3 points )
e ) Location (3 points)


5.1 ) If a suspect requests a lawyer outline the steps that you would take, starting from the request up until the lawyer is privately talking with the suspect. Also, state the time length you would give your suspect to prepare his or her defence and to communicate with a lawyer in confidence:

I would make sure after reading the suspect their rights that they have ample opportunity to advise they require a Lawyer or Paralegal. Depending on the high risk of the suspect contacting externals, I would either give the suspect their phone or contact their requested lawyer on their behalf and advise them of the 10 mins they have for the lawyer to be present at the station. I would greet the lawyer at the reception area at the said station and request appropriate identification. I would bring the lawyer to the cells and advise them they have 15 mins (as per section 10 e - Subsection 4 of the Civil Rights Act) alone with the suspect regarding the charges proposed. After this period of time, I would make contact with them and let them advise of their defence etc. I would proceed accordingly to find an appropriate outcome based on all information given by the suspect and lawyer and make a decision.

5.2 ) If you see two general duties officers having a verbal disagreement in the car park, how would you handle the situation?

I would walk over and ask if they were okay. If the conversation escalated, I would talk to both officers separately to gain both perspectives. I would then look for an appropriate resolution based on the information given and proceed accordingly. If the situation escalated further, I would seek advice from a higher ranking HCMD member and/or forcibly separate both officers into different patrol zones.

5.3 ) If an officer is wearing unauthorised armour/ firearms,

a ) How would you approach the situation?
I would respectfully ask the officer to remove the unauthorised equipment and advise why there is no current need for said equipment.

b ) If they proceed not to follow set orders, what would be your next step in this situation

I would remind the officer of the above and advise the request is not optional. If they were not willing to listen, I would advise them they could be sent off duty if they continue to disregard orders made by a HCMD member or other action may be taken. In conclusion, I would also report the incident via the appropriate channels.



6.1 ) I understand that filing this application, does not automatically guarantee a promotion.

6.2 ) Filling out this application is in my own words, if I am found guilty of copying somebody else's application I will automatically accept a 1 month wait period before I can re-apply again.



Thank you for reviewing my application, I look forward to hearing from you.


Edited by smoothie_

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Evening Leading Senior Constable Kenzie Skepu,

I am here to advise you that we have received your application & it is currently under review by the SAPF HCMD team.
We will be in contact if we require any further information .

Please keep in mind this is a lengthy process & may take some time and we appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards,

S3-01 Benson Harison

SGT-III SAPF, HCMD SAPF, Detective CIB, National Medal, Professional Standards Officer/Internal Affairs,

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