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Lana Rose (#642065)




Johnny Bighdong
- Luke Warm
- Liam Smith
- Hugh Janus

Pink & Black


My heart thumped in my chest, The blood seemingly pooled into my eardrums, all I could hear was the momentum of the blood flooding through my veins. My hands trembled as I pulled the mask away from my face,
I lower my hand and Clutch at the bag in my lap. Slowly sliding the zip open, reality seems to shake me from my stupor. The sight of the cash, I had never seen so much in my life.
Luke would set off an excited yell from the driver seat as Lana pounced to her knees in the front seat.
"We fucking did it!" She laughed, Her eyes alight with adrenaline.
"Yeah" I retort, My voice still near inaudible to my ears.
Lana glanced over to the man beside me, his hands bound firmly within his lap as he sobbed weakly into his gag
"What do we do about him?" I say, trying to regain my composure.
Lana lowers the mask from her face as she furrows her brow. reaching over and pulling the gag from his mouth.
The man lets out a loud gasp, his breath rapid and shallow.
"You'll never get away with this! I-I've seen your faces!" He sputters in a panic.
Lana smiled to me, shaking her head.
Luke gripped the wheel firmly, pulling the car down a small sechluded road, the rutted dirt road shaking the small
car. "He's right, He's seen our faces" he says, grimacing to Lana.
"T-That's right! You'll never get away with this, They'll find you! You need to stop, Now!"
Lana turned to me, her face as calm as ever as she looked down to my waist, nodding slightly.
I slowly reached for my gun as the man continued spurting his borderline incomprehensible babbling
I swiftly raise the gun to his head, The man barely even noticed
"You're just fucking kids, They'll find you! Nothing But a pack of fucking Hoodrats trying to--"
The shot rang in my ears, The blood blotted against my face as luke slammed his foot upon the breaks
We sat there in the middle of the dark, Desolate road that stretched onwards
"What the fuck?!" Luke shouted, turning to see the distorted face of the corpse that sat beside me.
"You said it yourself, He saw our faces." Lana said as she swung the door open. stepping ever so gracefully out
of the car.
As she slide the back door open the corpse slumped out, thudding hard against the dirt. I quickly reached over,
sliding his feet from the car before the door was shut firmly. Luke and I look at each other, the look of
panic and shock firmly planted upon each of us.
Lana slides into the front seat and points for Luke to continue forward.
Ten minutes we sat in silence, the dust of the road catching in my throat from time to time
as it slides into the bloody exit wound that remains in the window of were the man had sat.
The silence finally broke as Lana let out a small laugh.
Luke and I both looking to her confused
"What?" Luke blurts out.
"What's so funny?"
Lana housed a childlike grin as she tried to stifle her laughter.
"Hoodrats!" she finally blurted out.
"Thats what my mum called us when we were kids!"
her laughter echoing through the car, "I like it though, What do you think?"
Luke smiled, "Hoodrats, Yeah... I like it."
"What about you, Y'like it?" She says, swiveling once again in her seat to face me.
I nod slowly, Glancing down at the bag in my lap.
"Of course you do!" She says, falling back into her seat, seemingly without a care in the world.
"Plus we got the money, What's not to like?"
I look down to the open bag, blood dappled bills borderline overflowing from within.
I smile to myself, She was right... We did have the money.
"Hoodrats..." I mumble to myself.
"I told you we could do it, Yeah it's only up from here, Johnny Boy." Lana says, resting her feet upon the dash.


Bank Robberies

Small arms deals

Drug deals

Hired Guns


Underground Organised Fights

Street Races (Don't tell The cops!)

(Hoodrats aims to fill the void of small scale quality RP that we noticed was missing during our origins into the city.)


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