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Promotion application for Alex Creed

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Section 1 - General Information

1.1) First Name:

1.2) Last Name:

1.3) Rank:
Leading Senior Constable 

1.4) Callsign:


List all disciplinary over the last two months:




3.1) What could you bring to your High Command Team?

During my time in the SAPF, I've learned alot which has gain me many expereience and skills needed to become a qualified police officer in the force. With this I could bring to the High Command Team my opinions and suggestions not only this but also the leadership required to overlook the overall operation of the police force.

3.2) How have you improved/mentored an officers ability?

I have improved and mentored an officers ability by taking the new recruits on a ridealong, sharing tips and my experiences so that they know what the expected standards are. Not only this but I've also assisted multiple officers when encountering difficult suspects and try to come up with a solution when complicated situations arise. 

3.3) Why should you be put into the High Command Team?

I believe I should be put into the High Command Team because of not only the experiences that I've achieved during my time but also because of the many traits that I have, leadership, honesty, communication, etc. Not only this but I am extremely aware of the SOPs set out aswell as the Laws and Regulation of San Andreas, this could be a huge beneficial to the team aswell.

3.4) Select 5 sections out of the Standard operating procedure and explain what they mean to you.

  • Section 1
    • Section 1, Officer Conduct, basically outline the behaviour and professionalism that is expected of ALL officers in the SAPF. In additionally, guide to what happens when there is investigation on misconducts.
  • Section 2
    • Section 2, General Duties Procedures, applies when conducting general duties, this includes all the regulations that must be follow when on duty.
  • Section 3
    • Section 3, Vehicles Procedures, relates to what is allowed and what isn't when it comes to using vehicles, for eg: bikes, polair, cars, boats, etc.
  • Section 4
    • Section 4, Special Procedures, states what we need to know when operating K9, UC work aswell as what TAC procedures when there are situations that constantly putting GD's officers lives at risk.
  • Section 5
    • Section 5, High Command Procedures, includes the power and responsibility of HCMD team when it comes to misconducts.



4.1) From Section 1 Officer Conduct, what are the three administrative duties that an officer on admin leave can accomplish?

  1. Prisoner transports
  2. Processing of offenders
  3. Lobby enquiries and perform dispatch duties

4.2) From Section 3 Vehicle Procedures what must happen when shots are fired in a vehicle pursuit and when can tactical contact be made when to an civilian?

  • When shots are fired in a vehicle pursuit, TAC may take priority. All GD officers must listen to instructions by the priority vehicles. This basically allow TAC to take control of the pursuit as it has gone hostile, GD units and others are to back off and assist with the pursuit only. Tactical contact can be made to a civilian when the pursuit has gone over 4 minutes.

4.3) From Section 5 High Command Procedures, when may you send an officer in your command off duty?

You may send an officer in your command off duty when,

  1. The officer in question has committed an act of misconduct;
  2. That act of misconduct is not in question or under investigation.
  3. That act of misconduct does not meet the requirements of serious misconduct;

4.4) From the 2018 Crimes and Corruptions Act, what are the three points that state that an individual has committed an offence of bribery?

The 2018 Crimes and Corruptions Act states that the three points that has to be acquired for an individual to commit an offence of bribery are

  1. Provides a benefit to another person; or
  2. Causes a benefit to be provided
  3. Offers to provide, or promises to provide, a benefit to another person; and
    The person does so to influence the other person to carry out a favour.

4.5) How many factors need to be met for reasonable grounds and how many points do you need to prosecute someone for their crimes?

Two factors need to bet met for a reasonable grounds. You must successfully achieve 10 points in order to prosecute someone for their crimes.


5.1) If a suspect requests a lawyer outline the steps that you would take, starting from the request up until the lawyer is privately talking with the suspect. Also, state the time length you would give your suspect to prepare his or her defence and to communicate with a lawyer in confidence:


  1. Firstly, I would provide the suspect with a phone to make his/her phone call to their lawyer. I would advise them that from the moment that they start calling, their lawyer has up to 10 minutes to arrive at the Police Station or else, we would proceed as normal.
  2. Secondly, when the lawyer gets to the reception, I would pat them down, ensuring they have no weapons on them. I then would ask for any form of identication and their license to practise law. If they have a government issued license/id, I would then take the legal practitioner down to the cells and have a chat to their client. 
  3. If the person does not have a license to practise law, I would then allow them come down and be a legal representation for the suspect, whom are not allowed to speak or discuss the charges and is limited to only watching the proceedings.


5.2) If you see two general duties officers having a verbal disagreement in the car park,How would you handle the situation?

If I see two general duties officers having a verbal disagreement in the car park, I would firstly seperate the two. I would ask each of them for their badges so that I know who I am talking to and their side of the story. I would then help them come up with a solution themselves. If not I would come up with a result that is fair to both parties and let the two officers go back to duties and move on from the situation.

5.3) If an officers is wearing unauthorised armour/ firearms ,

a) how would you approach the situation

I would first ask if the officers were authorised the armour/firearms, and if yes, by who. I would then contact the HCMD that approved these equipments to ensure that they are correctly telling me the truth. If the offcier wasn't approved of these equipments I would advise them to put it away.

b) if proceeds not to follow set orders what would be your next step in this situation

If the officer proceed to not put the said equipments away, I would send them off duty for misuse of equipments/misconduct. The next step I would do is send a statement of the situation to PSO and let them investigate and deal with the officer.



6.1) I understand that by filing this application , it does not automatically guarantee a promotion

6.2) Filling out this application is in my own words, if i am found guilty of copying somebody elses application i will automatically accept a 1 month wait period before i can re apply again


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Evening Leading Senior Constable Creed,

I am here to advise you that we have received your application & it is currently under review by the SAPF HCMD team
We will be in contact if we require any further information.

Please keep in mind this is a lengthy process & may take some time and we appreciate your patience.

Best Regards,
Auxiliary Sergeant, Luca Mendez

SAPF High Command

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