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  • Staff Applications: CLOSED
  • Bans issued on or after 01 Oct 19 may only be appealed if made in error
  • Bug reports are to be lodged in game via /bugreport
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Staff Contact Details

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Leadership Team
Name: Deveraux
E-Mail: deveraux@fatduckgaming.com
Role: Owner | Founder

Name: Mudcrab
E-Mail: mudcrab@fatduckgaming.com
Role: Co-Owner | Founder

Name: Kn0pee
E-Mail: kn0pee@fatduckgaming.com
Role: Head of Development | Founder

Name: Cap'n Snacks
E-Mail: capnsnacks@fatduckgaming.com
Role: Founder

Name: Moogle
E-Mail: moogle@fatduckgaming.com
Role: Head of Operations | Founder

Development Team
Name: Maniac
Role: Senior Developer

Name: OzNat
Role: Senior Developer

Name: Martibo
Role: Developer

Name: Bungle
Role:  Graphics/Stream Developer

Name: Kade
Role: Graphics/Stream Developer

Name: DrDre
Role: Graphics/Stream Developer

Name: Croatski
Role: Trial Developer (DayZ Division)

Name: Yadiiiig
Role: Trial Developer

Name: Red Panda Bears
Role: Trial Developer

Name: Barbar
Role: Trial Developer (Bot Development)

Name: Switch-
Role: Trial Developer (DayZ Division)

Name: River
Role: Trial Developer

Name: Lotteez
Role: Trial Developer

Community Managers
Name: Viperlord
E-Mail: viperlord@fatduckgaming.com
Role: FiveM Legal Organisations Lead | Community Manager - USA Timezone

Name: Chippo
E-Mail: chippo@fatduckgaming.com
Role: FiveM Gang Lead | Community Manager - Australian Timezone

Name: Alec
Role: FiveM Police/EMS Lead | Community Manager - Australian Timezone

Name: PumparN
Role: Head of Staff | Community Manager - European Timezone

Name: Checkable
Role: Community Manager - Australian Timezone

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