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                                                                                                                     Gang Leader: Kahurangi Carr (Kahu)
Gang Lead Discord: SkeezaColaps93#5790

                                                                                           Gang Members:
                                                                                            - Kahurangi Carr- Passport ID: 109193
                                                                                            - Jake Ole-  Passport ID: 108118 Discord: Abyssal#2925
                                                                                            - Tara Bull- Passport ID: 109003 Discord: yellowperil#8070
                                                                                            - Charlotte Chambers-  Passport ID: 109194 Discord: xRose#7682
                                                                                            - Joey Joey- Joey Joey#0923 


                                                                                  Gang Colours/Uniform: Light or Dark Green camo with optional Green Bandanna mask.


                                                                                                                                                        Different Variations of gang outfits                                                                                                         Il3aAPt.pngWgyEQNa.pngcVw5IVE.pngphX1MAm.pngWAIaTwf.pngtVuaZP1.png


                                                                            Offence/Defense outfit                                                                                      Party suits

                  vQXHs1D.jpg                          KOFGC5y.png


Gang backstory:

Formerly solo chopshoppers, the founding members noticed with the departure of The Lost in Blaine County, came an increase in robberies of their friends and peer chop shoppers. The founding members decided they must step forward and protect themselves and the others around them just trying to make an honest living. On the day of the groups creation, it was decided that a camoflauge uniform, in green colors, would be best suited for their planned operations in county.

Abstergo started with the founding members Charlotte Chambers, Kahurangi Carr, Jay Cole, and Jake Carter. The majority of them lived in the outskirts of sandy shores out of a motel when they met, while Jay had a trailer further in town. Abstergo has expanded since. In the early days Abstergo had little properties, but as they purchased properties on grapeseed main, their ability to source customers, and offer protection to them, increased greatly. Abstergo currently owns 3 houses on grapeseed main street, and it would be considered by outisders as their base of operations. However it is only considered as a business location to the members, their current clubhouse is a warehouse in the oil fields at El Burro Heights. 


     Gang members positions/responsibilities:

  1. Head of table & relations- (founding member) Kahurangi Carr (August 2020-Present) 
  2. Chair of Defence- (founding member) Jake Ole (August 2020-Present)
  3. Chair of event planning-(founding member) Charlotte Chambers (August 2020-Present)
  4. Chair of Commerce- Tara Bull (August 2020-Present
  5. Probational member (Trial period)- Joey Joey (September 14th-Present)



Planned Day to Day Operations:

  • Buying and selling car parts.
  • Assisting new comers.
  • Protecting people.
  • Sourcing car parts. 
  • Fire arms dealing.







Do you accept the following condition:
In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules.

I accept and understand


Edited by Charlotte
Added some more info to back story and gang members
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