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AOC for Gruppe6

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Department of Justice
Business Pre-Approval - Application for an Initial Issue Air Operators Certificate (AOC)

Authorised under section 6 of the Aviation Security Act 2018

A - Applicant Details

Name: Jason Robertson COO Gruppe 6 Security
DOB:  16/03/86
Phone #: 542858
Link to Flight Crew Licence: 

B - Company Information

Company Name: Gruppe 6 Security
Link to Business Application

C - Aerial Work
You need to complete this part if you propose to conduct one or more of the following activities:
Aerial Surveying | Trade Operations | Aerial Photography | Search & Rescue | Aerial Spotting | Aerial Stock Mustering | Surveillance

Identify the Aerial Work functions you wish to conduct
x Transportation, VIP transport, Surveillance, Aerial escort, etc.

D - Regular Public Transport (RPT)

Ports - List all the domestic and international ports from which you plan to operate, including the frequency and routes
Gruppe 6 Headquarters Los Santos, LSIA & Blaine County Airport

E - Fleet
Charter: You must complete this part if you intend to carry passengers or cargo for hire or reward on NON-fixed scheduled flights, and/or from and to any place other than fixed terminals.

List all aircraft that will be operated by the operator:
Manufacturer | Type (Aeroplane/Helicopter) | Model
x Buckingham Maverick

F - Maintenance
Does your organisation have a contract with an approved aircraft maintenance company? (e.g Quokka Services) Yes/No

If so, state the company and its contact number below:

G - Organisation Structure and Personnel

Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director
First Name: Biggles
Last Name: Worth
Link to Pilot Licence (If Available): 

Chief Pilot
First Name
: Simon
Last Name: Salami
Link to Pilot Licence

Head of Training and Checking (If the checking is outsourced to another AOC holder, state details below)
Outsourced to Quokka Group Pilot Academy

(Repeat above if there are more than 1 check pilots)

H - Additional Authorisations

Dangerous Goods Operations
Do you propose to carry and/or consign dangerous goods? No
Types of goods to be carried:
x N/A

Other Authorisations
Are you requesting for other authorisations not outlined in this application form? Yes/No
If so, describe the authorisation you are requesting, providing the relevant legislative reference/s:
x N/A

I - Declarations

1. I understand that by filing this application , it does not automatically guarantee an approval
2. I understand that it is an infringement under the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 to falsify my criminal history or any statements made in this application
3. I understand that the holder of this AOC must be the business owner of the aviation business. Therefore the new owner must apply for an AOC as well should a transfer of ownership takes place.
4. I understand that there will be a monthly licence fee of $100,000 payable to the Department of Justice to retain the privileges of this licence.

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Air Operator's Certificate

To Gruppe6 Security,

Your application is deferred until such time your Chief Pilot attains a Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter), as other flight crew licences do not confer the privilege to operate an aircraft for commercial purposes.

Your Head of Training and Checking neither possesses a Flight Instructor Rating nor a Flight Examiner Rating. The Department is not satisfied that the nominated person is suitable for the role of training nor checking on the grounds of lack of qualifications and safety risks.

There are also no aircraft maintenance services contracted.

The Department will not issue the "Surveillance" endorsement to this AOC on the grounds that Gruppe6 does not have a Private Security Licence Pre-Approval to operate for private investigation purposes.

Until such time these items are rectified in your application, the Department is not convinced to issue an AOC by the sheer amount of underlying safety risks. As such, no AOC privileges are conferred upon this business to own or operate any aircraft in the mean time.

Kind regards,

Charlie Kingsford Smith
Department of Justice

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Air Operator's Certificate
AOC # - 3-SAGOV-20
Issued under section 6 Aviation Security Act

To Gruppe6 Security,

The office is pleased to announce the conditional approval and initial issue of your Air Operator's Certificate. The AOC is approved with the following conditions issued in accordance with section 6B of the Aviation Security Act 2018:

1. The operator shall comply with the provisions of the Aviation Security Act 2018, and any written directions issued by DoJ applicable to operations conducted under this certificate.
2. The aircraft shall be fitted with communication and navigation equipment suitable for use in conjunction with ground facilities applicable to the portion of the route in Australian Flight Information Regions.
3. The operator shall make no change in the operation, type or series of aircraft or terminal ports without first obtaining a further permission from DoJ.
4. The operator may enter into lease arrangements with third parties to obtain aircraft without DoJ's consent.
5. The operator must allow DoJ personnel to have access to the aircraft for the purposes of inspecting both the aircraft and its operation, to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Aviation Security Act 2018, in accordance with the standards which apply to operations conducted under this certificate.
6. This certificate shall be valid only while the operator is in possession of a valid permit, certificate, licence or other satisfactory document from the DoJ authorising the operations for which this certificate is issued
7. The operator is approved to conduct aerial work in aerial photography and search and rescue. However, the operator must not conduct aerial photography for surveillance purposes.
8. The operator is prohibited from conducting aerial platform shooting activities and any other activities outside the scope of this AOC's approval in page 1.
9. The operator is prohibited from transporting dangerous goods via the air. However, weapons may be carried by employees into controlled aerodromes and via the air while conducting approved private security business activities.

The full AOC can be found here: 

To summarise, you will be responsible for aircraft acquisition from the approved list as negotiated with the Secretary of Justice (Maverick) via Quokka Group Aircraft Trading, as well as ensuring those who operate these aircraft hold a valid flight crew licence.

Gruppe6 Security will be charged $100,000 per month while this AOC is still active, at the same time when the DoJ collect fees for your private security/Class R licence.

Kind regards,

Department of Justice

Issued under the Seal of the Government of San Andreas on the 31st July 2020

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