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Federal Special Gazette - July 2020

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Special Gazette

Government House

15 July 2020

It is notified for general information that the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting on the advice of the Executive Council has approved the renaming of the State Government of Los Santos and its associated departments to the State Government of San Andreas

Effective at 5PM on the 15th of July 2020, the State of Los Santos shall be officially known as the State of San Andreas. The State of San Andreas incorporates the following administrative areas:

  • City of Los Santos
  • Blaine County
  • Paleto Bay

The Los Santos state laws have been updated to reflect this change. Other official Government documents, publications and any organisations referring to the "State of Los Santos" should be amended to read the "State of San Andreas".

The following Government organisations are renamed as follows:

Los Santos Police Department shall be referred to as the San Andreas Police Force (SAPF). The Police Force incorporates the following departments, sub-branches and commands:

  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - Formerly known as the "City Branch"
  • Blaine County Police Department (BCPD) - Formerly known as the "County Branch" or "Blaine County Sheriff's Office"
  • Tactical Assault Command (TAC) - Formerly known as the "Special Weapons and Tactics Branch"
  • Training Command (TC) - Formerly known as the "Training Department". Training Command also includes the San Andreas Police Force Academy (SAPFA), which will be designated unit responsible for the recruitment and training of new police officers.
  • Highway Patrol Branch (HWB)
  • Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) - Formerly known as the "Special Branch"

Appointments for the Superintendent and Inspector of the Training Command will be announced internally within the LSPD, followed by an entry to the upcoming State Government Gazette in Q3 2020.

Los Santos Emergency Services shall be referred to as the San Andreas Emergency Services (SAES)

Existing senior government officials' appointments are not affected by this change. The State Government of San Andreas will also continue to honour any contracts with individuals, businesses and organisations until the original expiry.

By His Excellency's Command


Phil Oakey, MVO
Official Secretary to the Governor-General

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