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Phil Goode

Aircraft Maintenance Checklist

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Aircraft Maintenance Checklist

AMC 1 - General Maintenance

1. Communications and navigation equipment are installed and in working order
2. Battery is current
3. Instruments and other avionics are in working order
4. Transponder is current
5. Required documents and operational manual is up to date and a copy is in the aircraft
6. Serviceable fire extinguisher with gauge installed
7. Carbon monoxide detector is serviceable
8. Survival kit is installed
9. Interior and exterior are free of obvious defects, leaks, corrosion
10. Cleaniness of aircraft and condition of paint
11. Brakes for leaks, wear, cracked pads and obvious defects
12. Tires for air pressure and serviceability
13. Aircraft lights are installed and in working order
14. Propeller or turbine blades are free of obvious defects, corrosion or cracks
15. Aircraft exhausts and control columns are in working order
16. Oil change and hydraulic fluids filled
17. Check fuel cap and fuel tank for wear

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