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Veretti Loan and Investments

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Posted (edited)

(( OOC Info
Steam Username:Viperlord79
Account ID: 2954
Discord#9999: viperlord79#2189 ))

IC Info

Personal details:
Full Name: Anthony Veretti
Occupation: NRMA
Employment History: NRMA, Owner of Viper Tow and Repair
Criminal Record: None
How long have you lived in Los Santos?: over 2 years

Current Business Plan:

Reason for Registration:
x - aka how your business intends on providing roleplay opportunities to the server
This business will allow for multiple RP avenues. From working investments, loans, legal actions (repossessions, defaulting on loan cases, bankruptcy, ect) will also bring lawyers some more cases and actions. Chances to be taken hostage at banks if no security is available, possible risk for transporting cash as all transactions will be done in cash.

Business Plan: 
x - aka your planned business activities, how your business will sustain its operations, operational costs, income streams and how you intend on paying your employees.

The primary income will be broken into the following catagories.
Small Loans from $1-$50,000 = 50% interest returned
Medium Loan $50,000- $500,000 = 25% interest returned
large Loan $500,000-$1mil + = 15% interest returned
All loans will be a 7 day period in which every 24hours after said date a 10% charge will be added to the account.
after 14 days all defaulted loans will be taken to court and request of repossessions of property will be requested along with freezing accounts or government mandated fund allocations from said individuals bank account if available.
All loans are required to provide some form of collateral.

Investment of $50k-$100k = +5% interest per day
investment of $101k -$500k = +10% interest per day
investment of $501k -$5mil = +15% interest per day

all their clients money will be available for withdrawn when managements is available. All contracts will be done in writing and logged in system. All clients may add money at anytime management is available.

Proposed Organisation Structure:

Proposed Location (you may for all purposes roleplay at this location, without facing charges for trespassing so long as you are ACTUALLY roleplaying running said business):
x Currently location would be conducted in lobby of Pacific Standard Main bank. All individuals in the bank would not be considered free from  any hostage or robbery scenarios. 

Future Business Needs:

Government logistic support requests (IF INCORPORATED):
x - aka what development work would be necessary for the business to run perfectly if it was to become incorporated in the future. 
Pretty much atm nothing and only thing required would be a society account and roles. Everything else would be tracked via documents and video. 


I understand that I will need to roleplay my business and prove the potential in my registration in order for my business to ever be taken into consideration for incorporation. (Y/N) Y
I acknowledge that the Government's receival of this registration does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Y/N) Y
I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future registrations. (Y/N) Y
I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Y/N) Y
I acknowledge that the incorporation cost of my business may be expensive (Millions) if I am ever considered. (Y/N) Y
I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Y/N) Y
I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Y/N) Y
If my proposed business is part of the Aviation or Private Security industry, I will supply my Air Operator's Certificate or Private Security Business pre-approval within 14 days of this application. Otherwise, my application will be rejected unless DoJ grants an exemption. (Y/N) Y

Edited by Viperlord79
updated ID number
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