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Legal Reform 2020 - Press Release - Passing of Legislative Amendment Bill

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Legal Reform 2020 - Press Release - Passing of Legislative Amendment Bill

Published: May 13, 2020 11:00PM

1. Introduction
2. List of acts and regulations
3. Summary of changes
4. Conclusion


As the three-month long journey comes to an end, the Government is pleased to announce the passing of the Los Santos (Legislative Amendment) Bill tonight. The passing of this bill effectively overhauls most of our laws.

As mentioned in the previous two public consultations, the changes aim to declutter, simplify and especially make our criminal laws more accessible than before, with defined set of criteria and penalties. Other laws for civil ligation purposes have been moderately condensed, with room for more improvement further down the road. However these civil law statutes are intended to create room for interpretation, and to create room for the utilisation of lawyers to assist with civil ligation and claims against each other and the Government.

For ease of interprations, we have categorised our laws into "Foundation", "Criminal" and "Business/Civil" laws. The following laws will be our judicial line-up which will be made effective from Sunday 17th May 2020.

Over the next two weeks, we will make additional amendments to the laws to further condense and simplify for better accessibility to the public.

List of Acts and Regulations

Foundation Laws
Los Santos (Self Government) Act 2018
Judicial Procedures Act 2019
Civil Rights Act 2018
Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act 2018
Los Santos Director of Public Prosecutions Act 2018

Criminal Laws
Crimes Act 2018
Road Safety Act 2018
Firearms & Explosives Control Act 2018
Crime and Corruption Act 2018
Aviation Security Act 2018

Business/Civil Laws
Corporations, Contracts & Labour Act 2018
Civil Torts Act 2020
Legal Representatives Regulation 2019
Private Security Act 2020

Lawyer Registration Guidelines
Police Handbook for Prosecutions

Repealed Acts
Summary (Miscellaneous) Offences Act 2018
Liqueur & Narcotics Drugs Act 2018

Summary of Changes

Judicial Procedures Act
1. Introduced an improved organisation outlawry system through the Courts
2. Set out conditions for a leave to appeal to be granted
3. Moved perjury and giving false statements to this Act

Civil Rights Act
1. Better defined each right, especially that of one's right when detained.
2. Introduced the process to sue for a breach of civil rights, via Civil Torts Act

Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act
1. Standardising official terminologies
2. Simplified the jurisdictions and AFP powers
3. Added face concealment laws in reasonable grounds and powers to search
4. Split police powers into Powers to Search, Seize, Identify, Detain and Arrest

Crimes Act
1. Reiterated the police powers to give lawful and reasonable orders to facilitate police duties
2. Introduced a new law to give police the power to order an individual to move on
3. Consolidated "Destruction of Properties" into one set of penalties
4. Elaborated on trespass
5. Adjusted all fines
6. Introduced new laws on unexplained possession of personal property.
7. Driving a stolen vehicle is now amended to "Taking or using vehicle without consent"
8. Breaking and entering now includes individuals found with breaking equipment such as a crowbar.
9. Blackmailing added to Threats section
10. Introduced harsher sentence for murdering a Government employee
11. Added deception and forgery as a law to combat fake identifications
12. Further differentiated Criminal Accessory from Aiding and Abetting
13. Narcotics laws are merged here from the repealed Act
14. Added a list of accessible legal defences for the public to rely on when defending themselves from a charge, and to allow police officers to reference these legal defences and make their best judgement on whether to proceed with the prosecution or not
15. Moved forfeiture of assets upon conviction from LEPRA

Road Safety Act
1. Introduced new laws for a new Government organisation: Roads and Maritime Services
2. Consolidated a significant amount of fines to simplify the amount of variations.
3. 2x Speed Limit is replaced by "60kph over the speed limit"
4. Roadworthiness - Clarified window tinting requirements to require ALL windows to be sufficiently light enough to see through, and licence plate requirements to not include any Government digits (GOV/LSPD/POLICE etc) or any hate speech
5. Simplified Negligent and Reckless Driving
6. Relocated seizure laws from LEPRA, and redefined criteria to seize and permanently deregister a vehicle.
7. Introduced official terminology to differentiate Impounding, Seizing and Deregistering. They're for One-Off, Timed, and Permanent respectively.

Firearms & Explosives Control Act
1. Reintroduced Class R (Restricted) weapons licence as a blanket licence to all approved organisations by the DoJ, to permit the conditional use of certain off-market weapons and equipment.
2. Body armour and tactical helmets are now categorised under Class R, effectively restricting the wearing of body armour and tactical helmets by the general public, especially those bought from clothing stores.
3. Fines have been consolidated to reduce the amount of variations.

Crime and Corruption Act
1. Rescaled the fine amounts for possession of counterfeit currency.
2. Introduced "Dealing with Proceeds of Crime" - This is to patch a loophole where people have been trading in counterfeit currency, but could not be charged for possession due to legal technicalities.
3. Amended sections surrounding the governance of government employees - such as prejudicial conduct, or fraud.

Aviation Security Act
1. Amended penalties.
2. Introduced requirements for flight crew licencing and registration of aviation-related businesses.

Corporations, Contracts & Labour Act
1. Amended the powers of the Government.
2. Amended corporate tax rates.
3. Amended requirements for redundancy termination.
4. Amended annual leave to unpaid leave.

Civil Torts Act
1. Introduced this Act to provide means of access for the general public to file civil ligations to sue for damages and seek judicial remedies.

Legal Representatives Regulation / Lawyer Registration Guidelines
1. Amended lawyer registration method. All new legal practitioners must be mentored through the provisional registration scheme.

Private Security Act
1. Introduced this long awaited Act to provide legal protection to private security businesses and their employees.


Once again this Act will take effect from Sunday 17th May 2020, with further amendments to be made to simplify and declutter the sheer number of words in our laws.

Based on the feedback from the two public consultations, it is understood that a significant amount of changes are welcomed by the general public. The Government will make further adjustments overtime to cater for the changing circumstances.

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