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Used Car Parts | Mosley's Second Handers

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(( OOC Info
Steam Username: Only1EnVy#7455
Account ID: 17780
Discord#9999: )) Only1EnVy#7455

IC Info

Personal details:
Full Name: Juan Ortiz
Occupation: Premium Deluxe Motorsport - Trainee Salesman
Employment History: Garbage Truck Driver, Fisherman, Luxury Autos - Salesman
Criminal Record: It is quite a long record, many traffic violations.
How long have you lived in Los Santos?: around 6 months.

Current Business Plan:

Reason for Registration: 
x - I feel it could be quite a good business within the city and help alot more people to make alot more money.
x - Our shop would introduce roleplay in the fact people will come to us to sell their car parts, we then use those car parts to repair our customers cars and transferring those car parts to business' like Benny's Customs and Los Santos Customs 

Business Plan: 
x - The plan would be to start off purchasing car parts and second hand cars to sell to the people of Los Santos for a reasonable price making medium profit, the company would then put money back into there customers and do raffles and community events etc.
x - The company once made a bit of money would then try get a contract with either benny's customs or LSC to transfer car parts between them, this would more make the repairs the two business conduct more realistic as you need car parts to repair cars. These transfers would be able to be  intercepted by criminals and to be robbed (similar to G6) 
x - Buy Car Parts, transfer those parts, Conduct repairs for now ONLY on customer and workers vehicles And when the time comes, purchasing people cars and selling them for a bit of profit. 

Proposed Organisation Structure:
x CEO - Business owner, attends meetings etc. but still gets their hands dirty and makes sure the business runs smoothly  (David Hernandez) 
x COO - Does management things but can get there hands dirty  (Juan Ortiz)
x Management - Is a Multi Worker but also completes tasks to help the COO and CEO (unkown)
x Multi Worker - Is a Car Salesperson, Mechanic and a Part Picker
x Mechanic - Focuses on the Repairs but can buy parts if no ones there
x Part Pickers - Is new to the company and firstly introduced to customer service and and sales by starting them off at the bottom of the chain 

Proposed Location (you may for all purposes roleplay at this location, without facing charges for trespassing so long as you are ACTUALLY roleplaying running said business):

An ideal location would be Mosley's located near Grove street and the stadium spawn, this in the centre of the main car part areas so it is ideal transport if people need to stop by and sell some parts. If unavailable, I have another location in mind. but the other location would prioritise car parts themselves and not second hand cars and repairs.


Future Business Needs:

Government logistic support requests (IF INCORPORATED):
x - The business to run smoothly would require a cloakroom and a storage room. 

I understand that I will need to roleplay my business and prove the potential in my registration in order for my business to ever be taken into consideration for incorporation. (Y
I acknowledge that the Government's receival of this registration does not automatically grant me a business to run. (Y
I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future registrations. (Y
I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. (Y
I acknowledge that the incorporation cost of my business may be expensive (Millions) if I am ever considered. (Y
I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. (Y
I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. (Y

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