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Registration for The Jerrys Family

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The Jerrys Crime Family


Mafia Boss

Jeff Jerrys - 105258

Discord:  Striker#7440



Jim Jerrys - 104926



Bob Cartman - 101381



Indy Jerrys - 104925

Jackson Jerrys - 101401

Jacob Jerrys - 8834




Family Colours

White & Ice White with a splash of Red and Black










Under boss







        L7csMzbsouR0tPofs8Zlt93zsx2_gEMnK1AdkvtQyAdzAzjI7GPhbjnOvpC69eZRweIIH-SWhW1IiyuNpQpUfx3TtGhaYMOq8poMVlcKpItsOhlobvSImlGZzZ8ejIdBYhKOkeL8          XK624Y_SKaGAnRtSxH-Tksv8E51PoRI1q-_0-ZwGhVP3vZffBUts7qyhVnxQCqsVaz-Zr6QuDu9QhTTZL39er21zB_lwWRXlpekbxz7U4suzsX58OWbqj6p7MohCBrDBi29rJzjp    



                                                                                    tIhSdu7p37mXQ0QILucMXnmGUAQ-ccuGDRgyXmnRVfIsqfn81X27P6xjpzj__xUUsWq5UiiMabaY8cd8xUZy35005WNEun9DsYI69X-aw5jYjwf4wDFZecxhikYC9mnIrovuFRma  atvf6UQtVp_HCWBAYhRp7nxicZXG87PMp8zLfHCwztdQFuszVzwvtPsA4g-NzDmsMc4A3HwTTqCMShynBSxl-8VoW_fuM0pwQBQZGrLW_vzOiPJbNl5Z1vmZCFC53x0ipdiCba2S                                       




Our Story


The Jerrys Family was started in the 1750s back in the great country of Italy in a small city named Fregnae, by the first Jerrys member, Jimothy Jerrys. In 1792 Jimothy’s son Javonni decided that the Jerrys Family had to expand outward, he headed for the United States and started an empire. The Jerrys family had their hands in everything; drugs, assassination, trafficking, etc. By the year 1958, the Jerrys family had people everywhere with a total of 5,000 members in locations all around the world. The main goal for the Jerrys family is to spread in conquer with hideouts in locations all over the world. In 2019 Lissandra Jerrys (Daughter of Jeff Jerrys) and her husband Oliver, started up a Jerry's Family HQ in Sydney. After the death of Oliver and Lissandra having to go into hiding the title was passed to their son Jimmy Jerrys. Until later on in 2020, Jimmy Jerrys would pass the title to his grandfather Jeff Jerrys who had the experience on him.



Our formation will consist of 3 cars following close behind each other, in the front and back there will be a white Toros, these cars will have the lower ranks e.g. Soldiers and Caporegime. Between those two cars we will have the white B-Type, all the higher up will be inside the B-Type e.g. Boss, Under boss and Consignee.


Our Activities

- Expanding our family

-Purchasing and Distributing Legal and illegal goods

-Handing out loans/Collecting unpaid loans

-Meeting other organizations to expand our enterprise and making a name for ourselves

-Always driving downtown in our white convoy 




Family Statement

In registering this gang, we understand and accept the gang rules and that our gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules.


We understand that running as a gang does not exclude us from basic server rules such as RDM and griefing


We understand that we do NOT own/operate any territory and we can't claim sections of the city as "gang area"


We understand that we are limited to 6 Gang members unless we are "syndicated" by gang staff"

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