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Registration for Ufasele Brothers International

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Gang Leader: Kefe Ufasele (851519)
Gang Lead Discord: Wonk#8798

Gang Members (Up to 6) as per Gang Rules
- Kefe Ufasele
- Dole Ufasele
- Hemi Ufasele
- x
- x
- x

Gang Colours/Uniform: 


Any Colour Puffer

Any Colour 3/4 pants

Black t-shirt 

Cream Timberlands 

Black bucket hat

The gang will not have any colours, but the pants and shoes will make sure that people know who we are.

Gang Hideout/Chill spot



The gang's vehicles will be focused on older cars instead of Super and Hypercars.

Gang Backstory: 

Kefe Ufasele and Dole Ufasele started their criminal life by committing petty crimes in Samoa 8 years ago, stealing vehicles and chopping them up to sell to the larger gangs. Kefe was caught stealing a vehicle and was taken in and was given 2 options, spend 3 years in prison or be deported to New Zealand. Kefe chose to be deported to New Zealand. Kefe Ufasele resided in New Zealand from 2012 to 2018, in a 3 bedroom home in South Auckland. Kefe made his money by growing and selling Marijuana in large quantities, including selling tinnys to some local high schoolers. In 2014 Dole Ufasele found out that his brother Kefe was living the "Good Life" in New Zealand and wanted to get in on the piece of paradise, so in 2014 Dole Ufasele moved to Auckland to live with his brother Kefe. Kefe and Dole were out clubbing when they met their long lost cousin Hemi, after a few drinks, Dole and Kefe pitch their business ventures with Hemi, Hemi was astounded with this grand idea of this venture but decided to chip in and help the Ufasele family out. Hemi Ufasele had just returned from a holiday in Los Santos and wanted to move to Los Santos permanently, Dole and Kefe were sold on the idea of making millions in Los Santos, with the market for illegal work in Los Santos being very profitable, The trio finalized their decision and booked first-class tickets to Los Santos the next day. Once settled into Los Santos, the Ufasele brothers started to talk to powerful individuals in Los Santos that had connections inside of powerful gangs. This is where the Ufasele brothers begin their criminal enterprise within Los Santos.

Planned Day to Day Operations:

Buying and selling car parts and stolen items.

Cleaning cash, (all quantities)

Recruiting members to the family

Buying and selling drugs (after we establish power and customers)

Car meets, races and organised cruises.


Do you accept the following condition:
In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules.


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