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Community Rules Overhaul

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As we are branching out into other game servers lately, we recognised the importance to have a set of rules for the community as a whole, with individual game servers having their game specific rules.

The end product is that we now have a rules hub for all the FDG rules. This is accessible by clicking "Rules" section in the main page of the website, and readily available in our main community Discord.

The full list of changes is as follows:

1. Reorganised numbering structure and sequencing of rules. Community rules will have no prefix, other games rules will come with a game name prefix. (e.g F for FiveM, M for Minecraft, D for DayZ)

2. All community rules and guidelines are listed in the Community Rules section both on the website and on Discord.

3. Added rules:
a. 1.4 - No remarks about sexual assault and sexual misconduct is permitted in the FDG community
b. 1.6 - Sharing malicious links is not permitted.
c. 1.7 - Be mindful of your chat etiquette, such as spamming, caps usage, etc.
d. 3.3 - Development issues should be filed through appropriate means rather than attempting to contact a developer directly. Refer to individual game server rules for additional information.
e. 4.2 - FDG will not accept any responsibilities for any rule breaches or complaints stemmed from your participation in an uncontrolled social media platform not supported by FDG.
f. 4.3 - Any member of the staff team attempting to utilise their staff position to vouch or misrepresent the status of an external comms/social media platform will be removed permanently.
g. 8.9.1 - Gang wars may only be approved by the Syndicate after discussion.
h. 8.9.2 - Gang attacks may only be carried out by one gang onto another - an attack is considered one gang vs another with extensive prior roleplay resulting in the attack being deemed necessary
i. 8.9.3 - A gang may not attack a gang for the exact same reason they have previously, it must stem off of a new roleplay reason that has occurred after the closure of a prior gang attack.
j. 8.9.4 - A gang’s headquarters may only be opened after an attack should they have provided adequate “Syndicate Coins” as set currently by Syndicate members.

4. Amended rules:
a. 2.5 - Receiving any in-game assets or publicly unobtainable items/weapons unsolicited or at an unreasonable/questionable advantage without disclosing or enquiring with staff is not permitted.
b. F1.1 - OOC: Out of Character includes all the information/actions/events related to the real world that your character is not aware of. To seek assistance in-game, use /report (message) (Thus no more casual chatter permitted in /report)
c. F2.2 - Fear Roleplay: You must value your character's life as if it only has one life, when held at gunpoint or when placed in a clear disadvantage in a hostile roleplay situation, you should comply with any demands issued. (Redefined)
d. F3.1 - Do not disconnect or commit suicide from an active roleplay/combat situation which may otherwise result in adverse consequences to your character (Merged suicide and combat log to avoid RP rules)
e. F3.2 - Corruption within LSPD is permitted. However the sale/distribution of police (or private security) weapons is not permitted, nor any associations are permitted between characters owned by the same player or by players who are members of the same organisation.

5. Removed rules:
a. Roleplays involving dismemberment, cannibalism, terrorism or other extremely morbid activities should be avoided. (Covered by excessive violence roleplay)
b. Restricted Areas - Removed. Non-RP Behaviour still applies to Fort Zancudo


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