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Fat Duck Games

Community Contribution Scheme

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In light of the recent influx of players, the workload of our Development and Management Teams have been ever increasing.

In order to assist new players, we are recruiting for help! If you haven't already considered, you may submit a staff application under the Application Forms section of our website (Top navigation bar).

That aside, I am now introducing the Community Contribution Scheme!

What is that?
It's a small project on the side that recruits experienced players to help develop and update our aging guides, as well as write new ones as new features are brought into the community.
We are also looking at player inputs to discuss and debate on our aging rule book in order to make it more relevant.

How does it work?
At this early stage, I am looking at rewarding REPutation points (separate to the current reputation system on the website) for your contributions. These points may be used towards getting rewards in-game after reaching certain thresholds.

What's in it for me?
A list of benefits have been drafted up in my secret cardboard box lab, ranging from $ to $$ to $$$ to ????. (You can figure the ? out once you get there. I promise, it will be worth it.)

How does the point system work then?
It will be recorded to your account so that it will be displayed publicly in topics, posts and your web profile. Example in the author pane of this topic.

REP Action
1 Update an existing tutorial (& Approved by Staff)
2 Create a new, value adding* tutorial (& Approved by Staff)
1-2** Topic starter for approved rule amendments/addition/removal
1 Major contributors to rule proposal discussions

* Value adding being tutorials that will prove to be valuable to our new and existing players, such as for starter guides, job guides and any guides for new features that have just been released to the community by our Development Team.
** Depends on how much details/valid points the topic starter have put into their proposal

Reward Thresholds?
REP Thresholds are currently set at 10, 25, 50, and every 25 REPs thereafter.

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