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The Duck

Los Santos Terror Attack Stock Plummet

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Breaking News: Los Santos Terror Attack Causes Stock Prices to Plummet

Another Terrorist Attack or Stock Market Manipulation?

Author: Peter Parker I4bqdHH.png@Peter_Parker

Published: FEBRUARY 1st, 2019 4:00PM

The City of Los Santos has come to a standstill by a Terrorist attack by yet another malicious subversive bomber. The attack occurred on the corner of Vespucci Blvd and Power St at around 3:33 PM. Authorities are telling us that the perpetrator was a Bald Caucasian Male, with a white T-Shirt, blue jeans, about 5"9 who detonated an explosive attached to an Imponte Dukes using an electronic pistol, injuring 78 people, killing 11 and causing 2 million in damage. Local Civilians are gathering around to commemorate the fallen victims of today's tragedy. This is the 11th Terrorist attack this month.


Image source: Arachnid Photography
The explosion and fallout have caused the Stock Market to close 2 hours early today, with catastrophic losses for companies such as Imponte motors and Lombank who have lost 16.1% and 2.1% respectively. Progress on the nearby Mile High Club was indefinitely put on hold again today in fears that the explosion might've compromised the structural integrity of the building. Investigations are going forth on whether or not this was a targeted attack. 
Peter Parker is a Freelance Journalist and Photographer from New York City. He is one of the only photographers who has caught a glimpse of the elusive Spiderman on Numerous Occasions. 


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