LSLA - In Character Section


  1. Los Santos Laws and Regulations

    Containing all laws that apply to the Los Santos City, the Greater Los Santos (County) and Paleto Bay area. (The entire map)

  2. Court Proceedings   (2,056 visits to this link)

  3. 60
  4. Illegal Organisation Applications   (6,776 visits to this link)

    To request to be registered as an approved organisation, legal or otherwise, as per LSLA Organisation Rules.

  5. Department of Justice (PD / EMS)   (1,195 visits to this link)

    Access to applications to outlaw an organisation, and the Aviation Licencing Office

  6. Department of Public Relations (Events)   (1,205 visits to this link)

    For all Freedom of Information Requests, Open Letters/Enquiries to the Government, Event Applications, etc.