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  1. Yesterday
  2. NOTICE OF APPEARANCE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SAN ANDREAS BETWEEN DANIEL LANNISTER and PHOENIX SECURITY DATE OF DOCUMENT: 20th April 2021 FILED ON BEHALF OF: Phoenix Security PREPARED BY: Harvey Specter EMAIL: kota#6020 PHONE: 168032 I, Harvey Specter, here FILE an appearance for Phoenix Security, the abovenamed defendant. Signed, HARVEY SPECTER Member of the Bar Association, Attorney
  3. Part A - Personal Info Name: Roy Jones DOB: 10/10/1990 Phone Number: #871459 Discord: Paper#6418 Part B - Job Application Job Title: Quokka Services - Aircraft Mechanic Employment Type: Part Time (Sub Job) / Casual Qualifications: Car License  Bike License Commercial Pilots Licence (A) + (H) Weapons Trained (B) + (C) Qualified Mechanic Hunting License Employment History: Job 1 - NRMA Mobile Mechanic - Duration- 6 months Criminal Record: https://imgur.com/u3eOzV3 Most current charges were fake and were a test to go visit the prison and was not charged due to being a test. Why do you want to work with us? I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because I've had a fair bit of experience being a mechanic. I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this role and at the company. I’m excited about this job opportunity, as it would allow me to learn more and help me gain more knowledge Based on my knowledge of this company when I visited your website and spoke to customers, which tell me this is a great business with an excellent reputation. I was also impressed with the way you operate with sales and licensing and many more things. This is the company I’ve been looking for where I can challenge my skills and develop. What can you bring to this team? Commitment Responsibility Hard Work Great Customer Communication And Support Always Reliable Great Work Ethic Great Leadership Problem Solving Ability To Work Under Pressure Organisation
  4. R v James [2021] SADC 9 [1] The District Court of San Andreas does not accept the writ of claim, or indictment. [2] The District Court does not do so, it does not set out or rely on any law in setting out it's claim/indictment. [3] The District Court does not so, also on the basis that the form used is not correctly filed out. Namely, the defendant's contact details are not provided, and other irrelevant parts of the form remain. [4] This Court is prepared to accept this matter for hearing, if the aforementioned problems are suitably addressed. CASE TITLE: R v James [2021] SADC 9 PRESIDING: Harold J. Holt PSM QC DIVISION: CRIMINAL DATE: 19/04/2021 VENUE: VIRTUAL SIGNATURE: Harold Julius Holt
  5. Daniel Lannister v Phoenix Security [2021] SADC 8 ATTN: PLAINTIFF & DEFENDANT [1] The District Court accepts your writ of claim against the defendant. [2] The defendant has seven days to file a notice of appearance or a defence with this Court (11:59 PM Monday the 26th of April 2021). If the respondent fails to file a notice of appearance or defence, the plaintiff's case may be heard without the defendant. Furthermore, the plaintiff may also request that judgment be entered in their favour by default and orders set out in the statement of claim be made. [3] The plaintiff and the defendant are to engage in discovery immediately and are to exchange all relevant documents relied upon, if any, for period in between now and the trial date. CASE TITLE: Daniel Lannister v Phoenix Security [2021] SADC 8 PRESIDING: Harold J. Holt PSM QC DIVISION: CIVIL DATE: 19/04/2021 VENUE: VIRTUAL SIGNATURE: Harold Julius Holt
  6. Steam Name: MRPositive_W3 Discord Name with #Identifier: MrPositive_W3#3261 Account ID: 100584 Do you understand that if you're banned temporarily or permanently your Verified Menu will be removed permanently? Y Do you understand that if you exhibit poor RP and are warned or kicked by staff it may be removed? Y What do you like about roleplay: I like the interactions, meeting all types of people. Anything could happen, and when people have to think quick on their feet, the outcome of the RP is hilarious. How will the verified menu enhance your roleplay: So im doing a Burger Shot RP at the moment (self employed) it would greatly enhance the experience of others as well as myself. How have you been / can you contribute to the community: Ive been in the city almost 2 years, i like to help new players find their feet, avoid hostile activities, and lead by example by showing respect to everyone on the sever regardless of past interactions. In your opinion, what differentiates playing on a roleplay server as to normal gaming: Theres no scoreboard, its about EVERYONE having fun, socialising. RP is a unique experience that not many other games can offer. What are some roleplay ideas that you wish to bring to the future: Ideally id like to "officially" work at Burger Shot, bring something new to the city. Is there any additional information you would like to add: Im one of the nice ones this would mean a lot to me, please authorize... free burgers for you!!!
  7. Players haven't logged in since January, leader hasn't logged in since November.
  8. Only one member still plays, the rest have not logged in since November 2020, needs to be deregistered.
  9. Last week
  10. They have submitted an entirely new gang registration here - https://www.fatduckgaming.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5144-registration-for-jamestown-ryders/
  11. Gang Name: Los Santos Kings Gang Leader: Llewellyn Gallagher (425415) Gang Lead Discord: Rowelio#9997 THE FOUNDERS: - Bilal, Azer, Llewellyn, Burak, Ali, Zeki These are the original six. Not all of them are still in the city, but whenever they come in they have the respect of being part of the original boys from the area who started the Los Santos Kings. THE KINGPIN: - Llewellyn Gallagher | Rowelio#9997 UNDERBOSS: - Azer Kurtulus | Alphie#0013 STREET BOSS: - POSITION VACANT LIEUTENANTS: - Ruebz Smirnov | Ruebz#1693 - Ali Aziz | Toadfish#2620 ENFORCERS: - jake paul | jacko#2648 MEMBERS: - POSITIONS VACANT RECRUITS: -Oksana Astankova | .tay#3558 THE BOYS FROM THE AREA. (Hang arounds): Currently None. The Los Santos Kings come from humble beginnings. A group of friends who banded together in the neighbourhood to protect their friends and family against other criminals who preyed on them when the police would not help. They did what they could to help their community, and they did it well. The gang started small. Burglaries, dealing small amounts of pot, looking tough outside of their parents stores and when they were not doing that, they were running the Kebab Store. Seeking a bit more out of life the group (mainly consisting of relatives of the Kurtulus Family) moved from the Inner Suburbs of Sydney to Los Santos after an invitation from their cousin Ali Aziz who was already based there. In Los Santos they had to make a name for themselves. They were nobodies again. No longer the centre of their community. Azer Kurtulus, his twin brother Bilal “Billy” Kurtulus, their younger brother Burak Kurtulus and their cousins Zeki Kurtulus, Ali Aziz and Llewllyn Gallagher became a stick-up crew. Hitting houses, armed robbery on stores and Bank Jobs. After a few months in the city, The Kurtulus brothers mostly separated and returned to Sydney. Leaving their cousin Lew the keys to the family business in Los Santos while supplying their illicit business from Sydney. The group, now led by Lew in Los Santos are predominately dealers in party favours. And offer protection to members of their local community, and give back by hosting charity events out of their Kebab Van. If it's Black/Gold you've probably seen us wear it. But when we're conducting business, this is 'the fit' you'll see the most. The Black King's Shirt. Black Pants. Gold Shoes. And the Golden Devil Mask. Kingpin wears a suit most of the time. But he is known to also wear 'the fit' when committing crimes. Alleged Activities include: Drug dealing. Gun running. Murder for hire. Protection. Extortion. Burglaries. Armed Robberies. Bank Heists. Legal Business: - Los Santos Kebabs - The City's best food truck. Catering for events, or pop up restaurant. - Raven Slaughterhouse - We buy your meat and animal products (pelts, bones, feathers you name it) to sell on to Food Trucks! There are a few central locations where we are known to park our Kebab van. We're very mobile in our presence. Some of the spots we frequent include: We are looking however to set up a full base of operations/permanent home at Raven Slaughterhouse. Perfect for underground meat raves and keeping out of the public eye - and most importantly, Supplying Los Santos Kebabs with quality, halal ingredients. Do you accept the following condition: In registering this gang, I understand that we are subjected to, and will accept the gang rules and that my gang permission can be revoked by staff for breaches of server and/or gang rules. Yes.
  12. Part A - Personal Info Name: Marco Sparko DOB: 7/7/1924 Phone Number: #644-070 Discord: Josh_Snow1304#0783 Part B - Job Application Job Title: Quokka Services - Aircraft Mechanic Employment Type: Part Time (Sub Job) / Casual Qualifications: Car License Bike License Truck License Commercial Pilots Licence (A) + (H) Weapons Trained (C) + (B) Qualified Hunter Mechanical Engineering Qualified Employment History: Job 1 - Nitro Sport (Under the first owner) - CIO - An estimated 3-4 months. Job 2 - NRMA Mechanics - Tier 1 Driver - An estimated 3 months - Present Job. Criminal Record: https://i.imgur.com/RJgJmUt.png Why do you want to work with us? I would love to become apart of the Quokka Services as I believe I will be joining a company that strives in San Andreas and holds an amazing team that will allow me to share and liaise my idea and current knowledge with my co-workers. Furthermore, I thoroughly love the mechanic trade and I've always took a hands on approach while doing engineering jobs. If I land the job as an aircraft engineer, It would not only allow me to live my dream of working along side some of the best aircraft in San Andreas, It would also allow me to expand my knowledge further and gain a more advanced experience which would help me out throughout my career. Finally, I believe this job would be a very social job which would allow me to meet new people with the same love as aviation as me! What can you bring to this team? Dedication and Hard work, Professionalism, Reliability, A sincere and humble employee, Patience, Ability to adapt to change and learn quick, And an overall delightful energy.
  13. Aircraft Sales Agreement Date of Agreement: 19/04/21 Contact Number: #249523 Discord: estebanzorro#0465 I, Steve Fox (hereinafter referred to as Buyer), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions for the purchase of Quokka Group's (hereinafter referred to as Seller) aircraft: 1. Aircraft Make/Model Aircraft 1: Frogger Aircraft 2: Aircraft 3: Aircraft 4: Aircraft 5: (Shift + Enter to make new lines, otherwise delete the inapplicable) 2. Purchase Price The purchase price shall be $3,500,000 dollars. 3. Deposit The Buyer will place a deposit of 25% of the total cost of aircraft sale. The deposit is non-refundable and shall be credited against the final purchase price. The Buyer must possess a valid flight crew licence to operate the aircraft at the time of reservation. All sales are final. Refunds of any additional pre-payments will incur a separate 25% penalty. 4. Inspection The offer is subject to the Buyer's satisfaction of a technical inspection of the aircraft at the Quokka Group hangar in the Los Santos International Airport, to determine the aircraft is in compliance with paragraph 6 below. 5. Acceptance The Buyer shall accept or reject the aircraft within two (2) business days following the inspection. Upon acceptance, the Buyer must pay the remaining balance of the purchase price before the delivery of the aircraft. 6. Inspection Conditions Aircraft shall be delivered as per the following conditions at the Seller's expense: a. Delivered in accordance with the Aircraft Maintenance Checklist. b. Aircraft is to have the "VH" Australian registry and the registration is recorded in the Quokka Spreadsheet. 7. Delivery Delivery of the aircraft will take place at the inspection site unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, subject to the balance of the purchase price paid to the Seller. 8. Indemnity-Force Majeure The Buyer hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold the Seller harmless from and against any and all liabilities, damages, business interruptions, delays, losses, claims, judgements of any kind whatsoever, including all costs, legal fees and expenses incidental thereto, which may be suffered by, or charged to the Seller by reason of any loss or damage to any property, or injury to or death of any person subsequent to and as a result of the sale, delivery, registration or ownership of the Aircraft by the Buyer. 9. Warranties Except as provided otherwise in this agreement, upon the transfer of title the aircraft sold in this agreement is sold "as is". There are no warranties, either express or implied with respect to the aircraft, or any equipment applicable thereto. 9. Maintenance The Buyer is responsible for arranging a monthly aircraft maintenance and inspection through an aircraft maintenance service. 10. Seizure The Buyer acknowledges that upon the transfer of title, the Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft will not be used unlawfully, and that the Secretary of Justice may order an indefinite seizure of the aircraft if found to be operated in breach of state laws. 11. Repainting Aircraft may be painted at half price of the Quokka Services' maintenance cost at the time of reservation. Subsequent repainting will be charged at full price. The schedule of paint fees is as follows: a. Single-Engine Aeroplane - $3,750 b. Multi-Engine Prop Aeroplane - $5,000 c. Multi-Engine Jet Aeroplane - $7,500 d. Single-Engine Helicopter - $3,750 e. Single-Engine Luxury/Cargo Helicopter - $7,500 Aircraft 1 Colour Primary: Metallic Black Colour Secondary: Metallic Black Colour Pearl: Surf Blue 12. AOC Requirements If the Buyer is entering into this agreement as an agent of a business entity or an organisation, the Buyer must first obtain an AOC from the Department of Justice before signing this agreement. 13. Validity In the absence of any other agreements, this agreement shall be considered a binding contract. 14. Certification The Buyer certifies that the above information is correct. The Buyer understands that the Seller is relying on this information to sell aircraft to the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions set forth therein. Date: 19/04/21 Pilot/Customer Printed Name: Steve Fox
  14. Contact Details - Applicant/Plaintiff First Name: John Last Name: Lawston Mobile: 585211 Discord: alec#0069 Contact Details - Client (If this application is submitted by a registered legal practitioner or on behalf of an organisation) First Name: Billy Last Name: Valentine Mobile: 303576 Discord: billy#4444 ---------------------------------- For Original Jurisdiction Defendant Name: Arresting Officer - SAPF Defendant Organisation (If available): SAPF Respondent Discord (if known): xx#0000 ---------------------------------- Statement of Claims: 1] Mr Valentine was charged & fined as per his criminal history on the 16th of April, 2021 (16/04/21) 2] Total charges for this equaling 45 months & $220,000. 3]. The above charges exceed the maximum penalties able to be given by SAPF without involvement of the courts, thus breaking the Crimes Act 2018, Div 1, Section 1, A. 4] Due to this blatant disregard for the laws, we are seeking the following: Reimbursement for this fine - $220,000 Removal of these charges from my clients record. Damages in relation to my clients jail time, to the amount of $100,000 for economical damages (loss of wage & commission from sales). ---------------------------------- Witnesses: Billy Valentine Arresting Officer ---------------------------------- Evidence: Mr Valentines record which has listed a $220,000 fine. Crimes Act 2018, Div 1, Section 1, A. ---------------------------------- Acknowledgement: Failure to acknowledge the following will result in penalties 1. I acknowledge that under section 22 of the Crimes Act 2018 and section 8 of the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 that it is an offence to provide falsified statements or evidence and may result in harsh penalty if convicted. YES 2. I acknowledge that under section 15 of the Judicial Procedures Act 2019 that there will be a fee associated with the court proceedings of this case, per person in each party. YES 3. I authorise the Government of San Andreas to deduct any fees set out in point 2 above from my bank account automatically. YES
  15. Part A - Personal Info Name: Thomas Lambo DOB: 2000-06-06 Phone Number: #489410 Discord: LiZi606#3359 Part B - Job Application Job Title: Flight Instructor Employment Type: Part Time (Sub Job)/Casual Qualifications: Helicopter CPL Aeroplane CPL Car License Bike License Truck License Mechanic Qualified Modification Mechanic Qualified Weapons Class - B Weapons Class - C Employment History: Bearcat Security - Trainee Officer - 2 Months Los Santos Custom - Qualified Mechanic - 5 Months Galaxy Nightclub - Chief Executive Officer - 5 Months Luxury Autos - Trainee Sales Rep - 4 Days NRMA - T1 Driver - Current Criminal Record: https://i.imgur.com/mbW3Ntq.png Why do you want to work with us? The reason I want to work for this team is because of the following Helping people learn how to fly a plane/helicopter Becoming a member of an amazing team Getting to know more people and make new friends I want to build a decent career within Quokka. Quokka Group is a very well known company which I would really love to be apart of this wecloming team What can you bring to this team? I will be able to bring the following qualities/skills to the team Hard-working Listen to instructions at all times professionalism Patient Always happy to help
  16. hey Just wondering when i will be contacted regarding my Aircraft Sales contract delivery regards Slevin Kelevra
  17. Part A : Steam name : 4-ACO-DMT https://steamcommunity.com/id/7bottlesdeep/ Discord name : 7BOTTLESDEEP#2450 Account number : 267201079316316160 Part B : I'm an active role player in the community that loves serious roleplay. I roleplay a hunter who loves hunting dear and ducks & I'm Un-known criminal who does crime at night and undetected, I actively help new players (Danny's) on what to do and how to earn the most money legally or illegally depending on which character I am. I use my GTX Experience to record all the footage when I play in the city. So yes I do have bodycam footage playing at all times I've been playing actively everyday for the past 2 months and have bought tier 2. These wait times on weekends or public holidays are annoying and i just want to enjoy some good RP, I love the server and the community as a whole its honestly the best roleplay server I have ever played on and I have 2000+ hours on Garry's mod serious RP and 400+ hours on other gta5RP Servers. I live in Australia Brisbane and I'm in online University so I am readily available whenever to Roleplay and I wish to become a staff member one day . Part C : 1. M1 - Players are not to kill or start fights with other players for little to no reason, including revenge killing after respawning: This is a perfect server rule so many other RP servers allow this and it just leads to a lot more criminal activity and users not actually role-paying and just focusing on robbing people. I think this rule makes the server an amazing server to play on since your not losing all your stuff pulled up at a gas station fueling your car. 2. F10 - During bank and store robberies, the maximum crew who can be involved is 6 criminals and 12 police. When doing these activities, all criminal participants must be in FDG crew channels: All IC voice communications must only take form of in-game local voice, radio or phone. When you're not on the server, IC meetings may still be held on FDG IC Discord. I believe this helps with meta-gaming in the community. 3 . Provide a minimum of 1 player or staff reference to support your roleplaying skills: I've interacted with a few staff members due to me being VDM'D and when some guy refused to open his boot after robbing him and a Staff member came and sorted it out for me. I don't remember who it was though. I have 3000+ hours on RP servers across platforms and games I know every rule in the city as well and follow them so I don't get kicked or banned since I want to be a Staff member (the gods) in the future. Provide a back story for your MAIN character: I was raised in Juárez , Mexico. My family of 7 was affiliated by birth into the Salamanca Cartel I was the 4th child so it was very hard on me. I knew i was a violent and impulsive kid since i pulled out a gun on someone in class because they were talking shit about me, luckily my anger has calmed down after a good psilocybin mushroom dose with the intention of anger management. It was a process for me teenage years but i haver learned to control it. It was very dangerous there with over 2000+ homicides and gunshots mostly everyday my family was always away doing runs to Los Santos to support the Juárez community and to support the supply of the Salamanca cartel and I wanted in because of the money. I had to make more money for my family and Cartel and for myself so I started doing cocaine runs from Juarez to Los Santos and did 51 successfully before my family home and cartel HQ got raided by the DEA who arrested 43 members of the Salamanca cartel including my family. I was in Los Santos at the time of the raid and am wanted in Mexico so i decided to start my life here with a brick of cocaine and 10,000 cash. This is how I'm in Los Santos. Part D : the only staff interactions I have had is with what i mentioned earlier in PART C thank you for taking your time to read this and I will not disappoint you guys as i know my whitelist can be taken away in a instant. Hope i get accepted thank you.


    would like to re type part b of the app What do you like about roleplay: I enjoy roleplay cause of all the things I can be and all the things I can do. That would not be possible in the real world. I love the fact that people can choose the way they would like to live from being a homeless person to a wealthy businessman/woman. This is only the start of the possibility's that is why I like to roleplay. How will the verified menu enhance your roleplay: It will bring a whole new chance for me as a player to enhance my roleplay to bring objects for events or even just setting up a roleplay scenario. How have you been / can you contribute to the community: I can contribute to all the events I will be attending. While I will be setting up a safe place for people to come to have some fun and feel like themselves. In your opinion, what differentiates playing on a roleplay server as to normal gaming: A normal game and roleplay are two different things. In a GTA 5 lobby there a load of people flying around on a broomstick killing everyone and anyone they see. But rp brings people together it shows that gaming does not have to be all toxic. What are some roleplay ideas that you wish to bring to the future: I would like to set up BBQ or even car meet or even my own little shop for trade and more interaction in the community Is there any additional information you would like to add: Not much else to say just @ me on dis if you need anything else BIGKIWI#5824
  19. Alberto, Alberto & Alberto v Los Santos Customs [2021] SADC 6 ATTN: PLAINTIFF & DEFENDANT [1] The Court rejects the defendant's motion to dismiss. [2] The Court does so on the basis that the plaintiff's case was not shown to have no prospect of success. [3] In the course of submissions the Court was made aware of the relevant evidence to be relied on by both parties. The Court was not satisfied that either the plaintiff or defendant had no case against the other. As such, the Court will allow the proceeding to go to trial. [4] The Court instructs the defendant to file a defence with the Court and both parties to engage in discovery before a date for trial is set. CASE TITLE: Alberto, Alberto & Alberto v Los Santos Customs [2021] SADC 6 PRESIDING: Simon E. Richter DIVISION: CIVIL DATE: 15/04/2021 VENUE: VIRTUAL SIGNATURE:   Simon Edward. Richter
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