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  2. +1 lost my apartment, and over 800 weed from the boot of my car
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  4. Application Questions: ((These are merely the minimum that you should address, please actually submit your own application as if you're roleplaying for a CEO position, not simply copy and paste, then fill in the blanks.))
  5. IG Name: Kyle Williams Discord Name (with #xxxx): WipaKennoS#2810 Title of The Bug: 2.6k worth of cut wood and packed wood gone How do we reproduce the bug: with the new boot system all you have to do is press take all and it just vanishes What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) me losing $450k worth of wood and 7 hours of my time gone! Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide? have talked to chippo and captn Snacks about this problem and about 4 others in my group have lost wood aswell have just spent about 7 hours getting wood and cutting it, 2,6k worth of wood and its gone. poof apparently there is a new boot system and gives you the option to take all, and after taking all they all vanish not in my inventory not in my boot gone 450k worth of wood and about 7 hours of time gone processing the wood. please help me! my in game character name is Kyle Williams
  6. Hi Sly, I am available most days, just throw me a message in Discord and we can have a chat. Bungle.
  7. IG Name: Booschem Discord Name (with #xxxx): Booschem#6416 Title of The Bug: Bulletproof tyres do not save after putting in garage How do we reproduce the bug: Apply bulletproof tyres to a vehicle and shoot to confirm the change has applied then store in a garage. Go ahead and take it back out and you can test by shooting that the tyres are not bullet proof. What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) Tyres aren't bulletproof Not getting what you paid for Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) N/A Any additional information to provide? Spent 600k (refunded) on bullet proof tyres for the Rumpo Trail.
  8. In-Game/Steam Username: Larr Janus/CheesehMAC SteamID64: 76561198210286880 Discord#9999: CheesehMAC#9109 Full Name: Larr Janus Occupation: Truck Driver Applying for: CEO of Larr Janus Auto Sales Business Plan: I am committed to doing the following: Work with businesses and members of the local community to improve the distribution of vehicles and automotive parts throughout the Los Santos region Build a better marketplace and infrastructure for the used vehicle scene throughout Los Santos. Create more opportunities for workers. With Government clearance, incorporate mechanical services in line with our automotive sales to minimize downtime for those who desperately need repairs/modifications/vehicle relocation. Reason for Application: My business plans already outline in lesser detail my reasoning. In more words, due to the growing population of the region and the higher demand for a more stable new and used car infrastructure. It would dramatically increase the economy within the city and would open up more job opportunities in a variety of different sectors as well as help develop a used car/parts market. Employment History: 2011 - 2019 - Specialty Truck Transport Operator - Walker Logistics Provided premium delivery services within the automotive field. Deliveries included by not limited to; Motor Vehicles, Car truck and trailer parts through all of Los Santos. Criminal Record: NIL
  9. OOC Information Username: Reaper SteamID64: 76561198087398623 Discord ID: Reaper#8394 CITIZEN IDENTIFICATION Name: George Deep Current Occupation: Tailor Applying for CEO of Car Dealership FUTURE BUSINESS PLAN: WHY? With the government adding additional funding towards this new project we are able to demonstrate our ability in car sales. Backed by a strong team of independent salesmen all working towards one cause... to sell the best cars this country has to offer. Our surroundings do not define who we are but instead, our actions do. With our promise of selling both affordable cars for your average joe as well as High-End and International Imports for those with wealth, we strive to give the best possible price from our competitors. The current Dealership in the city (whom I will not name due to copyright reasons) has stayed in dominance for too long. And it is our plan to give them a proper run for their money. All of us in the business have had a history in car dealership which is exactly what is necessary to beat the competition and give back to the citizens that have made us who we are. HOW? Our push on competitive pricing is not only reflected in our dealings with other businesses but within us ourselves. Dealers under our brand are encouraged to have fun with each other and compete to gain the top earnings of the week whilst also selling cars at the lowest prices to steal the sales from each other. This creates a much more active environment. We often hear the complaints about how boring and tiresome of a job selling cars can be.. The long hours, Horrible Customers and the Disrespect but we aim to change that... The more the dealer likes you the cheaper price he will sell the car to you its as simple as that on the surface but many things can determine the price. Do you park in a designated area? Do you scratch anyone's car?. Our aim as a company is to improve our worker's conditions while on the job to make it a more active and fun environment. Trading Vehicles, Working with the local mechanics across the street and our active list of employment activities every employee helps us shape the company and we work directly with them to build the best business we can. Every employee has a story and it is our job to listen and understand their strengths. WHAT? As our organisation grows and improves it is our goal to work directly with the government to implement exclusive features such as setting up deals with foreign companies for exclusive imports for vehicles used in the county area and higher capacity vehicles for the high population of "suger" running in the local area. As we continue into the business more ideas will become apparent with the rest of the company. REASON FOR APPLICATION: My reasoning is simple so I shall keep it brief... We aim to provide the best working environment not just in Car Dealership but in any business and my reasoning is simple. If our employees are happy our customers will be and that's a promise. For too long this city has been under the control of a single Dealership Company and now is when that changes. Quality, Performance and Durability is the basis behind the vehicles we sell. And no matter how little or high something is priced that will not determine how quickly our staff get to you because it's YOU as a customer that is important. INVESTORS GROUP INFORMATION To the investors reading this document... First of all, thank you. and secondly, you are about to gain the biggest deal of your lives. Do you know how much tax gets charged on cars? SPOILER ALERT the answer is a lot. A business like ourselves may strive towards our client relations as well as employee relations. But developing sustaining relationships with other businesses is essential to remaining relevant. This is why we have already made steps in securing advertising via scouting agents to take our competitions place on the local magazine as well as the local Real Estate being offered to recommend our business to clients in the future. This reaches a large population of people in Los Santos and its time you get ready because you should be as excited as we are. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Who am I? My name is George Deep and I have a rich history in the area. PRIVATE AIRLINE CEO - 15 Years County Sergeant III - 5 Years Taxi Company Private Driver - 5 Years Tailor - 2 Years Criminal Record: Minor Offences Recorded For Citizen: George Deep Speeding Violation Outcome: Fine was paid in full
  10. Los Santos Emergency Services - Ambulance Division Application Section 1: Requirements Application Type: a. Primary b. Initial Application - Check the Roster (EMS), Pick the FIRST vacant 4C (Cadet) callsign - 4C-26 1. Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 2. Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 3. Do you have Teamspeak & Discord installed? Yes 4. Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty? Yes Section 2: In-Character Information 1. Full Name Luke Skypoopa - 2. Age 28 - 3. Prior Education/Training: Intensive Care Paramedic 4. Current Occupation - fishing 5. What would you like to achieve in the ES? - Climbing the ranks 6. Criminal History (List each in a new line) - none 7. Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? Yes Section 3: Out-of-Character Information 1. In-Game Name - Skypoopa 2. Discord Name and ID - Skypoopa 2255 3. Country & Timezone - Australia - aest 4. Server rule breaches/misconduct history (List each in a new line) - none 5. Any Past Medical RP Experience - Intensive Care Paramedic (ozzy) 60 medic hours 6. If there's one thing you can change in the ES, what would it be? - nothing at this moment -
  11. Application Questions: ((These are merely the minimum that you should address, please actually submit your own application as if you're roleplaying for a CEO position, not simply copy and paste, then fill in the blanks.))
  12. Application Questions: ((These are merely the minimum that you should address, please actually submit your own application as if you're roleplaying for a CEO position, not simply copy and paste, then fill in the blanks.))
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  14. IG Name: Greg Squiggle Discord Name (with #xxxx): Hoody#3985 Title of The Bug: Mechanic Off-Duty carries into other characters How do we reproduce the bug: Go on a whitelist mechanic character and go off-duty, then page-up change character and your F6 menu will also not work on that character. What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line): Unable to do any other whitelist roles while off duty on mechanic until switching back to return to duty then switching characters again Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line): N/A Any additional information to provide?: N/A
  15. IG Name: John Chow Discord Name (with #xxxx): aWg#1329 Title of The Bug: Vehicles I don't own spawns when selecting vehicle from garage menu. How do we reproduce the bug: Select intruder or burrito from the garage menu. What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) Spawns wrong vehicle Vehicle is somehow registered to me Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) I've attached 2 links with screenshots showing the wrong vehicles and that i'm the registered owner when I shouldn't be. Any additional information to provide? Hi, the two incorrect vehicles I don't own spawns from garage menu. The correct ones are the same model but different color and different number plate. I own a Black Intruder #20XMH905 but when "Intruder" is selected from garage it spawns a White Intruder #44189453. The other is a van, I own a White Burrito #29SRX257 but spawns a Green Burrito #95019531. https://imgur.com/a/Bzxg7H7 https://imgur.com/a/MLS23hv
  16. IG Name: Discord Name MYZ Title of The Bug: Tesla Model S 4 Door. only 2 people can sit in it. How do we reproduce the bug: What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide? I asked the car dealeship for the fastest 4 door and got sold a bugged car that only has 2 functioning seats.....
  17. Update: Brake of Be-warned Operation Phoenix The Easter Long Weekend operation ends with over 16 vehicles seized Author: Robert Thorne @Robert Thorne Published: APRIL 23, 2019 11:00PM Image source: Commissioner Mr Lister, A 1 Million Dollar Car Seized as part of the Operation Operation Phoenix, the hard stand against Hoons and Street Racers has been an overall success according to the Commissioner of Police. If you didn't already know, "Operation Phoenix, is [the] LSPD's Easter Long Weekend traffic enforcement response. The objective to this operation is [to] disrupt motor vehicle crime, speeders, hoons, street racers and turn the table on those using motorcycles to avoid police." Operation Phoenix saw the Police take a hard stance against traffic crime in Los Santos. In my personal opinion this will and has only improved Los Santos and it appears that my views mirror that of the Commissioner Mr Lister who stated in comments to Weazel News: "The Operation [Operation Phoenix] was a success and we will continue to crackdown on hoons and street racers." As can be seen with the prior comments made by the Commissioner, it appears that Operation Phoenix will continue in the foreseeable future. The Captain of the LSPD, City Division, Mr Alec Blair lowing in regards to the success of Operation Phoenix: "I believe it's been a great success for the police force this weekend. I've had a few discussion with people of Los Santos with them expressing how safe they are regarding speeding cars, I've seen a huge decrease of speeding as there is now a risk of them loosing there cars." Image source: City Captain Mr Alec Blair, one of the many Vehicles Seized in last weekend's operation Traffic Laws can be found within the Los Santos Legislative Council's Road Safety Act of 2018 which expressively states the following: "You will be charged with speeding offences if no adequate reason may be provided 1. 10-20 kph over speed limit - $300 fine. 2. 20-30 kph over speed limit - $600 fine. 3. 30-40 kph over speed limit - $800 fine. 4. 40-50 kph over speed limit - $1,550 fine, impounding of vehicle, and licence suspension of 4 hours. 5. 50+ kph over speed limit - $2,500 fine, impounding of vehicle, and licence suspension of 6 hours. 6. Double the speed limit - $2,000 fine, 12 minutes imprisonment, seizure of vehicle and licence revoked." It is expressively stated that your vehicle will be seized. As Operation Phoenix Continues, the team at Weazel News must urge all Citizens to follow all road rules otherwise they have no right to complain about the consequences of their actions. You best brake of be-warned! Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops Vanilla Unicorn - Let your right hand take a break for once
  18. Introduction Over the past weeks our focus as a development team has been stability and massive optimizations to facilitate a larger player base. We have now completed this task and will be moving back to our previous development approach, moving the updates to weekly, taking place on Wednesdays at 4pm. Of course this means that our job is now more focussed towards new content! Helping us accomplish this is a new Trial Developer - Martibo. He joins us from a Garry’s Mod community and has shown great promise in the tasks that he has accomplished for us so far. You will see some of his awesome work on the server in the coming weeks as he focuses on content. One of the largest tasks we have, and has been a huge undertaking was combatting the infamous “texture loss” issue. It was identified to be caused by custom vehicles with a large ‘polygon’ count. Simply due to our increased playerbase, there are too many of these high quality models out at once. Massive shoutout to @maniac, @newzy and @why who’s help has been instrumental in accomplishing this. Additions Added various activities for civilians around the map! Halfpipe - Bring your BMX down to the half pipes marked on the map and show off your skills. Each time you get air on the half pipe you get a point, and you can see the high score of players on the scoreboard. Time trials - Point to point racing marked on the map which has a leaderboard at each location displaying the fastest speed. Drift Competition - Release your inner Paul Walker with drifting locations scattered throughout the map. Scores are recorded for bragging purposes. Animations for weapon drawing/holstering Different animations for having a holster/not having a holster. Extra level of immersion when using firearms. Only one holster will work at this stage: chain1. Added option to have impromptu races with other players around you Mark a spot on the map to race to To start a race use /race create Select the nearby players Players join the race using /race accept The host can start the race using /race start Added the ability for certain RP jobs to go off duty. This is currently limited to Mechanic and Car Dealer. Whilst off-duty you will lose access to F6 menu functionality and not receive a salary. Use /onduty and /offduty. Vanilla Unicorn - a new business owned by Elle Brennen is officially in our patch notes now. Now complete, with a Garage. Added the name of the server to the Scoreboard Job count and AoP will now display on the server list. No more asking for AoP City! Using /roll will now display a 3d chat message, similar to /me. Also now uses character name! Vehicles will now save damage to windows, doors and tyres. No more using the garage for a free set of wheels! Added the suborgtweet command for VU, Government and Gangs. Use /suborgtweet <message> Added the ability for mechanics to change extras, liveries and custom tyres which will now save properly when garaged. New queue system (already in use) Lowered the cop call chance for Petty Theft (House break ins) Changes Vehicle boot script was completely re-written Significantly more responsive when interacting. No more items being lost in boots, no more duplicate items in boots! Added the option to withdraw/add all to make using boots more seamless Weapon storing has been fixed in boots and will no longer stack. Handling Tweaks for County Vehicles (PD) AI traffic colliding and exploding when spawning was fixed, so we are trialling an increase traffic and civ density. No more explosions and trucks landing on our heads! Moved location to change your name from the Courthouse to City Hall (Marked with a Red ID card) Airlines business has been closed down, as it is being merged into a future job. Bug Fixes Fixed progress bar for robbing of banks, etc. Progress will now properly display! Fixed stolen vehicles not alerting PD Talking animations when using VOIP have been fixed Fixed phone getting stuck in your hand after closing it. No more sticky-phone-hands. Fixed the endless phone ringing Improvements to the door locking script, which improves the responsiveness and glitchiness of the doors Fixed death messages Fixed an exploit with the Lumber and Tailor jobs Many more bug fixes, all taken from the /bugreport in-game feature (pro tip) Fixed PD Heli Camera effects playing on the whole server
  19. IG Name: Davo Defiant Discord Name: defiaNtoner#0841 Title of The Bug: Real Estate sales contracts not going through to customer. How do we reproduce the bug: Try and sell someone a property (In my case was Eclipse Towers "Aqua Apt 2") using the Real Estate menu at the office. I tried multiple amounts with no success. What outcomes does it reproduce? It literally does nothing, leaving the client without a home to own and us unable to process our business accordingly. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? Any additional information to provide? Usually when you "Assign Rent" to a customer using the Real Estate menu both you and the customer are prompted via the twitter feed. When i assigned this sale nothing happened at all. There was no money put in to the company account, no text prompts and nothing on the GPS for the customer. I checked our "Clients" list and couldn't see anything related to the customer at all. I then went and assigned a rental to the customer and it all worked fine. I will send screenshot links to Oznat as i had to screenshot my console at time of sale and it shows all of our prices.
  20. @OzNat Still not showing in my garage. Refer to the below picture. https://gyazo.com/b4162d8a3edba0ceb62e15cc566c568d
  21. Dear Mr Wilson, Please contact Unknown Beast #1902 via discord to arrange an interview. Kind Regards, Travis Holmes Deputy Director, LSES, 1A-02
  22. Dear Applicant, Due to unsuitability your application is denied at this stage, feel free to reapply in 7 days. Kind Regards, Travis Holmes Deputy Director, LSES, 1A-02
  23. Dear Mr Knight, If you still interested in a position, please contact Unknown Beast #1902 via discord to arrange an interview we apologise for the inconvenience. Kind Regards, Travis Holmes Deputy Director, LSES, 1A-02
  24. Dear Sal O'Neil, Please contact Unknown Beast #1902 via discord to arrange an interview. Kind Regards, Travis Holmes Deputy Director, LSES, 1A-02
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