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  3. Have Spoken to @Gohard93 and will be sorted once money spawn is repaired
  4. @Chippo Thanks for your reply, sadly not as i didnt change the plate, so i dont exactly remember
  5. Can confirm, talking wood log took me a bit by surprise, but im happy to inform that the weddings is on schedule and yall invited! but yeah. logs say Money thing go in, no money thing come out.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Steam Name: Jesta Character Name: Logan (G6 Team Leader) Discord Name (with #xxxx): Jesta#4604 Title of The Claim: Money goes into the truck; Money doesn't get taken out of the truck; Money goes missing after blackout! Description of the claim: My team and I were doing a bank run before the afternoon blackout. The run was smooth until near blackout where someone decided to hit the truck. Unfortunately for us, this meant a delay in depositing the cash which resulted into running into the routine server blackout time. Normally this isn't a problem. However, this time upon looking back into the truck, it was empty. I consulted the magic conch shell and and a government worker beamed down from the starship enterprise to have a chat about the situation. I believe it was Dochobo; He said that he looked at the magical logs; they spoke to him and said "The money went in, Dochobo, but did not get taken out. Where could it have gone Mr Government worker?". He was a little surprised that some magical wood spoke to him, so he messaged staff chat about the situation but no one else was around to help. We thought of every possible option, and since all the vehicles share the same license plate, we spawned them and checked the contents of each vehicle but the money was still nowhere to be found. Dochobo said "I am out of ideas young padawan, you are on your own. Please report again later and get someone else to help." And so that is what I did. I consulted the magic conch shell one last time, but this time whispers of PumparN were carried by the wind like it was some Pocahontas scene, telling me to follow my heart. Thus leading me here. Details of Claim: $450,000 Dirty Cash Money and 1x Fish Any videos or images to help us visualise it? Timestamps are in AWST on 20/08/2019 Any additional information you wish to provide? No, I don't want to buy your Jester Classic.
  8. WARNING: If your issue is caused by a bug, please ensure a bug report is also filed. Please select the service category above Please ensure the following information is answered in your application: Steam Name: Solid HawKz Character Name: Tobias Athelwulf Discord Name (with #xxxx): solid hawkz#3591 Title of The Claim: My HSV reset itself back to stock with all mods gone aswell Description of the claim: Was conducting some B&E's when I noticed my car spoiler was gone, upon inspection I saw that all mods were removed and car was completely stock Details of Claim: Reimbursement for the missing mods, Turbo/Engine/Suspension/Transmission, car was fully upgraded except for armor. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? Clip of car changing from modded to stock, you can notice by the spoiler going missing and the bonet/tyres back to stock Any additional information you wish to provide? Proof in video.
  9. Steam Name: YEETy Character Name: Dan Baitman Discord Name: YEETy#7275 Title of The Claim: My boat de-spawned with 2000 fish Description of the claim: I had recently been fishing to get some coin, I parked my car under the docks near the water, and after 1/2 hours of fishing I come back to the sand and see that my car had de-spawned, so I park the boat on the sand and steal a civilian car to get to Paleto garage, then I get my car out and drive back to the boat and once I get to it I see that it had also de-spawned. Details of Claim: I am missing 2000 fish Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims" I have recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoEg96bWI_M&feature=youtu.be Any additional information you wish to provide? N/A
  10. Steam Name: zac Character Name: mel lester Discord Name (with #xxxx): Zac#7777 Title of The Claim: "Summarise the issue" A Hacker came on the server about 5pm and made everyone on the server die and explode. I was riding up to naked village at the time to sell weed. The admins then restarted the server about a minute after this happened. Almost everyone i spoke to had lost their invent. Description of the claim: "What happened" I lost 83x weed 1x taser 1x knife and 1x pistol and also my bike exploded Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" The stuff i lost back or the money equivalent Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims" No i'm not sure how to apart from a lot of other people also losing their stuff at the same time. I didn't screenshot my invent before i died because i had no idea i would and i couldn't screenshot it while i was dead as it doesn't let you bring up the invent while knocked out. Any additional information you wish to provide? I was told initially to do /report and it would be sorted out but i never got a response from admins on there
  11. This is an amazing back story for a gang. would like to see a gang like this in the city an what they wanna do. would give a good spin on things an to the other gangs.
  12. Post in the In-Character Government Complaints subsection following the In-Character Complaint Guidelines.
  13. how do i go about filing that complaint?
  14. File a ic complaint with pd about your car. Chances are you wont get it back as state law says they can seize without telling owner but exceptions have been made. Remember though its IC so you cants say ohh i crashed
  15. I crashed on hi pop 2 last night around 2 am and someone took my car whilst i was re logging and sped around in it, when re joining the server i was pulled over and told it had a BOLO doing 220 in a 60 zone, was just curious if there was anything i could do about this? Cheers
  16. Steam Name: RuthexAU Character Name: Johnny English Discord Name (with #xxxx): RuthexAU#9999 Title of The Claim: "Summarise the issue" Missing a car, has just disappeared out of garage Description of the claim: "What happened" I had a fully modded Grotti Carbonizzare, and its just gone, not in my garage Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" Either the car or the money to buy another fully modded one Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims" sadly not didnt realise until yesterday Any additional information you wish to provide? Negative
  17. Last week
  18. + 1, very well thought out, love the back story, would be awesome too see some old school Mafia types in the city
  19. +1 guy is really chill and a great person when it comes to rp
  20. Can you please provide the license plate of the vehicle in question as well as an approximate time this occurred.
  21. Can you please provide the license plates of any vehicles involved, the approximate time this occurred and your steam name.
  22. To the Citizens Of Los Santos, Please Find Below Our Business Proposal for a potential Company For you guys to enjoy! OOC Info Chief Executive Officer- Joshua English Chief Operations Officer – JJ Parker Steam Name: RuthexAU Steam Name: Broken Discord: RuthexAU#9999 Discord: Broken#8990 Account Identification: 11166 Account Identification:17075 IC Info Full Name: Joshua English Full Name: JJ Parker Occupation: Unemployed Occupation: Unemployed Employment History: BCSO Deputy Employment History: BCSO Criminal Record: None Criminal Record: None Introduction Hello My Name is Joshua English, I have spent the last Year and A Half Living in this wonderful world, Today I am applying for a business idea I have had for a while, I have decided to do this because in the time frame that I have been in this city I have done everything that there is to do, and am getting a little bit bored, so I have decided to do this Not only to provide for the community but to keep my self Busy from getting in trouble. I have what I think is a good Reputation with in the Community and am willing to put my skills and traits to work. Business Proposal Here is what we want to do, Galactic Car Rentals What we Are! The business I would like to start in this wonderful community is: We are a Car Rental service that can offer Vehicles for people to rent that either: - Cannot afford to purchase Said Vehicle - Want to Fully Drive Said Vehicle before a possible purchase - Do Naughty Things (Which we do not promote) - Need A vehicle as you are new The way we look to do this is we Set out a vehicle (Similar to the apartment system) Where the payment will end once the vehicle is away We have Chosen an extremely convenient location just near Legion Square https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/603594866836111365/612642176446496778/Desktop_Screenshot_2019.08.16_-_21.23.57.76.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/603594866836111365/612642191973548042/Desktop_Screenshot_2019.08.16_-_21.23.31.81.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/603594866836111365/612642194943115268/Desktop_Screenshot_2019.08.16_-_21.23.16.13.png What we need to operate -What we need for this business to run is a Possible Loan from the government (Not needed just would be preferred) - Boss Menu - We would like an office possibly but again not needed - A Business Garage to store our rental Vehicles - A payment network which syncs with our garage Employment Ok, so Let's take a look at our Team! CEO- Joshua English – Salary P/1/2 h ($5,000) COO- JJ Parker – Salary P/1/2 h (4,500) Manager – Salary P/1/2 h (3,500) Rental Sales – Salary P/1/2 h (3,000) Confirmation: I acknowledge that falsifying details in this application may render a permanent blacklisting from future applications. YES I acknowledge that the Government's acceptance of this application does not automatically grant me a business to run. YES I acknowledge that this is a multi-step process in order to start a business, and I am currently on step 1. YES I will not nudge, bump or message a Government official to enquire on the status of this application. YES I acknowledge that the registration cost of my business will be expensive (Millions). YES - (Will Need To Work Out) I acknowledge that I will be subjected to the Corporations, Contracts, and Labour Act and corporate provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act upon registration of my business, and I will comply with such laws. YES
  23. R6 in question was permanently seized by police.
  24. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  25. The Parker Review: 2017 Dodge Demon Being Evil has a price. Author: Peter Parker @Spiderman Published: August 18, 2019 1:50PM Image source: Spiderman Pictures I'm a Simple Man. I love blisteringly loud noises and adore the smell of burning gasoline on a Fresh, Sunday afternoon in the countryside of Blaine County with nothing but my dad jeans and my Polo Shirt. The Dodge Demon is loud and rips through fuel like a 45-year-old Chainsmoker. Sounds like a perfect match made in heaven right? That's what I thought before I took it for a test drive. The Dodge Demon prides itself as being the fastest production car ever made. But is it true? That’s what the paperwork says, and having experienced what 840bhp does on a drag strip I have no cause to doubt it. 0-60mph in 2.3secs is the claim, with the quarter-mile dealt within 9.65secs at 180.09mph. This car was designed purely for Drag Racing. Cut back to its most basic, the Demon is a Challenger Hellcat prepped for the strip. It has no greater ambition than to race in a straight line because in its world there can be no greater ambition than that. But what is it like? Massive, massive fun. I mean, come on, what did you expect? It’s an 840bhp supercharged V8 that squeals and bellows and snorts, hooked up to a super-sticky set of rear tires, and a pair of comically weeny fronts. I have never felt anything that goes off the line remotely like the Demon. A Tesla is fairly violent, likewise, a 911 Turbo S, but the Demon is apocalyptic. On a drag strip, it's an absolute monster. Its take-off is like the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse letting Roar a Hellish Roar and bounding across the strip with frenzied force. The kickback to it is nothing short of a cannonball to the gut. It's just that vicious. Until you put it on the road. Within a traffic environment, it's really not that special. Its top speed and it's cornering ability is average, and on point with literally every other import car on the road. The real elephant in the room is its price. For the price of 2.5 million, you get a car that's really not that special. Multiply that with the High Trade-In rate, and you got a car that people buy for a day, only to sell it back to the dealership for 60% of the initial price. I only recommend this car to those who love the noise and know that they're unlikely to trade it back, only to sell it back to be stripped and sold to the person behind them. 7/10 Stars. Image source: Spiderman Images Peter Parker is a Full-Time Weasel News Reporter and the resident Car Connoisseur. He can be commonly found in a Black and Pink Spiderman Outfit around the legion square area, Immersing himself with the people. All cars used in these reviews were used carefully by Suitable Professional Peter Parker. No people, animals or Officer Farewell's were harmed in the production of this article. Weasel News is not responsible for the Wreckless Driving of Peter Parker. San Andreas Police Department are notified when his testing is taken place. Links and References to other articles have been attributed appropriately. Promotional Contents Los Santos Customs - Tune up your car to outrun the cops Vanilla Unicorn - Let your right hand take a break for once
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