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  2. Huge +1 from me, this is very innovative and would be a great idea in my opinion
  3. Hello whats happening right now with this @Purr (sorry for tag) am i getting the parts or are they being checked or is it closed?
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  5. have comped the player $160,080 for the fish lost
  6. Steam Name: Herated Account ID:102655 Character Name: Adam Smith Discord Name (with #xxxx): Angelo#8029 Title of The Claim: 100k lost to the system. Description of the claim: i went to transfer money over to a mate, didnt work, then i went to take the money out and hand it to him, it also didnt work. Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" Just my 100k Money please Any videos or images to help us visualise it? Yes i do. (skip to 1:10) Any additional information you wish to provide? if anything else needs to be submitted i will try my best.
  7. ohh ok thanks @Marish! thats an amazing feature, ill log on and check now. Oh ok i didn't know it restarts at 9am everyday, im not usually on at that time, i thought it gave updates in game before restarts, my bad! Thanks for the response!
  8. this claim has been processed and confirmed and have received the lost times i now can say this claim is close Thank You for the help and service
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  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi @Joey There was an update yesterday to fix boots saving fish to the boats. Myself and other staff have tested this and it worked. Pull out your boat again and the fish should be there. If not, can you please upload the image to an external host as the forums shrink them and make them unreadable. Also, the server restarts 9am everyday so you should have been preparing to put your fish away in a car.
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  13. Hi @Poison0Dragon Please contact an admin+ in game to have your claim compensated.
  14. Hi @kreepz Please contact an admin + in game to arrange compensation for your claim.
  15. Steam Name: JoeyisRippin Account ID: 3360 Character Name: Paco Ramirez Discord Name (with #xxxx): JoeyisRippin#5600 Title of The Claim: Lost fish in boat trunk due to server disconnect Description of the claim: Was fishing, then the server disconnected. This also happened to me the other day, but it actually got approved by Marish to receive in game compensation. I talked to staff in game and sent them the link to the claim, but i dont believe i have yet to receive compensation. If i have and i missed it, my apologies. Details of Claim: Could i please have the lost fish replaced? And also the lost fish from the previous claim? I have an image of the most recent lost fish, but for the 1st one, i only have a link to the claim. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? Yes i have an image of todays lost fish. Any additional information you wish to provide? Link to the first claim that got approved:
  16. These guys took the time to sit down with me and explain all of their plans with this business proposal and honestly I think it could add some actual RP to the current basic and quite boring legal jobs that have little to no actual player on player interaction. BIG +1 from me, it's good to see some community members coming up with such a great idea. I definitely think it's worth a trial at least..
  17. Can we request a voice call .. meeting with the department of commerce , within government to discuss the proposed markup values.. ?
  18. Changed Report Status to Identifying Issue
  19. @Jacob B I will try to check logs for you. However it may be best to use your own vehicle in future.
  20. When I made this post Kn0pe sorted it out as the reason this happened was he restarted the script apparently. So this post is invalid.
  21. Steam Name: Poison0Dragon Account ID: 10939 Character Name: James Bond Discord Name (with #xxxx): Poison0Dragon#7087 Title of The Claim: "Summarise the issue" Description of the claim: "What happened" i just working and the server 1 and it restarted and i lost all my work i had a sns pistol x60 and 4567 fish i lost i hope i can get it all back as i am a returning play from back in 2017 when i started and left end of 2018 Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" sns pistol x60 and 4567 fish Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims"
  22. @Marish No I was using the fuel truck provided due to me refining I was not aware that I had to move cause I was still actively controlling my character to refine oil and switch refined and not refined oil out of the boot of my truck.
  23. The markups arent final, they are just some suggestions and to put ideas into our heads. how much profit the business will make with a certain markup etc. We want to talk to government about the markup values and what would be allowed and if there would be an increase markup for bulk loads when selling.
  24. I think it's a good concept. And i think it would be cool to allow player to player interaction for those open jobs where you basically sit in a blip to get your product and then to sell it. My only negative is your proposed mark ups. For example there is on average 3-6 fisherman constantly out on the water between each server, roughly collecting up to 1k fish per hour (i think that's roughly the time) That means on average you can be collecting 3k-6k fish per hour, which by your statistics means you'll be making $495k every hour on average...
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