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  2. Tonight I drove around for 40 minutes in an attempt to get a hostage to try solo a bank robbery. Literally everyone I found was sitting in a safe zone. I know of certain characters that spend more time sitting at lsc or legion square garage then they do out and about role playing. Are we playing club penguin or something? I appreciate people making friends etc and taking the time to talk with people but can we just leave the safe zones for what they are intended for instead of denying rp scenarios because you want to roll dice as a means of income. There's so much shit rp going on at the moment it's very discouraging for people who make the effort to role play. I'm on the verge of leaving for another server because it's the same shit every day. Get out and be creative. You safe zone bludgers make it boring as fuck.
  3. sorry @Chippoonly getting back to you was working my id is 10483
  4. Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution Changed Priority to Medium Priority
  5. IG Name: Discord Name (with #xxxx): Hakken#0804 Title of The Bug: AFK Kick during Pacific Standard How do we reproduce the bug: Robbing the vault, gets to approximately 3/4 finished and kicks you for AFK. What outcomes does it reproduce? Kicks you Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide?
  6. IG Name: EpikNiceDood Discord: EpikNiceDood#9227 Outcomes: My outfits don't save to my apartment. Repro: I've had this problem for a while now i deleted some outfits i think that's why it's bugged out, But i'm not sure. Additional Info / Media: No
  7. IG Name: Krig TroffDiscord: KrigTroff#8460 Title of The Bug: Chop Shop parts spawns county How do we reproduce the bug: Make it AOP county then go to the county chop shop location and pick the job to collect parts. It will give you the spawn and GPS ping for the city. What outcomes does it reproduce? It produces the outcome of not being able to RP and do the spawn in the county where all the mechs, ems and cops are. You are alone in the city watching everyone else to chop shop stuff with out any one else. It started happening after the chop shop was take offline to fix the prices then when it turned back on they did not come back. I have tried on all four servers and every time it switchs to AOP county I quit jobs to see if it works It has not worked. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? I do not record but you can just spawn in and do the chops shops spare parts job from the county job location and see if takes you to the city instead of the county. Any help from me or any questions please let me know. r/s Krig Troff
  8. Changed Report Status to Pending Resolution
  9. i got rid of the vehicle cause its broken and was costing me money keeping it, But all the info i have is that the performance mods all got reset which cost me 180k( breaks stayed on as did the armor both level1 upgrades and paint also stayed) . It was the new ferrari that got released. i do not know what causes this issue, im assuming its just the new vehicles causing issues.
  10. Changed Report Status to Info Required Changed Service Category to LSLA
  11. Due to the limited information provided, we are unable to process this claim. Please add more information in regards to what occcured and the plate of the vehicle.
  12. Changed Report Status to Resolved
  13. Yesterday
  14. An unfortunate side effect of certain vehicles having ambient lighting effects with the model
  15. IG Name: LK Discord: LK#5746 Outcomes: Anytime I go into the clothing store to put on a new outfit, saved it, it takes my PageUp option away, and like this situation, unable to selectchar. And if my vehicle was locked, which it is, it will not allow me to unlock/ lock my vehicle. So if this all happens i can't selectchar, that means i have to F8 quit to fix the issue that will just reoccur when i change my outfit. This issue also happens with the 'New' Clothing system if you want to change outfits, it bugs your character not allowing them to use PgeUp or vehicle lock system. And sometimes will not allow you to selectchar in F8. You also can't pick outfits from the 'New' clothing system, because it will bug your character out. And also canNOT delete outfits from 'New' clothing system, nor Put on an outfit from it, it does not save the fact that you put on that outfit. Repro: Change outfits in clothing store by saving outfit, OR switch outfits from the 'New' Clothing system Additional Info / Media: Not rn, unless messaged back about situation
  16. This suggestion would be sick but i don't think everything like this needs to be limited to gangs, certain illegal activities can be jobs for trusted civs. Gun running understandable but not all of the above would be great if gangs had to spend money to get things off civs and spread that economy around a bit.
  17. IG Name: Discord Name (with #xxxx): Hakken#0804 Title of The Bug: Pool Cleaner pool location is at a location that you cannot access How do we reproduce the bug: What outcomes does it reproduce? (List each in new line) The pool job is at an apartment complex upstairs, and seemingly there is no way up there some players could find. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide?
  18. i was thinking if punching yes. there will be rules in the city like for example. in real prison. usually gangs will fight 1 on 1 first before escalating into a gang war. so PD or G6 could enforce the rules in the prison. .. it'll get repetitive yes. like any other jobs in the city. but if the inmates inside can make dirty money. then it would be another kind of ball game yeah. if they have small shanks.. then murder in prison!
  19. Thank you. For the moment a longer jail period is the best to implement this. or as an event. whichever is better for more involvement with PD and G6 with the public.
  20. DISTRICT COURT OF LOS SANTOS Magistrate Harsh, P Cumberdale v Century 21 Ltd [2019] LSDC 2 C2/2019 JUDGEMENT 1. The original hearing was postponed from Monday 10 Jun 19 to Saturday 15 Jun 19 on request from both parties, to be held at a socially acceptable and reasonable time for all parties to attend. 2. I am extremely disappointed at the applicant for his failure to attend the subsequent hearing and had therefore indirectly wasted the time and resources of this court and the respondent. 3. I therefore see no reason to further proceed with this case, as the applicant forfeits his rights when he failed to appear before this court. ORDER 1. No appeals permitted. 2. The court orders that the applicant is to pay $100,000 in court fees, $250,000 in legal fees for the respondent's attorney, as well as $50,000 for the respondent's lost income. Case Reference
  21. IG Name: .Vysn Discord: .Vysn#1194 Outcomes: Had multiple suspects say they saw us coming through buildings / walls because of lights showing through them. including floor in metro of city Repro: Use some police cars / HILUX etc. Additional Info / Media: neg
  22. IG Name: EpikNiceDood Discord: EpikNiceDood#9227 Outcomes: Well it's taking 40k everyday instead of the 10k a day it's worth Repro: idk it's been happening for a while now though. Additional Info / Media: Yeah i got screenshot evidence from when i logout and log back in the next day. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049914969/screenshots/ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769294739
  23. IG Name: peter la fleur Discord Name (with #xxxx): minglee#3698 Title of The Bug: ferrari 488 mod performance How do we reproduce the bug: n\a What outcomes does it reproduce? mods reset, not sure of cause. Any videos or images to help us visualise it? (List each link in new line) Any additional information to provide? trans\turbo\engine didnt save. 210k invoice (bruce lutz has the invoice there to confirm it)
  24. IG Name: Sonnie Redhot or it was Sunny Redhot Discord Name (Glitch_King#1440 Title of The Bug: Character deleted How do we reproduce the bug: unknown What outcomes does it reproduce? i don't have my account anymore Any additional information to provide? nothing really my character is just gone with all it's progress and money i really have no idea what happened Report Report
  25. IG Name: EpikNiceDood Discord: EpikNiceDood#9227 Outcomes: apartment is taking more money then it's meant to it's taking 40k instead of 10k Repro: I have no idea Additional Info / Media: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769700329 that's when i logged out and this is when i logged in the next day https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769294739
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