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  • FiveM Organisation Rules

    Published 04/14/2020



    Community Rules

    FiveM Organisation Rules (O-Rules)
    O1 - Gangs intending on carrying out illegal activities must have a name, uniform and register on the forums.
    O2 - Gangs start with 6 members, however may be awarded up to 24 slots by the CL team if gangs have proven themselves worthy. No more than 16 members (including downed members) may be involved in any single hostile gang RP scenario.
    O3 - Alliances between gangs can exist for the purpose of peace treaties and trading, however gang alliance is not permitted for hostile RP.
    O4 - Gangs must be wearing their uniforms when interacting with other gangs, or when in a war with other gangs.
    O5 - Gangs must keep their illegal and vendor items (including those in vehicles) at their gang and personal properties.
    O6 - Gang members can be soft wiped (losing IC memory of their time within the gang) by their own gang when they leave the gang. You are also more susceptible to harsher punishments through criminal convictions.
    O7 - Gang leaders must agree on the ground rules of a war before it begins. This includes the format, win conditions etc. The staff team must be advised of the full details of any upcoming gang wars.

    How do I create a gang, and how do I get it to full status (syndicated)?
    To create a gang you will need to first register on the forums, once registered you are able to conduct gang activities under your registered gang. Being granted Syndication is not a guarantee nor a right and a registered gang is not to message staff members about their potential Syndication.

    Syndication is granted under the following conditions:
    - A registered gang has shown a consistently high standard of roleplay.
    - A registered gang has consistently abide by the server rules.
    - The CL team deems syndication appropriate for the registered gang.


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