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  • FiveM Organisation Guidelines (Trial Period)

    Published 04/14/2020

    Key Changes


    O1 - Organisations with the intent to carry on illegal activities, must have a name and gang uniform, with a maximum crew size of 6 (registered) and 17 members (syndicated) including the owner and any "hangarounds" or equivalent. Syndicated gangs are also allowed 3 additional slots for hangarounds ONLY. Syndicated gangs may reach the aforementioned limit with the use of other syndicated gangs; however, registered gangs may only use members listed in their application

    O2 - Organisation members must operate in their gang uniform while interacting with other organisations, and at all times during wars, unless executed

    O3 - Organisations must keep syndicate items in their clubhouse or personal properties.

    O4 - While organisations are carrying on illegal activities, they must be in official FDG voice channels


    What happens when I join a gang

    Upon joining a gang, and whilst on a gang character, players are expected to RP to a higher standard, at a more "serious RP level". Given that there is a lot of money and rich potential for gangs, there is also a higher level of risk. This includes 

    • The ability for your character to be soft wiped, where you forget all memories of the "gang life". You maintain all character assets, and still have memories that happened before joining the gang. Examples of when this will be used during gang wars, or if a player is caught trying to rat on a gang and they are executed by their own gang.
    • Longer and harsher punishment from police when doing major crime with the gang, such as extended jail time. This would entail PD doing a proper investigation and either court or warrant approval.

    How do I create a gang, and how do I get it to full status (syndicated)?
    To create a gang you will need to first register on the forums, once registered you are able to conduct gang activities under your registered gang. Being granted Syndication is not a guarantee nor a right and a registered gang is not to message Syndicate members about their potential Syndication.

    Syndication is granted under the following conditions:
    - A registered gang has shown a consistently high standard of roleplay.
    - A registered gang has displayed a history of following server rules.
    - The Syndicate deems full status appropriate for the registered gang.

    How do gang wars work?
    After a reasonable period of sustained hostile roleplay between two gangs, a gang war may be authorized by the Syndicate. This does not mean that both gangs will be aware before a gang war is about to take place. There is still the potential for a surprise attack, however syndicate must be notified for the rules to be in effect.

    Once a gang war has been authorized there are many risks at stake:

    • Gang A can take out members of Gang B however you may only remove one gang member from the war per day, which resets at server restart
    • When removing a member of the opposing gang, it cannot be KOS. You must RP it out. Example: Kidnapping a member, taking him to a location, executing him with a close range headshot then dumping his body in a ditch. Drive by shootings are not classed as executions
    • If you have been removed from the gang war, your character is not to wear gang colours or interact with any gang members until the war is completed

    The gang war will be concluded once one of listed conditions have been met:

    • The opposing Gang Leader(s) have been removed from the war.
    • One side surrenders.
    • Both sides come to an agreement to end the war.

    What happens if I break the rules, and what punishments exist?

    Punishments may differ and become lenient, and can be issued for breaches of either gang or normal rules. It is dependent on
    - Depending on the severity of the situation
    - How the situation was handled
    - What your history looks like.

    What happens if you yourself is in breach of gang rules and not your gang?

    • Your character being locked for a x amount of time.
    • Being removed from the gang completely
    • Losing gang access such as blips,storage,armory access that you would usually have access to

    What happens if your gang is in breach of gang rules.

    • Losing Gang Abilities (F6 Menu)
    • Losing Syndicate Abilities you may have obtained using coins such as (10% Wash)
    • Losing Syndicate Coins
    • Losing Syndicate Access for xx amount of time
    • Gang strikes
    • Becoming Non Syndicated


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