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    New Report  - The report has just been made and is pending Development Team review.

    Identifying Issue  - The report has been read and Development Team is currently identifying, or reproducing the bug.

    Info Required - Refer to comments/replies made by Developers on what additional information they require.

    Pending Resolution  - The issue has been identified and is currently being rectified.

    Resolved  - The issue has been resolved.

    Rejected  - The reported issue is not identified as a bug.

    Deferred - The issue cannot be resolved at this stage and has been deferred for review at a later stage.

  • Priority Levels - When selecting priority levels, please comply with the following guidelines:

    Low - General Bugs, does not significantly impact game performance nor provide any advantages if exploited 

    Medium - Bugs that may affect game performance or may be exploited to gain unfair advantages over other players (aka Rule breaking)

    High - Bugs that may significantly affect game performance (game breaking)

    Developers may adjust priority levels on the basis of prioritising work schedule.

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  • Compensation claim

    • LSLA Resolved

    Steam Name: taxx

    Account ID: 100803

    Character Name: Dave Loid 

    Discord Name (with #xxxx):  taxx#7626

    Title of The Claim: Put all my items in an NPC car for 5 seconds and they all disappeared the cars license plate is 82PNC234

    Description of the claim: I was selling car parts to someone and when they asked to put it into the boot I placed everything into an NPC car because my bike disappeared earlier, the items were in there for 5 seconds and they all disappeared cars plate number was 82PNC234

    Details of Claim: I'm seeking however much they are worth to that person which would've been around 50-60k 

    Any videos or images to help us visualize it? I have no videos to show, all I have is the number plate 82PNC234

    Any additional information you wish to provide?


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    Exact same thing happened this time in an owned car with another 60k worth of car parts AHHTHREE is the license plate this is glitched i relogged and it worked. 

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