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  • Compensation Claim Car Parts

    • LSLA Rejected

    Steam Name: MuckyMinge

    Account ID:100880

    Character Name: Paul wattergans

    Discord Name (with #xxxx): geza#1023

    Title of The Claim: "Summarise the issue"I have a gts that i bought turbo, wheels, suspension and wheels for and put the car into my garage so the parts should save then i hop off next time i hop on (today) i unimpound the gts and all of the parts for it are gone (i know it doesnt cost that much but i worked hard for those parts.)

    Description of the claim: "What happened"All my parts for my gts (turbo,wheels,suspension and paint)

    Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking"I want to get all those parts back for no cost if possible

    Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims"sorry i dont really have anything but i promise that it is true

    Any additional information you wish to provide?


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    Hi @MuckyMinge
    Thank you for the additional information. I will look into this for you and see what I can find in logs.
    In the mean time, could you please get evidence to show that your vehicle has lost these mods to help speed up the process. Just take your vehicle to Benny's and get a recording to confirm they have no mods. Or if your comp can't do a video recording ask a staff member to come with you and get them to reply to this forum thread that there is no mods.

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    Hi @MuckyMinge,
    I have had logs checked and confirmed.
    There was no turbo installed or paid for on your vehicle. 
    The value of the modifications you had on your vehicle (as per logs and confirmed) was $13,200.
    As this is under $25,000 minimum for compensation claims your request will be rejected.

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    okay pretty annoying as i did have turbo on it :( 

    well thankyou for atleast trying just the logs aren't right but i guess i cant confirm that it had turbo 


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    Hey @Marish i believe i may have bought the turbo from Los Santos Customs do the logs transfer over as im not sure but i bought, now that i come to think of it i did buy it from Los Sanots Customs sorry if im dragging this on to long


    Kind Regards MuckyMinge (Paul Wattergans


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    Hello @jacobx89 i do not have the car anymore but if i could get the money for this i would greatly appreciate it



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    Unfortunately we do not compensate vehicle modifications monetarily rather by returning the modification to the vehicle. 

    Compensation claim has been rejected on these grounds & the age of the claim.


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