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  • Car completely wiped of mods, missing weapons

    • LSLA Rejected

    Steam Name: ZennyS

    Account ID:20133

    Character Name: Boris Worthington

    Discord Name: ZennyS#4951

    Title of The Claim: Car is missing all modifications, character is missing desert eagle with near maxed ammo and taser with maxed ammo.

    Description of the claim: Pulled my vehicle 'Audi R8 with plates OVER8TED' out of marina garage, all mods besides primary and secondary colors are wiped. Missing a taser, and desert eagle with nearly maxed ammo. Attempted to put vehicle back into garage to see if it was just a temp glitch but did not solve the problem.

    Details of Claim: Full reimbursement for all the missing mods, and at least the desert eagle minus ammo since that is the most expensive part.

    Any videos or images to help us visualise it?
    Unfortunately have none of either. People have seen me use the desert eagle to get rid of aggressive locals, and have seen my Audi R8 at work (Bennys) but none have any evidence of it.

    Any additional information you wish to provide?
    Ive never had the issue ever before and Ive been here a month and a bit and it never occurred to me that this might become a situation, then i get bugged with two at once.

    I purchased the Audi off another player fully with all mods installed for 700k by wire transfer, and the first things I did were change the primary and secondary colours and change the plates. I'm a mechanic at Benny's so I checked the installed mods myself once this happened to verify that in fact the mods had been cleared, in which they were completely erased. I'm not sure if it would show up anywhere in the system but I also accidentally shot one of my co workers (Durte Dom) by mistake during a wave of locals coming into Benny's and attacking the staff with the missing desert eagle in question.

    Ive currently installed to take screenshots for any new purchases to avoid not being able to present you with evidence as i can understand it's hard to reimburse for something you've never seen yourself. I'm just hoping somewhere, something keeps track of this kind of thing to help in this kind of situation.

    Thankyou, and look forward to hearing from you.

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    Logs show no weapons ever being stored in that vehicle.

    Did it have a different rego on it at some time?

    When did you deposit the weapons? 

    Did you withdraw the weapons from an apartment or other vehicle prior to putting them in OVER8TED?

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    Thanks for the response Chippo, the weapons were never stored in the vehicle, they were stored upon my person. i purchased them on the 3rd or 4th of October from the ammunation next to PDM, i also purchased the class C license and max ammo to go with it.

    The vehicle did have a different rego prior to my purchase but the weapons never left my person. I never stored them in a car or apartment. Hope this helps 



    Edited by ZennyS
    Additional information

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    Disregard this comment, forgot i died.

    Edited by ZennyS
    incorrect information

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    So I've reinstalled the mods, recorded the footage of what i remember i had installed (may need confirmation from your logs to make sure that's correct), and taken a screenshot of what it cost me to have installed. So for the vehicle compensation, if that is exactly what was installed previously, id like to just be compensated for that figure. Also the reinstall of these mods has been recorded and labeled appropriately in the Benny's Work Log for extra reference.


    Reinstall of Mods to Audi R8 - ZennyS

    Price to reinstall all previously installed mods

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