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    Borderline Scam / Manipulation leading to multiple deaths and destructive RP

    Jim Richardson
    • LSLA Rejected

    Steam Name: ♿ / Andrew Hastie

    Account ID: 9831

    Character Name: Jim Richardson 

    Discord Name : Phoon?#3516

    Title of The Claim: Scammed Porsche

    Description of the claim: "What happened". I was selling multiple cars to RC motors, during the display of the vehicles my Porsche 911 GT was out... Merih Demiral approached me with his purple (at the time) 370z, he said that he would trade the his 370 for my 911, he said RC said it was worth 500K + stock.... this is a lie (Rc dont have anything to do with 370s anymore) not knowing the real reason for the low price and the blatant lie of its worth to RC... (looking at this now it isnt necessarily a scam), The problems start happening after the transaction, I ask multiple times if he could refund... he declines, he later says "we can talk about it at the garage next to RC motors" in twitter, I meet him there and he then mugs me, he says that if I were to approach him in the next 3 days he would shoot me dead, he then tells me to walk away with my back to him I did so, he then proceeds to shoot me in the back of the head... annoyed by this and accepting defeat I tried my chances at RC they declined, I checked the showroom and there was my Porsche same number plate as before... Synister Sinclair after hearing my story decided that he would give my 911 to me free of charge with the deal that if I do receive compensation it is directly given to Synister Sinclair and he would sort that out.... later left with a few people who worked at RC for an off-road expedition... it was at the top of Mt Chilliad I received a Tweet at me from Merih Demiral saying "I have a friend who wants the 370z back ill trade your Porsche back for it. bring the 370 to the gas station just outside the fishing selling point" I met him there, no friend of his, no Porsche (as expected because I had my Porsche back from RC) he then held me at gun point (again) drove me to a location near RC motors, told me to get out of the car he then said "I told you never to approach me for the next 3 days or I would shoot you." so he shot me... again because of the first time not only was it mugging to kill x2 but NLR would come into play. 

    Details of Claim: "What compensation(s) are you seeking" Synister Sinclair of RC motors helped me with the issue... I would like any of the compensation (if applicable) to be directed to him.... Also maybe Merih Demiral could be asked to chill out with that annoying RP that doesn't achieve anything (dont really want him banned but thats up to you.)

    Any videos or images to help us visualise it? "Proof of your claims" No

    Any additional information you wish to provide? No.

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    @Jim Richardson mate, that really hard to read and confusing.

    but the theme i can see is that you sold a car to someone..
    then he sold it to RC motors and made a profit
    you are claiming you were scammed?


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    Sorry I was away for a few days, the claim was also written in a rush.... I will be arriving back home in a few hours so I’ll rewrite so it can be clear 

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    On 1/21/2020 at 1:12 PM, Jacobx89 said:

    @Jim Richardson  Any updates?

    Oh yea sorry uhh I did end up repaying Sinister Synclair so yea.... unless you want to give me 300K for it... there is no need.

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