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Lunatix MC

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Founded by Baz 'The Pres' Power back in 1999, Lunatix MC originally started in Vice City as a group of criminals that had a love for Harleys and military warfare. The main reason they formed this outlaw motorcycle club was because of the ongoing feuds with the locals at the time 'Vice City Bikers' (VCB), the president of VCB was Big Mitch Baker. Baz called for a meeting between the two presidents thinking he could trust Mitch Baker, this meeting took place at 'The Greasy Chopper' one of the VCB's local bars and fronts. During the meeting Baz and his brothers were ambushed by Mitch which lead to the death of 12 Lunatix members, Baz on the other hand escaped although was shot 6 times in the arms and chest. After being in critical condition in the hospital for 3 weeks Baz finally found the courage to take revenge, he did so by luring all the VCB into their bar at the time 'The Greasy Chopper' then blockading all entries and setting the bar up in flames. Baz watched all these filthy rats burn to death and quickly fled the scene to avoid the police. This was all done in broad daylight and innocent bystanders gave statements to the police and Baz was accused of the death of 23 VCB members, Mitch Baker included. Without hesitation Baz headed straight to Escobar International Airport with a one way ticket to San Andreas.

Lunatix Ranks/Roster
President - Baz 'Pres' Power (BAZ)
Vice President - 
Sergeant At Arms - Jack 'Sarg' Breacher (Cutup)
Treasurer - Sergio Marquina (GREASY_TACOz) 
Member - Chris Gomez (DrDre)
Member - David Pronto (Arkas)
Member - Hassan Khalil (DonkeysFame)
Prospect - 

Proposed Locations

Sandy Shores Tattoo Parlor

La Fuente Blanca 



MC Photos 




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+1 Baz is one of the best RPers on the server. Without a doubt, he will be able to apply his roleplaying skills to this organization. 

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+1/-1 Have yet to see non-hostile RP from a Di'pinto's point of view and from a police point of view. Change my mind.

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