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  1. Name BAZ Discord Username BAZ#3105 Why did you apply for a position in the Staff Team? My main reason for applying is too better the experience for the community as a whole. I look forward to helping and guiding newcomers and existing players to get the best possible role play situations out of everyone. My goal is to become Senior staff so i can overlook the staff team as a whole and provide feedback to Community Managers. Previous experiences LSLA is my first ever role playing server. Although i have a great deal of experience with managing and leading as the Founder of Lunatix Gaming, a multi platform gaming organisation competing in a list of well known games. What can you bring to the Staff Team A level head, fairness, maturity, good sense of humour(i think) ,well spoken, very active, patience, knowledge, real life experiences, willing to learn and grow, respect to all, unbias opinions and much more. Many times there have been situations when we needed staff to resolve problems within the server but none were present at the time. With the rollout of 64slot coming soon it will be very important our staff team are up to scratch, i believe i will be of great help to achieve this goal. How long have you been playing in our community? I have been apart of this community for nearly 3 months. Any additional information about yourself? My name is Gino, i am 26 yrs old living in Sydney, Australia. I have alot of real life experiences from owning businesses to witnessing crime first hand. I have the ability to reason with people and deliver messages in the right way even those who make it abit hard for staff.
  2. +1 Has the potential to be a great SWAT member
  3. High level of commitment and very active, would love to see how he does as a trainee
  4. +1 Would be a great addition to the team
  5. Current rank ? and do you have a pilots license ?, if not i recommend getting one first. Keep in mind Body cam footage is essential when applying for SWAT.
  6. +1 Communicates well, I think Diver will fit SWAT well.
  7. BAZ

    The Royals

    Tequi-la-la is taken as it is Lunatix MC's clubhouse.
  8. I like this idea, SWAT could also assist in prisoner transportation.
  9. +1 Love the accents these guys are able to put on, really brings out multiculturalism in our community. Focus more on the Roleplay side of things and this idea will do well.
  10. If we were to have in-game time running and even a date system, it would be alot easier to organise community events and gatherings. I think this would help alot when it comes to organising massive role play events.
  11. BAZ

    Sandy Cartel

    +1 Great guy, wide range of knowledge and great role player.
  12. SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS APPLICATION You MUST be an OFFICER II or above to put an application in Section 1 - Requirements 1.1) Name: Gino 1.2) Discord: BAZ #3105 1.3) Timezone: AEDT 1.4) Age: 26 1.5) Times you will be on mostly: 5-6 days a week Section 2 - In-Character Information 2.1) Full Name: Lenny Power 2.2) Steam Name: BAZ 3.3) Why do you want to join SWAT? I would love to be apart of SWAT because i feel they are the most elite combat force in LSLA. After a few run ins with several SWAT members and ride alongs i feel i will fit in perfectly. I am confident i would do well taking full control of bank robbery/hostage situations, i can assure you Los Santos will be a safer place for all. I would uphold the SWAT name with the upmost respect and pride. 3.4) What will you bring to the team? Hela firepower, top tier communications, high levels of teamwork and tons of experience being in high intensity situations where every second counts. My skill and knowledge in the industry will bring SWAT to new levels and really cement its role within Los Santos Community. 3.5) What weapons would you be bringing if a bank robbery was to occur? I would show up with the following weapons = combat pistol, tazer, nightstick, bz gas, pump action shotgun, AP loaded ARs and a sniper rifle if directed by SWAT leader. 3.6) What weapons would you be bringing if a Drug Raid was to occur? I would show up with the following weapons = combat pistol, tazer, nightstick, bz gas, pump action shotgun, AP loaded ARs, i would request a sniffer dogs if they were available at the time. 3.7) What previous experience do you have? I have been in the LSPD for just under a week and was promoted to Officer II in that short time, merely because of the fact that i take my job extremely seriously and this was recognised by several LSPD High Command. Before moving to Los Santos i was living in Sydney, Australia. This was a gang filled area which really enabled me to hone my combat skills. With over 5000 hours practice with firearms i can confidently call myself a professional. 3.8) Videos of your RP (optional) References: Here is abit of footage of myself on duty = - https://plays.tv/s/Lf4TrK-rk7Bx - https://plays.tv/s/Lf4WbYiezwQ8 - https://plays.tv/s/LfFwvZmt3ABG

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