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  1. Lunatix MC

    Roster updated
  2. Removable Helmets

    Finnaly figured it out, your a legend
  3. Removable Helmets

    When i use /register it says i've got a max. of 3 characters, even though i dont
  4. Vehicle suggestion thread

    Harley Davidson night rod - Rolls royce phantom limo - Bugatti Chiron -
  5. Removable Helmets

    I think it would be great if we were able to remove and apply a helmet, ive seen it on other servers simply by using the /removehelmet command. Nothing worse than trying to look like a big bad bikie with a pink helmet on
  6. O'Neil Brothers

    +1, see you in game fellas.
  7. BAZ - Ban Appeal

    Appealing: 1 week ban (5 days already served) Username: BAZ Discord Name with #Identifier: bazooks #3105 Offences/Charges Issued: Using the oil glitch Who issued them: Evileyes (instructed by senior staff) Why should we repeal it: I have had countless conversations with staff and i have admitted to my wrong doings. Speaking with the staff really made me realise how unfair it is to use these glitches to gain an advantage over the rest of the community. I am now willing to help staff and the community to bring down these exploiters in any way i can. I understand people committ alot of their time to acquire ingame currency by doing legit work. I am ashamed for using the glitch twice now to speed up the drilling, refining and the selling proccess for fuel runs. Although most (nearly all) of the money i had made was by doing the fuel run in the correct manner without using any glitches, the 140hours in the past 2 weeks will show that. I hope you guys understand where i am coming from because i would hate to lose everything i have worked for. Thanks Supporting evidence: n/a
  8. Lunatix MC

    MC Backstory Lunatix MC was founded by Baz Power in Western Sydney, Australia back in the 1980's. Baz grew up in a gang/crime related environment being the son of Sydney's biggest bikie boss Damo Power, National President of the Outlaws MC. At a young age Baz was exposed to violence and crime, killing his first rival gang member at the age of 18. Extortion, theft, drug dealing and all sorts of crime came naturally to Baz and he was known by his rival gangs as a cold hearted killer. At the age of 24 Baz's father Damo was killed by the Police after a Bank robbery shootout which saw 4 high ranking members murdered. This caused an uprising within the club and brought about new leadership, although it wasn't Baz who got voted in as the new President. It was the Vice President at the time Neville Bartos and as time went on Neville slowly began driving Baz away from the club. One year later Baz met the likes of Napoleon Solo, Napoleon also lead a life of crime and violence. He was the leader of a street gang notorious for manufacturing and trafficking illegal drugs. Napoleon was also a weapons expert having military experience growing up. Baz decided to join forces with Napoleon and together they formed Lunatix Motorcycle Club, a hardcore 1%er MC. Lunatix MC grew in numbers recruiting gangsters of all races all over Sydney, it wasn't long before Neville had gotten word and threatened to kill Baz. That same night Baz rounded up his crew and went to war with Neville's Outlaws MC. After a shootout that lasted nearly an hour Baz and Napoleon were the only surviving gangsters. Two days later the pair packed their bags and headed for Los Santos. MC Members & Ranks President - BAZ Vice President - NzTlol Sergeant at Arms - Siklikeme Road Captain - Auzzie Life Member - SerenityLove Member - Prospect - Kevin Frost Prospect - Orange Prospect - PeakN_ MC Activities Arms dealing Hostage situations Kidnapping Convoys Drug trafficking Money cleaning Bank robbery's Contract Killing Massive Role-play situations Events, Bike & Car shows Community party's at our clubhouse Alliances and enemy's with gangs/MC The Clubhouse The Clubhouse is our home and place of business discussions. The Dumpyard The Dumpyard(Scrapyard) is where we sort out and dump our rubbish when were done. And is also used for business meets. (Disclaimer some photos are not mine and are from google.)
  9. Car Wash

    It would be great if we had the option of going to a carwash to get our cars cleaned as opposed to having to call an onduty mechanic.
  10. Car damage mod

    Definitely need to reduce tyre wear, although i think the damage sensitivity is realistic
  11. Bank Robberies

    Sounds good =]
  12. Bank Robberies

    Yes, although we shouldnt be given the option to rob the bank unless the minimum required on duty police is online.
  13. Bank Robberies

    Several times i have lost time and money investing in a bank robbery, i dont think you should be able to activate a robbery unless the required amount of PD is on duty. For example Pacific Standard should not be robbable unless there are 4 officers on duty including a high ranking officer.