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  1. Backstory Founded by Baz 'The Pres' Power back in 1999, Lunatix MC originally started in Vice City as a group of criminals that had a love for Harleys and military warfare. The main reason they formed this outlaw motorcycle club was because of the ongoing feuds with the locals at the time 'Vice City Bikers' (VCB), the president of VCB was Big Mitch Baker. Baz called for a meeting between the two presidents thinking he could trust Mitch Baker, this meeting took place at 'The Greasy Chopper' one of the VCB's local bars and fronts. During the meeting Baz and his brothers were ambushed by Mitch which lead to the death of 12 Lunatix members, Baz on the other hand escaped although was shot 6 times in the arms and chest. After being in critical condition in the hospital for 3 weeks Baz finally found the courage to take revenge, he did so by luring all the VCB into their bar at the time 'The Greasy Chopper' then blockading all entries and setting the bar up in flames. Baz watched all these filthy rats burn to death and quickly fled the scene to avoid the police. This was all done in broad daylight and innocent bystanders gave statements to the police and Baz was accused of the death of 23 VCB members, Mitch Baker included. Without hesitation Baz headed straight to Escobar International Airport with a one way ticket to San Andreas. Lunatix Ranks/Roster President - Baz 'Pres' Power (BAZ) Vice President - Sergeant At Arms - Jack 'Sarg' Breacher (Cutup) Elite Member - Member - Chopper 'Big Rig' White (Snackn) Prospect - Travis Scott (Sammt2600) Prospect - Jack Lost (Why) Prospect - Barry (bmoore) Prospect - Bryce Meddings (Blitz) Prospect - Chris Gomez (DrDre) Prospect - David Pronto (Arkas) Proposed Locations Sandy Shores Tattoo Parlor La Fuente Blanca MC Photos
  2. +1 By far the most active criminal organisation on the server, excellent roleplayers with a committed leader.
  3. +1 Great roleplayers, very well organised
  4. BAZ

    The Royals

    Tequi-la-la is taken as it is Lunatix MC's clubhouse.
  5. +1 Love the accents these guys are able to put on, really brings out multiculturalism in our community. Focus more on the Roleplay side of things and this idea will do well.
  6. +1 Ive got so many RP situations in mind knowing that there will be active pilots and air crafts, would love to see this.. best of luck !
  7. +1, see you in game fellas.
  8. BAZ

    BAZ - Ban Appeal

    Appealing: 1 week ban (5 days already served) Username: BAZ Discord Name with #Identifier: bazooks #3105 Offences/Charges Issued: Using the oil glitch Who issued them: Evileyes (instructed by senior staff) Why should we repeal it: I have had countless conversations with staff and i have admitted to my wrong doings. Speaking with the staff really made me realise how unfair it is to use these glitches to gain an advantage over the rest of the community. I am now willing to help staff and the community to bring down these exploiters in any way i can. I understand people committ alot of their time to acquire ingame currency by doing legit work. I am ashamed for using the glitch twice now to speed up the drilling, refining and the selling proccess for fuel runs. Although most (nearly all) of the money i had made was by doing the fuel run in the correct manner without using any glitches, the 140hours in the past 2 weeks will show that. I hope you guys understand where i am coming from because i would hate to lose everything i have worked for. Thanks Supporting evidence: n/a
  9. BAZ

    Lunatix MC

    MC Backstory Lunatix MC was founded by Baz Power in Western Sydney, Australia back in the 1980's. Baz grew up in a gang/crime related environment being the son of Sydney's biggest bikie boss Rick Power, National President of the Heavy Hitters MC. At a young age Baz was exposed to violence and crime, killing his first rival gang member at the age of 18. Extortion, theft, drug dealing and all sorts of crime came naturally to Baz and he was known by his rival gangs as a cold hearted killer. At the age of 24 Baz's father Damo was killed by the Police after a Bank robbery shootout which saw 4 high ranking members murdered. This caused an uprising within the club and brought about new leadership, although it wasn't Baz who got voted in as the new President. It was the Vice President at the time Neville Bartos and as time went on Neville slowly began driving Baz away from the club. One year later Baz met the likes of Napoleon Solo, Napoleon also lead a life of crime and violence. He was the leader of a street gang notorious for manufacturing and trafficking illegal drugs. Napoleon was also a weapons expert having military experience growing up. Baz decided to join forces with Napoleon and together they formed Lunatix Motorcycle Club, a hardcore 1%er MC. Lunatix MC grew in numbers recruiting gangsters of all races all over Sydney, it wasn't long before Neville had gotten word and threatened to kill Baz. That same night Baz rounded up his crew and went to war with Neville's Outlaws MC. After a shootout that lasted nearly an hour Baz and Napoleon were the only surviving gangsters. Two days later the pair packed their bags and headed for Los Santos. Members & Ranks President - BAZ Vice President - Treasurer - Sergeant at Arms - Siklikeme Road Captain - Patched Member - Orange Patched Member - Cutup Patched Member - Flex Patched Member - Trackdis Club Colours Black & Yellow MC Activities Arms dealing Hostage situations Kidnapping Convoys Drug trafficking Bank robberies Contract Killing Massive Role-play events Events, Bike & Car shows Community party's at our clubhouse TEQUI-LA-LA This is our clubhouse where we meet regularly for meetings and club matters, some of the best drinks in town are served at these bars. The Scrapyard This is where we dispose of waste and rubbish, fight nights are also held here, the best fighters come to battle it out. Vanilla Unicorn This is where community events will be held, such as karaoke nights and talent shows. Although in the backrooms it gets abit more sensual. (Disclaimer some photos are not mine and are from google.)

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