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  1. Los Santos Fire Department Application Section 1: Requirements Application Type: Primary Check the Roster (EMS) , Pick the FIRST vacant 4C (Cadet) callsign - 4C-14 1. Do you have a working Microphone? Yes 2. Are you proficient in English (Speaking, Understanding, and Writing)? Yes 3. Do you have associations with any criminal faction(s)? No 4. Do you have Teamspeak & Discord installed? Yes 5. Are you able to use Teamspeak at all times while on duty? Yes Section 2: In-Character Information 1. Full Name - Abu Osama Bin Laden 2. Age - 30 3. Prior Education/Training: -N/A N/A 4. Current Occupation - Miner and kebab shop 5. What would you like to achieve in the FD? - I'd like to be able to help people out - Be able to support the FD and give FD extra hand 6. Criminal History (List each in a new line) - N/A Section 3: Out-of-Character Information f 1. In-Game Name - Ibrahim N. 5904 2. Discord Name and ID - Ibrahim N. 5904#3979 3. Country & Timezone - Adelaide UTC 9:30+ - 4. Server rule breaches/misconduct history (List each in a new line) - N/A 5. Any Past Medical RP Experience - Yes, was part of medic in V1 as volunteer 6. Any referees? - N/A 7. If there's one thing you can change in the FD, what would it be? - I don't want anything chanced within FD, it's perfect the way it is -
  2. As for restart it gets notified on discord, but crashes are getting worked on
  3. NOTE FOR GANG: It has come to our attention you guys are rping as a gang when it has not been put in TRIAL STAGE or been ACCEPTED. You guys cannot rp as a gang UNTIL you guys are put in TRIAL STAGE or your gang has been ACCEPTED by one of the people that deal with gangs. @Slyfah @Ram G
  4. Vanilla is fun but a lot of people prefer modded like me I got tired of vanilla because of the grind so modded is the way to go for me but idm vanilla server
  5. RESOLVED Sammt2600 will get warning for RDM - Killed a cop for 0 reason at all just because he spoke back at you and there was 3 cops at scene Verbal for harassment and OOC If you have an issue with how the player report was resolved feel free to contact me //Locked and moved
  6. Their cops, your a citizen. In reality you wouldn't really kill a cop just for chatting back at you especially when they have higher rights then you, you'd ask for their badge etc., and there is at least 3 police there why look back and shoot a police?
  7. UNDER REVIEW Feel free to upload more evidence in meantime and @sammt2600 feel free to post your side of the story
  8. WARNING HAS BEEN REMOVED - MUDCRAB //locked and moved
  9. Processed You will be unbanned in two months time, with a strict probation - Decision made by Community manager Viperlord79 I'd suggest you to read all the rules before you get unbanned //Locked and moved
  10. Mrmagic will also get a warning for combatlogging
  11. RESOLVED Firstly shooting up the cops, you guys shouldn't of done that and just demanded the cops of what you wanted which is to release your friends instead of shooting them up. This will be a verbal warning for RDM. Verbal warning as well for looking at /911 and using that as a chance even though its for cops and EMS only Now to warnings: Pleb, will get 3 warnings for not applying NLR & RDM & Metagaming. You decided to join back the RP even though you died which is not allowed and just walked in killed mrmagic with no rp at all when you found him at the torture location. Jetthread, will get 2 warnings, one for Exploiting repairing car with a car you don't own in a garage and Fail RP driving over 100k without a tyre. Hyperupt will get a warning for Talking while dead, telling him who had the key. 50/50 will get a warning for promoting metagame, he was talking to you guys while cuffed when he ran away 50/50, Jetthread and pleb will get a warning for 2.4, being in an external discord while on server. Staff in question will be spoken to on behalf of @Moogle As for ubiman taking cuffs, he spoke to the DCoP already and has been Resolved If you don't like how this report was handled feel free to contact me and I'll respond whenever I am free. //Locked and moved

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