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  1. av joshvb

    This report has been reviewed and is: RESOLVED Player av joshvb will get a warning for VDM in neutral zone Viewed your vod as well //Locked and moved
  2. av joshvb

    This report is under Investigation
  3. The player list

    It’s switched to “Del” button

    Rejected Insufficient evidence to support the report. //Locked and moved

    Hey @Matrix do you have any evidence supporting this report?
  6. Queue system

    Queue system will be added when 64 players comes out because it takes up 2 slot, if im not wrong.
  7. Dawson/Yallah Habib - not certain

    //Locked and moved to rejected
  8. TigerLZ-copbaiting

    That's what got you banned as well, not following neutral zone rule as well.
  9. You are confused

    You’re banned for: exploting Failing to follow staff instructions
  10. You are confused

    No both no more post regarding your ban from now on, one more topic you’ll get removed from the forums as well //Locked
  11. Please can this happen?

    Your appeal got rejected so no, your ban also goes goes on the durry account. Admin feel free to unlock the post If you want to add something in and want him to respond. //Locked
  12. Gun Add-ons

    -1 this kind of influences on more people using weapons and killing, rp doesn’t always need weapon or someone dying at the end
  13. Courier Job Guide

    //Locked and pinned
  14. Death-Timer

    //moved to resolved
  15. Help

    Tell me when you're in game, you have my discord and tell me your steam name so I can tell admins. //Locked